Alessandra Ambrosio

January needn’t be depressing. All you need is some good weather, a Brazilian passport and the company of one of the hottest women in the world, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. Yeah, keep dreaming.

Madison Beer

Turns out you can clinch champagne taste on a beer budget. Madison Beer, a singer that gained global recognition thanks to a tweet from Justin Bieber, boasts talent by the pintful.

Katie Holmes

Despite years of lukewarm flicks and ex-husbands that jump on sofas, things are looking up for Katie Holmes. There’s a new role opposite Michael Caine in Dear Dictator, a self-help book adaptation and official confirmation of her new romance with Jamie Foxx. Talk about a new year upgrade.

Victoria Justice

The child star curse seems to be more of a blessing these days. Victoria Justice, best known as the all-grinning, all-precocious Nickelodeon frontgirl, is now all grown-up. Expect TV shows that cater to an intellect beyond year four.

Rita Ora

It may not be her birthday, but Rita Ora wore the namesake suit to celebrate her upcoming second album – a much delayed but highly anticipated release that’s scheduled for early 2018.

Hailey Baldwin

Love it or hate it, 2018 is the year of celebrity spawn. Though judging by Hailey Baldwin’s most recent new year outing, we’re feeling pretty optimistic about the next-gen glitterati.

Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman on screen, wonder woman off it: Israeli actress Gal Gadot started 2018 on a high by clinching the Rising Star award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. What a wonderful world.

Salma Hayek

As one of multiple women to speak up against male wrongdoing in the film industry, we can only hope that Salma Hayek continues to lead the charge in 2018. We wouldn’t stand in her way.

Jessica Chastain

Just when you thought Jessica Chastain couldn’t get any better, she’s tipped to clean up during awards season for a standout performance in poker biopic Molly’s Game. Which means you should go all in at the cinema, immediately.