Ace & Tate Cliff Sunglasses

We couldn’t decide which one we fancied more between Lenny and Cliff, the two new sunglasses frames from Dutch eyewear brand Ace & Tate. Ultimately, we’ve plumped for the slimline rectangular curves of Cliff, but both would sit perfectly on your face during a hazy, summer evening.

Buy Now: £148.00

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

If Liberace had ditched the piano and decided instead to forge a career as a garage MC these are the shoes he’d be repping. With more swirly gold than Donald Trump’s elevator, this is one of two new colourways for the VaporMax, which also come with a new, even bouncier cushioning system.

Buy Now: £169.95

French Connection Gris Sweater

British retailer French Connection has gone all bilingual and chin-strokingly meta on us, emblazoning the French word for grey on this softer than a marshmallow cotton sweatshirt from its superb new AW19 collection.

Buy Now: £65.00

C.P. Company Micro M Overshirt

Have you heard of war-core? The latest unnecessary fashion trend takes inspiration from military uniforms and the current “geopolitical meltdown” according to Vogue. While we wouldn’t recommend donning a riot shield, this new microfibre overshirt from C.P. Company – complete with signature goggle hood – has enough desert storm about it to dip your toes in the trend without going full-on Dick Cheney.

Buy Now: £395.00

Levi’s Hi-Ball Roll Jeans

Unless you’ve been living in an underwater cave (too soon?), you might have noticed that sneakers have blown up in a big way. Yet we still have nothing to wear them with; our ordinary jeans merely spooling out over the side, hiding our fly kicks like a holy shroud. Because of this, Levi’s has released a new fit featuring a higher crop and an extra two inches pre-rolled cuff, because nobody puts baby under a layer of denim.

Buy Now: £80.00

Burlington Zig-Zag Socks

Sometimes, deciding what socks you’re going to wear can be the most difficult clothing conundrum in your day. We’d usually go simple black or white, but these neon newcomers from Burlington are too fun to ignore.

Buy Now: £12.00

Nordgreen Philosophy Black Croc Leather Watch

Designed by Danish designer Jakob Wagner. whose sleek designs have been used for Bang & Olufsen headphones, this Nordgreen watch is Scandi minimalism perfected. Made from stainless steel, the straps are interchangeable – but why on earth would you want to stray from that black croc leather?

Buy Now: £164.00

Massimo Dutti Polo Shirt

A man can simply not get through summer without a roster of polo shirts to lend a stylish helping hand through the borderline unbearable heatwave. If you’re looking to add to your team, this Massimo Dutti polo is a solid, reasonably-priced option, with its neutral grey colourway ensuring it will go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

Buy Now: £34.95

Vans x Vincent Van Gogh Old Skool Shoes

Monolithic shoe brand Vans has combined with chore jacket lover and arguably the most critically acclaimed artist of all time, Vincent Van Gogh. The results are spectacular, with the artist’s idiosyncratic brush strokes combining well with the classic Vans silhouettes.

Buy Now: £75.00

Bulldog Original Bamboo Razor

Skincare brand Bulldog is renowned for its ethical production methods and natural ingredients, and now the company is applying its environmentally-friendly manifesto to the shaving industry. Its new razor comes with a sturdy all-natural bamboo handle, while even the packaging is sustainable, having been made from fully recycled stock. Sure, a simple razor might not save the world but if everyone followed Bulldog’s lead then we may all still stand a chance.

Buy Now: £7.99

Rokit Vintage 1960S Letterman Varsity Jacket

Gucci might have brought maximalism back to the mainstream but don’t for a minute think it invented the genre. Case in point, this 1960s blue and yellow varsity jacket from London vintage store chain Rokit (there’s four across the city), which is as sugary sweet as a can of Coke with all the contrast stripes and old-school patches a real General Maximus could ever need.

Buy Now: £95.00

Johnstons Of Elgin Contrast Stripe Joggers

Johnstons of Elgin has been producing fine woollen knitwear for over 200 years, while the side stripe trouser trend is barely out of its nappies. So it really is a clash between the old guard and the new with the Scottish brand’s cashmere take, which have ending up looking surprisingly timeless.

Buy Now: £379.00

Savills Copacetic Clay

If you’re wondering whether copacetic is some sort of medical term, it actually means “to keep in excellent order” – and this hair product with aloe vera and lime oil from Yorkshire-based barbershop Savills will certainly do that. Looking good, smelling good.

Buy Now: £12.50

Hugo Boss Slim-Fit Suit With Camo Lining

Hugo Boss has been pretty into its camouflage lately. Its take is darker than your traditional army-inspired motif but the print has been applied to everything from bum bags to blazers. A camo blazer is a bit too much for us, no matter what the shade, but we enjoy it on the inside, used as a lining on this super-slim, ultra-stylish suit.

Buy Now: £499.00

Adidas Originals POD-S3.1 Trainers

More and more trainers released onto the market look like something space cowboys are going to float around in the year 2118. Leading the space shoe charge is Adidas and it’s new POD-S3.1 model, which funnily enough has a unique dual sole designed to make you feel like you’re floating. Just on dry land for now, mind.

Buy Now: £100.00

Kiehl’s x MTV Staying Alive Ultra Facial Cream

Kiehl’s already produce excellent moisturisers, but by linking up with MTV Staying Alive, a global charity that supports young people worldwide to fight HIV and AIDS, they make a great moisturiser that is great for society too. The cream itself is lightweight so your face doesn’t feel gloopy, while hydrating your skin even through the harshest of conditions.

Buy Now: £35.00

Arket Heavyweight T-Shirt

We have a feeling it’s going to be T-shirt weather for quite some time yet (just a hunch), but just in case autumn all of a sudden creeps up on us, Arket has this electric blue tee made from a heavier than usual cotton yarn to bridge both seasons.

Buy Now: £19.00

Percival Moka Espresso Embroided T-shirt

Apparently two billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day, meaning it’s safe to assume most of us go mad for the good ol’ morning Joe. We also very much enjoy the wares of British menswear brand Percival, so by our calculations combining the two in this twee tee is going to make a lot of people very happy.

Buy Now: £35.00

Quiksilver Highline Silent Board Shorts

The board short shapes of Quiksilver have fallen out of favour somewhat in recent years – replaced by a shorter, more tailored cut in swimwear. Attempting to swell the tide, the surfwear brand’s latest collection of swim shorts, inspired by Japanese culture, see motifs like blossom trees and bamboo shoots used to excellent effect.

Buy Now: £60.00