There once was a boy from Bilbao, with razor sharp cheekbones, a perfectly coiffed quiff and a subtly arched eyebrow. He was quickly the toast of the fashion glitterati, smouldering at every fashion week party…

The boy’s name? Jon Kortajarena, whose standing as one of the top male models in the world has lasted for over a decade now, and has also seen him edge into Hollywood, taking turns in Tom Ford’s A Single Man and TV show Quantico.

Along with his dalliances in the acting world, Kortajarena is still in high demand in fashion. Versace, Armani, Cavalli – you name them, Kortajarena has fronted their campaign. And of course, a career that requires you to wear top-notch clothing the majority of the time is going to rub off a little on your own personal style.

The Look

Despite being a fixture in an ever-changing fashion world, Kortajarena’s own style isn’t so reliant on what is trending or not. That’s not to say the man doesn’t have range. Trousers flip-flop from skinny jeans to looser and baggier fits depending on the look Kortajarena is going for.

In terms of palette, black or grey is dominant with the odd splash of colour – a red coat or pink blazer being neutralised by the failsafe base. Tailoring is also a go-to – when you’ve worked with the master Tom Ford how can it not? Here, Kortajarena is more experimental, with lavish shawl lapels and wild patterns mixing up his more casual off-duty looks.

Inspiration: James Dean, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld
Go-To Brands: Tom Ford, Valentino, Versace
Follow Him: @kortajarenajon

Fleece Me

A cool jacket that has the best of the bomber (ribbed cuffs) and the field jacket (double pockets) with a sprinkle of shearling, well, surely that’s a recipe made in smart-casual heaven. We would recommend faux shearling for the ethical reasons involved in the real fluff, but with faux it is best to suss it out in person as opposed to a pic on the internet. Finally some hiking boots complete this roll out of bed and come out impeccably stylish look.

Just A Regular Jon

Who says you need anything more than a button-down shirt and pair of dark jeans to look good? Sure, it’s a bit everyday but whether it’s in the office or at the weekend, the look is smart-casual perfection. Ralph Lauren is synonymous now with the look, and both it’s cotton and linen options are breathable, comfortable and endlessly stylish. Jon knows.

After Dark

No item of men’s clothing is more likely to guarantee you sex symbol status like the leather jacket. Of course it helps having the cheekbones and designer stubble of Kortajarena, but the leather racer jacket seen here is one of the easiest to get right. If you are of a slighter frame like Jon then go with a thicker leather to bulk out your shoulders.

A Study In Scarlet

A flash of red and a jazzy pattern is enough to grab jealous glances from fellow fashionistos but only as long as it’s neutralised and contrasted with a non-colour like Kortajarena’s favoured black or grey. In terms of shape the oversized duster coat only works if the rest of your outfit is streamlined so slim pleated trousers or skinny jeans will work grand.

Lapel Lovin’

Like the globe trotting playboy his looks and job decree, Kortajarena loves a smouldering smoking jacket completed with a dandy shawl lapel. Do bear in mind that shawl lapels work better on those with angular features, as round faced chaps will come unstuck by the rounded lapel’s similarities with their face shape.

The DB Relaxed

Boxy 1980s tailoring (of which the pinstripe suit is king) is creeping back into trend after a period of banishment to the fashion tundra, but in among the thawing don’t forget the basics of a well fitted suit. A medium break on the trousers shows off a more traditional suit cut among the cropped trousers crew prominent in menswear at the moment, while the roll neck always works for a dash of old school glamour.

The Name’s Kortajarena…

A million hearts have swooned at the sight of a well put together gentleman in a tuxedo. But for every fluttering heart there’s a Savile Row tailor shuddering over your decision to wear a morning suit to a black tie event. So let’s cover the bases by way of Jon – all black even down to the shoes? Check. Contrast lapels? Check. Expertly tied bow tie? Check. A virtuous white pocket square to finish it off? You bet.

Mr Potato Head?

Now the tuxedo has stood the test of time since the late 19th century so there is no reason you can’t shake it up a little. But as opposed to throwing some curveball colour in there, may we suggest a change-up accessory, like Kortajarena’s braces, as a preferred route. And then there is the ‘tache. Making a strong comeback thanks to the marvellous version sported by Mission Impossible star Henry Cavill, the best way to grow one is to have a beard first and then shave the sides.

Pretty In Pink

It pays to be colour coordinated but an all pink suit in that shade would be a bit too Barbie boy for anyone who isn’t made from 12 inches of plastic. The shade can swamp pale men, but looks ace with darker skin tones like Kortajarena’s, while it pays to get some contrast elsewhere on the outfit. White and black work best.

A Leopard Can Change Its Spots

Like the leather jacket, leopard print’s outrageousness has a habit of turning the wearer into a rock and roll star (the two can also work together to devastating effect). Here Kortajarena has decided to smarten up the print in a tidy evening jacket, aided by the black contrast lapels and a fit so perfect you wonder if it was made for him (by which we mean it certainly was).

Pyjama Party

Some might say that Kortajarena was aiming for a full break on the trouser hem here and missed. We prefer to think that he’s one of the few people to wear the pyjama trend and not look like an idiot. We could talk trouser hems all day (seriously, give us a wide berth at the pub) but up top things are more traditional. There are no bunches on the shoulders and wearing a grey crew neck under tailoring is the smart way of doing business-casual Fridays without having to resort to chinos.

Jon Valjean

There’s more than a touch of the 19th century French debonair ready to storm the barricade in this blazer. Subverting our ideas of what a blazer should be with the six buttons of a DB but a completely different shape, the gold works better on the contrasting black as it has the tendency of looking over-stuffy on traditional navy.

Carta Blanca

We love a good turtleneck/blazer combo, but nothing can beat the picture perfect marriage of roll neck and peacoat for peak smart-casual wear in the winter. Now usually the peacoat is navy, stemming from its nautical heritage, but style traditions are there to be broken and cream really does dazzle, as long as you keep it dry cleaned and looking, well, like cream.

Same Coat, New Rules

All it really takes to get through the colder months is one smashing winter coat (we say coat, not jacket – stockpile them to your cold heart’s content) and as the peacoat is the most versatile of the lot, it always happens to be the best pick. Swing over the shoulders of your casual jeans and sweater look for a get-up that is understated and surprisingly easy.

Cor Jon Bleu

For all the leopard print and Les Mis blazers, a well done blue suit can be just as effective. That’s not to say Kortajarena has gone all norm-core on us just yet. The fit is tight and tapered, accentuating his lithe frame with the gold kerchief a suited personal flourish.