Who: Ansel Elgort

Where: Manhattan Classic Car Club, New York

That Ansel Elgort is so hot right now. Not only is the young Hollywood leading man heading up new biographical crime flick Billionaire Boy’s Club he also has a burgeoning music career and is one of the sharpest dressers currently strutting around Tinseltown. Budding style icons take note, white sneakers and a crisp white shirt are both very tidy pieces to have in your wardrobe but the inclusion of a bold, boating-style blazer is what is really going to turn heads.

Who: Shawn Mendes

Where: Rolling Stone Relaunch, New York

While we think the sugary sweet singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes might have got his hand gestures mixed up with the metal devil horns, we can’t doubt the lad’s got a good eye for a tasty floral shirt. The contrasting white really pops against the against the neutral black and with the tattoos, skinny jeans and Chelsea boots he has the evergreen rocker look down to a tee, even if the heaviest the music gets is plugging in the acoustic guitar.

Who: Shaun Ross

Where: RE:DONE + Weejuns Collaboration launch, Los Angeles

Bags. Wear them around your bum, in front of your bum, nowhere near your bum – it doesn’t matter as long as you have some wearable luggage to swagger about in. Model Shaun Ross has the right idea, notching it off as one of two statement pieces in his look, alongside a finger-lickin’ good graphic tee worn with some relaxed, cuffed trousers and a pair of Vans to tone the look down.

Who: Henry Cavill

Where:’Despierta America’ TV show, Miami

While we are still mourning the loss of Mission: Impossible star Henry Cavill’s moustache, we can’t help admiring his expertise on how to dress well when you’ve got more muscle than a kitchen cleaner spokesman. Wearing the rounded button collar open adds width to the shoulders while narrowing everything else. And since skinny jeans are a firm no-no on those thighs, it’s much better to wear a tailored pair of trousers and keep those admirers guessing as to what lies underneath.

Who: Michael B. Jordan

Where: MBJAM18, Los Angeles

Not only is Michael B. Jordan a great actor, but he’s also just a great guy. Where’s our proof? Well here he is hosting his own fundraiser and event to entertain 200 lupus patients. Another thing to commend the Creed star on is his relaxed, streetwear style. The Coach bomber jacket is flashy enough in its green contrast sleeves without stealing the show from the subtle floral pattern in the joggers, while the cuffed hem allows Jordan to show off his hyper-stylish Nike sneakers.

Who: Alexander Skarsgård

West Hollywood, USA

They don’t call it mellow yellow for nothing but be careful not to underestimate the shade. Tarzan leading man Alexander Skarsgård knows, sporting a darker shade of the colour when a lighter, more pastel hue would wash out his Scandi complexion. The Cuban collar shirt is in and highly recommended while the sunny delight contrasts well with the black trousers below.

Who: Kunal Nayyar

Where: Hallmark’s ‘Put In Into Words’ Campaign Launch Party, Los Angeles

While The Big Bang Theory‘s Kunal Nayyar puts in his bid for the latest Las Vegas magician residency (why else would you grow a twirly moustache?) let’s admire his mastery in the dark arts of coloured tailoring. Tonal outfits in pastel shades are really the height of summer formalwear but the key is to get a fit that allows you to breathe a little (in other words, not super slim) while the slightly lighter shade of shirt ably breaks up the look.

Who: Ewan McGregor

Where: Christopher Robin’ Film Premiere, Los Angeles

Ewan McGregor has come a long way since diving down public toilets in a skinny white tee in his breakout hit Trainspotting. Now the roguish thespian possesses a much more sophisticated and refined style as showcased by this finely cut suit (maybe bring up the sleeves a smidge mind) with a tidy crop on the trouser hem to show off those dazzling white Derby shoes.

Who: Corey Hawkins

Where: AOL Build Speaker Series, New York

For the unacquainted, Corey Hawkins is the next big thing Hollywood has up its sleeve. We had already copped the actor in his star turn as Dr Dre in Straight Outta Compton but now our attention is fully focused thanks to this stylish get-up. A loose and relaxed fit on the blazer and chinos is smart without coming across as too done up, while the white tee and sneakers ably cut through the brown to freshen the look up.

Who: Seth Rogen

Where: ‘Like Father’ Film Premiere, Los Angeles

Scrapping his stoner image like a used up Rizla, a suited and booted Seth Rogen looks like a man reborn here. There’s enough to marvel in the expertly trimmed beard, but the classic fitted suit is the real beauty. Cut to fit on the shoulders with not a bunch in sight, Rogen eschews the popular-for-now cropped trouser for a traditional half break at the hem which lends itself well to the business-like shade of blue. Elsewhere a touch of pattern in the shirt has enough personality to show us the comedian isn’t going for a late career change into accountancy anytime soon.