Common wisdom dictates that dressing during summer is a miserable experience for most men. And, if you live in a country where hot and sticky air can quickly transform to grey and blustery drizzle, you’ll know that the fabled that one-size-fits-all summer wardrobe can be hard to chance upon.

Summer doesn’t need to be a sartorial disaster though thanks to the latest AllSaints collection which has been designed with ease of dressing and uncompromising style in mind. From breezy fabrics and punchy prints to formalwear and tailored trousers in lighter hues, each piece will assist you in making this summer your best dressed yet.

By building your wardrobe intelligently around a few of the collection’s key pieces you’ll be able to confidently mix and match items to keep things feeling fresh yet effortless, meaning you’ll have more time to make the most of summer’s long and light days.

8 Ways To Upgrade

Get Into Prints

Mastering the art of the printed shirt can be tricky, but the Makalika design will steer you into safe territory and away from bad barbecue cliche thanks to a design which evolves the Hawaiian classic while keeping its essence intact. Worn over a vest and tailored trousers with penny loafers, the shirt’s fluid fabric is ideal for projecting easy style on the hottest days.

Buy Now: £85.00

Revisit The ’90s

As we inch further away from the decade that sent California grunge style stratospheric, the time feels right to revisit the laid-back, loose aesthetic of the ‘90s. AllSaints’ oversized skate logo T-shirts, light wash, gently ripped denim and not-too-pristine high-tops are ideal for riffing on the fuss-free style of the east coast youth. So, why not lend your wardrobe some of that subdued Californian charm wherever you are in the world this summer.

Buy Now: £40.00

Buy Shorts That Stand Tall

Printed shorts are one of the most valuable items a man can have in his summer line-up because they’re ideal for adding interest to a look without overdoing it. The Santa Cruz shorts are case-in-point, steering clear of oversaturated hues in favour of a graphic, punchy black and white palm tree print. All you’ll need to do is wear with a neutral colour T-shirt, (black, grey, white) then add some pared-back sneakers and you’re good to go.

Buy Now: £60.00

Be Pale And Interesting

If you’ve managed to achieve a tan you’re happy with, then you’re presented with the perfect opportunity to lighten up your wardrobe with paler colour than you’re accustomed to. The summer collection from AllSaints has plenty of pale shades which are perfect for making the most of summer skin, letting you swerve the habit of falling back on black and navy. Wear stone and white head-to-toe to fully commit, but look for a smattering of print to soften the overall effect.

Buy Now: £85.00

Find A Happy Medium Trainer

Men’s fashion has switched between extremes in recent years with trainers swinging from minimal to maximal almost overnight. If you don’t want to pick sides, AllSaints’ Verge Runner trainer is the perfect in-between summer trainer which nods to menswear’s current love of bold footwear while keeping things scaled-back via a neoprene and leather upper realised in tonal neutrals. This shoe will easily pair with printed shorts and tailored trousers alike, so it’s a complete all-rounder and call be called upon pretty much whenever you need it.

Buy Now: £168.00

Go Formal In Florals

Nailing tailoring for an event in summer is probably one of the trickiest style moves that you’ll be required to undertake, so AllSaints’ fresh approach to styling the suit should come as music to the ears of those unsure how to nail the dress code as a guest. By teaming a dark floral shirt and dark tailoring you’ll easily achieve that sweet spot in-between formality and fashion-forward. Go for a Cuban or grandad collar and you’ll negate the need for an uncomfortable tie too.

Buy Now: £198.00

Make A Statement In Suede

Overestimating the need for shorts, sandals and lightweight shirts can leave men woefully underprepared when it comes to summer outerwear. So, for those days where the sun fails to appear or for chilly summer evenings, a sand suede jacket such as the Colt design is essential. Less severe than black or navy suede, it will pair perfectly with pale grey, stone, tan and beige, offering you warmth without looking too wintry.

Buy Now: £328.00

Cop Some Cropped Trousers

Crafted from a linen and cotton blend and with a gently lived-in finish, the Drayson cropped slim trousers are the ideal multi-functional trouser style that can step in when you need something smarter than denim. As happily at home with a T-shirt as a button-down, the Drayson trousers achieve that rare wear-anywhere status which means one less thing to think about when you need to smarten up in a hurry.

Buy Now: £108.00