Primark Bleached Denim Jacket

The Guccification of menswear means that things are bigger and bolder than ever. This season it’s all about denim done differently, like this trucker jacket which makes it look like you wrestled with a bottle of bleach and lost. But, you know, in a fashion way.

See More: £18.00

Ray-Ban Blaze Sunglasses

Few things offer a face-based upgrade like a pair of Ray-Bans (named so because they, err, ban rays – clever huh?) Switch it up from the usual Wayfarer and Clubmaster shapes with something from the new Blaze range of contemporary but classic shades.

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Zara Textured Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

Even when running errands, it’s still important to look the part; but ain’t nobody got time for wearing a three-piece suit to the post office. Instead, arm your wardrobe with basics that are anything but. We’re particularly fond of this short-sleeve sweatshirt from Zara in a handsome mustard colourway.

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H&M Slim Straight Selvedge Jeans

Jeans are what you might term ‘an oldie but a goldie’. Buying jeans, however, is what you might term ‘an oldie but still really f*cking difficult’. Allow us to take the guesswork out of the equation by presenting these slim, selvedge leg-coverers in a summer-ready mid-wash.

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Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 11

The Tag Heuer Monaco is arguably one of the world’s most iconic watches. The first automatic chronograph, the first square-cased chronograph and the first water-resistant chronograph; it even has a Grand Prix named after it. To mark 50 years since its launch, the 1970s-inspired timepiece has been re-released in a limited run of 169 pieces.

Buy Now: £5,350.00

Polo Sport Silver Back Logo Windbreaker

If ever there was an acceptable time to dress like Neil Armstrong on his way to a festival beer tent, it’s during summer. This metallic windbreaker from Polo Sport (yes, nineties kids, it’s back) is one small step for man, one giant leap for every look from now until autumn.

Buy Now: £299.00

Reiss Goga Art Deco Printed Shirt

If The Great Gatsby were to be remade in London during the present day, we’re willing to hazard a bet that the titular character would be wearing this art deco-inspired Cuban collar shirt from Reiss. Probably with some slim chinos and a pair of chunky trainers, too. Cheers to that.

Buy Now: £110.00

Bottega Veneta llusione For Him

Most go-to summer fragrances err on the side of fresh and floral, but in recent seasons there’s been a lean towards woodier notes for the warmer months. Bottega Veneta llusione manages to be both aromatic and citrusy, thanks to a versatile combination of white cedar, vetiver and bitter orange. It’s pretty much the navy suit of the scent world.

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River Island Navy Pinstripe Hoodie

These days, a two-piece doesn’t just cover natty tailoring. Up your airport style game with this navy pinstripe hoodie, which has optional matching jersey shorts. Needless to say, you’ll look fly all the way from check-in until you hit the beach bar.

Buy Now: £32.00

Orlebar Brown Bulldog Mid-Length Printed Swim Shorts

Prints are to summer clothes what pizza is to life. They just make everything better. Take Orlebar Brown’s tailored swim shorts. Already a classic for more than a decade, the rainforest pattern, new for SS19, is enough to upgrade any poolside look.

Buy Now: £225.00

Truefitt & Hill Euchrisma Clay

Like oily skin and Kanye West, thinning hair requires constant attention. Step in, Truefitt & Hill, officially the oldest barbershop in the world. Inspired by the brand’s hair products salvaged from the wreck of the Titanic, this specially formulated hair clay helps restore the hairs’ natural vitality without causing strands to clump together.

Buy Now: £22.00

Sunspel Organic Cotton Towelling T-Shirt

Wearing a grey T-shirt is the second most dangerous thing you can do in summer (after only climbing into a snapping turtle enclosure, naked). Why? Sweat stains. That is, of course, unless you opt for one of Sunspel’s organic cotton towelling tees, which are lighter and finer than traditional towelling.

Buy Now: £75.00

Dune Inkwell Double Strap Sandal

Gentlemen, get ready for a sandal-loving summer. And by get ready, we mean drag those cloven hooves you’ve had hidden from public display all winter for a pedicure. On your way back, pick up these smart black leather beauties from Dune. They’ll be the perfect sole mate for everything from smart trousers to denim shorts.

Buy Now: £48.00

Levi’s Repeat Batwing Bandana

Between denim jackets, flannel shirts and five-pocket jeans, those cowboys and railroad workers had style pretty down pat. One of this summer’s biggest accessories? You guessed it, another of theirs. No, not bolo ties. Throw a neckerchief over a simple T-shirt for an easy way to elevate your basics.

Buy Now: £18.00

Hamilton And Hare Decking Stripe Open Collar Shirt

Some shirts will be in your life for a season, and others for a reason. This open collar cotton-jersey design falls into the latter group, with that reason being to look good at everything from summer weddings (slipped under an unstructured navy blazer) to backyard BBQs worn with chino shorts.

Buy Now: £90.00

Sandqvist Bernt Backpack

If you’re going to buy a backpack, you may as well find one crafted by the experts. Stockholm-based brand Sandqvist has been producing next-level luggage since 2004. The Bernt bag features a water-resistant roll-top design and comes packing an internal laptop sleeve.

Buy Now: £91.00

Adidas AM4 Game Of Thrones

Spoiler alert: this special edition of the Adidas AM4 running shoe doesn’t appear in the final season of Game Of Thrones. It does, however, come with The Iron Throne printed on the upper and the motto ‘For the Throne’ on the heel. Add that to a classic boost midsole and tight, sock-like fit, and we know who’s a winner here.

Buy Now: £139.99

Muji Organic Cotton Poplin Shorts

When it comes to adding shorts to your summer wardrobe, where do you draw the line? How short is too short? How much colour is too much colour? Muji — the Japanese label behind those handy travel bottles — questioned everything and came up with the perfect answer: these organic cotton poplin shorts in sage green.

Buy Now: £19.95

Marks & Spencer Skinny Fit Suit Jacket

Charles Dickens once said, “Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he’s well-dressed.” So there’s a fair chance ole Dick would be buzzing if he saw this pastel pink blazer from Marks & Spencer, which would pair expertly with a classic white tee. Dressed-down summer tailoring? Completed it, mate.

Buy Now: £70.00

Topman Camel Skinny Fit Turn Up Smart Trousers

The perfect piece for when you’re feeling too lazy (or hungover) to adult, but still have to venture into the office. Topman’s ‘70s-inspired camel trousers are cut skinny but have the added comfort of pleats. Throw them on with an open collar polo shirt and hide in the stationery cupboard until lunch.

Buy Now: £29.00