Don’t stop him now. Not that you could even if you wanted to. Rami Malek may have only been on the scene four short years, but already this supersonic man has skyrocketed to the top and has Hollywood eating from the palm of his hand.

As evidenced by a recent BAFTA for his starring role in Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, Malek’s meteoric rise to fame is thanks in no small part to some stellar acting abilities (that glass-cutting bone structure probably helps, too). Still, from a style standpoint, we like to think his impeccable wardrobe choices have also played a vital part in making him one of Tinsel Town’s most talked-about leading men.

Rami Malek’s Style

Having burst onto our screens and subsequently our list of Hollywood fashion crushes in 2015, Malek is a relative newcomer to the world of celebrity style. Nevertheless, with a knack for teaming impeccably-fitting tailoring with luxe basics, interspersed with menswear staples and the odd stand-out jacket, he quickly established himself as one to watch, and to steal a hefty dose of wardrobe inspiration from, too.

Malek is that rarest of creatures in A-lister fashion: an individual who knows how to strike a happy balance between statement style and simplicity. Eye-popping patterned shirts sit right alongside subtle, lightweight blousons in his undoubtedly sprawling walk-in wardrobe, but if you thought that meant formalwear was off the menu then think again.

The 37-year-old can often be observed at parties and premieres sporting suiting so sharp his lapels could draw blood from 007 himself. But where Bond favoured a bow tie around his collar, Malek instead opts for his signature air tie – a move that marks him out as one of the masters of modern tailoring, adding yet another string to his sartorial bow.

In short, Malek’s style is plenty playful, but in a grown-up way, meaning you can emulate it without it looking contrived. This is statement dressing for the thinking man and we, for one, are all for it.

Rami Malek’s Best Looks

Minimalist Malek

Coco Chanel once said that before leaving the house each day, you should look in the mirror and take one thing off. Her advice was directed at women and their accessories, but it holds true for menswear, too.

Malek knows this. He also knows that when she said, “take one thing off”, she wasn’t talking about your trousers or shoes. Exhibit A: This sleek and stylish minimalist masterpiece courtesy of the man himself.

Here, Malek has opted to ditch the unnecessary – belt, jacket, tie – and hang onto only the bare essentials – shirt, trousers, shoes. Ordinarily, this would be a risky move; an outfit comprised of just three key elements could easily end up looking boring. However, to his eternal credit, the Mr. Robot star uses contrasting textures on his top and bottom half to ensure the finished product is anything but pedestrian.

Key Pieces

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Showstopping Outerwear

Peacocking is rife when it comes to A-lister dressing, but you don’t have to employ Jared Leto’s stylist in order to stand out on the red carpet. Here Malek demonstrates with aplomb why the right outerwear is sometimes all it takes to elevate a simple outfit from drab to fab.

A crisp, form-flattering white T-shirt, tucked into slim-fitting black trousers lays the foundation and provides the contrast, while a tailored wool overcoat adds depth and pattern with its length and subtle check print.

It’s a simple move, but an effective one. To give it a go for yourself, just ensure the base-layer building blocks of your outfit are pared-back and uncluttered. The last thing you want is to have a knock-out coat like this fighting for attention with a printed shirt or brightly coloured trousers. Let the outerwear do the talking.

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Business Casual 2.0

Who doesn’t hate being asked to dress “business casual”. The ambiguity of the term makes it a veritable minefield. What does it mean? Chinos and knitwear? Separates? Full business suit, sans tie, with the top two shirt buttons undone, sort of like a half-pissed stockbroker on a Friday evening in Canary Wharf?

We reckon it’d save a lot of confusion if it literally meant half business, half casual, and judging by this look, Rami Malek shares our opinion.

Malek’s bottom half looks as though it’s heading to the office while his torso is very much in Saturday mode. On paper, it sounds like one of those funny pictures where you draw a bit of the body and then fold the paper over for your mate to do the next bit, but Malek makes it his own.

Its success lies in the use of dark colours and a cropped jacket that extends the legs just the right amount – ideal if you’re not exactly Lebron James. Factor in some Freddie Mercury-approved shades and a luxe backpack, and you’re onto a winner.

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Statement Separates

Rock up to a Tinder date or a party in your sharpest business suit and it’s probably going to flag you as a bit of a weirdo. Equally, attempt the same thing in a T-shirt and jeans, and you risk coming off as sloppy. The solution: suit separates.

A good separates outfit is comprised of four key elements: jacket, trousers, shoes and a base layer. The key to taking it from good to godlike is making sure that three of these garments are providing a backdrop for one standout piece to do the talking. That could mean a printed shirt, some jazzy bottoms, or, in this case, a statement blazer.

Malek here has chosen to keep things monochrome, not a bad shout if you ask us. The two-tone effect is flattering and taking the shirt right the way up to the top button keeps things sharp without having to resort to a fusty old necktie.

Key Pieces

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Simple Suiting

We’re big advocates of expressing a little personality through your accessories when it comes taking your tailoring game to the next level. However, that isn’t to say that there isn’t a case for stripping things back should the situation call for it. Sometimes less really is more, and nowhere is this better evidenced than in Malek’s expert ability to make a simple two-piece suit sing.

There are just two colours (if you can call them that) at play here: black and grey. But even with such a limited palette, the Hollywood hotshot keeps things interesting by deploying a subtle windowpane check throughout the jacket and trousers. It’s tied together with a matching black shirt and even the black buttons. A perfect demonstration of how the less there is going on in an outfit, the more the smallest details count.

If you fancy getting in on the action, remember that fit is everything. Without a colourful pocket square or patterned shirt to deflect attention, the cut of your suit is more important than ever.

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