19 Up-And-Coming Menswear Brands To Buy From Right Now

Modern life is busy, and so is modern menswear. Lots of brands, lots of subcultures, lots of choice, but no time to check them all out and find the stuff you like. So what do you do? You visit the same shops, buy from the same brands and before you know it, you’re stuck in a sartorial rut.

Staying on top of new and emerging names is one surefire way to keep things from getting stale. Which is why we’ve taken the guesswork out and put together a list of up-and-coming labels to start paying attention to, before your mates do.


As one-half of the brains behind Manchester-based menswear store Oi Polloi, it would be fair to say that Steve Sanderson knows more than most about what goes into making quality clothes. Unsurprisingly, his new in-house brand, Wyse, is testament to that. Featuring laid-back, simplistic garments, ethically produced in India, Wyse’s offerings are ideal for everything from lounging around the house to a spot of casual globetrotting.

The Best Wyse Clothing For Men

Wyse Assam Tee - click to buyWyse Ashram Overshirt - click to buyWyse Dohan Pants - click to buyWyse Hanuman Shorts - click to buy

King & Tuckfield

An obsession with denim, knitwear and attention to detail was what initially drove London’s Stacey Wood to set up King & Tuckfield. Today, almost four years after her vision became a reality, it’s still something that’s evident in the brand’s collections. All of King & Tuckfield’s output is designed and made in the UK, something that sets it aside from many of its competitors. Expect nods to the 1950s, plus premium materials and next-level quality across the board.

The Best King & Tuckfield Menswear

King & Tuckfield NAVY LONG SLEEVE MERINO POLO - click to buyKing & Tuckfield NAVY MERINO TEXTURED CREW NECK KNIT - click to buyKing & Tuckfield 50'S INSPIRED SESAME TEXTURED POLO - click to buyKing & Tuckfield AUBREY INDIGO SELVEDGE JEAN - click to buy

A Day’s March

Affordable, high-quality and stylish: it’s the holy trinity of menswear that so many brands fail to pin down. Get two right and the third, almost invariably, suffers. However, there must be something in that brisk Swedish air, because A Day’s March has hit the sartorial bullseye. Superior quality garments that ooze Scandi charm, the brand does a particularly good range of overshirts. And all for prices that will leave you with enough change for some Ikea meatballs.

The Clothing From A Day's March

A Day’s March Original Overshirt - click to buyA Day’s March Cashmere Roll Neck - click to buyA Day’s March Hoodie - click to buyA Day’s March Relaxed Pant - click to buy

Ader Error

As the years roll by, South Korea’s reputation as the spiritual home of avant-garde streetwear is becoming increasingly solidified, and Ader Error is doing nothing to halt the process. The shadowy design collective has become one of the most talked-about names in contemporary fashion and given the timely arty-streetwear meets high-fashion look it champions, it’s not difficult to see why. Expect embroidered logos, modern cuts, quirky motifs like branded coffee cups as packaging and a bizarre (but effective) approach to social media.

The Best Ader Error Menswear

ADER ERROR SHERPA ZIP HOODY - click to buyAder Error Logo Embroidered Cotton Sweatshirt - click to buyADER ERROR BASIC LOGO CREW SWEAT - click to buyPUMA X ADER ERROR SUEDE - click to buy


Sustainability is a big word in fashion at the moment, and it’s something that’s at the core of what young, London-based label Paladrin does. To get a feel for the brand’s aesthetic, imagine American workwear that has been designed and created in the English capital, then you’re pretty much there. We’re talking chore jackets, overshirts and more, made out of durable, ethically sourced fabrics, by skilled local craftspeople.

The Best Paladrin Menswear

Paladrin Cream Corduroy Akerman Jacket - click to buyPaladrin Grey Cotton Drill Wray Shirt - click to buyPALADRIN MONDY JACKET - click to buyPALADRIN SAMS SHIRT - click to buy

Far Afield

Given the name, it may not come as much of a surprise to learn that Far Afield is a label that takes a large part of its inspiration from global travel. Set up by brothers Chris and Mark Scholes in 2016, the Brightonian brand is quickly making a name for itself as one to watch. Staple pieces include simple worker jackets, knitwear and bespoke shirts. But don’t be surprised if you see the occasional wool gilet or bold print thrown in now and again.

The Best Far Afield Menswear

Far Afield Whistler Gilet - click to buyFar Afield Sharples Knit - click to buyFar Afield Pleat Trousers - click to buyFar Afield Tricker Shorts - click to buy


You don’t need to be blessed with the torso of a Greek god to look good at the beach. A solid pair of swim shorts is all it takes. There are a number of brands out there pushing luxury swimwear but Apnee is definitely the one with the jazziest patterns. Colourful, all-over prints are what it’s all about here. However, if you’re not about turning heads, there are more subtle, block-colour options available too.

The Best Apnee Swim Shorts

Apnee Sillage - click to buyApnee Cordes - click to buyApnee Ecume - click to buyApnee Flots - click to buy

North 89

When you’ve spent all your winters trudging through rain and snow in Northern Europe, you develop an appreciation for the importance of weatherproof shoes. Problem is, ‘weatherproof’ and ‘stylish’ have pretty much always been mutually exclusive. Until now. Swedish label North 89 has filled the gap in the market, providing sleek, minimalist sneakers that can hold their own when things turn meteorologically unsound.

The Best North 89 Sneakers

North 89 No—1 Napa - click to buyNorth 89 No—2 Sand - click to buyNorth 89 No–1 Black - click to buyNorth 89 No–2 Ash - click to buy


A quality timepiece needn’t cost the Earth. Just ask the guys behind Armogan, a Belgo-Luxembourg watch brand with an eye for quality and good design. The label’s products are inspired by navigational tools of the past and reimagined for the explorers of today. There’s also a thorough after-sales policy, meaning you can buy with confidence, knowing you’ll be able to chart the world with your watch long into the future.

The Best Armogan Watches

Armogan SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS - click to buyArmogan SYRACUSE - click to buyArmogan REGALIA - click to buyArmogan E.N.B. - click to buy

Les Basics

Wardrobe staples like crewnecks, plain tees and hoodies lay the foundation for every outfit you pick out. With that in mind, sourcing quality examples is not a task to be taken lightly. Les Basics may be a relatively new brand, but it’s one that fully understands how important the essentials are, and so has built itself around doing them properly. Here you’ll find no fuss, no clutter, no in-your-face branding. Just simple, quality items crafted to exacting standards.

The Best Les Basics Menswear

LES BASICS LE 5050 HOODY - click to buyLES BASICS LE 5050 CREW SWEAT - click to buyLES BASICS LE PEAK CAP - click to buyLES BASICS X NOVESTA LE RUNNING SHOE - click to buy

Personal Effects

London-based menswear label Personal Effects knows that style isn’t always about making a bold statement. In fact, the secret to looking put together lies in simplicity and attention to detail. The brand’s garments are pared-back, subtle and well-designed. But that doesn’t mean to say they’re boring. In fact, interesting silhouettes and reimagined classics are par for the course.

The Best Personal Effects Menswear

Personal Effects Reversible Deck Smock - click to buyPersonal Effects Navvy Jacket - click to buyPersonal Effects Oversized PE Bag - click to buyPersonal Effects PE Cardholder - click to buy


Sustainable, vegan footwear. It’s a nice idea, but it’s probably going to look like something found at the back of Willie Nelson’s wardrobe, right? Wrong, and it’s all thanks to newly launched, ethical sneaker brand Yatay. The label’s shoes are minimal, timeless and even PETA-approved; rendered using planet-friendly materials and packaged in boxes made from recycled plastic bottles. All of which means you can look good and do good at the same time.

The Best Yatay Shoes For Men

Yatay neven low - click to buyYatay neven low - click to buyYatay neven high - click to buyYatay neven high - click to buy


It’s no secret streetwear and haute couture have merged to become something nobody is really sure what to call any more. And no label is more symptomatic of this than A-Cold-Wall*. The London-born brand has been causing a stir in fashion circles for a few seasons with its modern take on traditional utilitarian designs, but recently there’s been more widespread attention. Get in with this experimental label before it goes stratospheric.

The Best A Cold Wall Menswear



Aprix (pronounced ‘ah-pree’) is the latest creation of Noah founder and former Supreme creative director Brendon Babenzien. It’s a sneaker brand with a focus on fuss-free design and beachy styling, filtered through the lens of skateboard culture. The resulting products are some of the most wearable shoes we’ve seen of late, albeit in some rather vibrant colours. Still, if you’re looking for a tasteful way to make an outfit pop, a pair of Aprix trainers could be just what you need.

The Best Aprix Sneakers

Aprix APR005 - click to buyAprix APR002 - click to buyAprix APR002 - click to buyAprix APR005 - click to buy


From the design mind that gave the world luxury swimwear in the form of cult label Orlebar Brown, Sørensen is a new clothing brand taking its cues from vintage workwear. Using his own personal archive as the starting point, Wayne Sørensen designs classically styled basics that fuse utilitarian elements with premium materials. We’re particularly fond of, well, anything in its signature navy colourway.

The Best Sorensen Menswear

Sorensen PAINTER POLO SHIRT - click to buySorensen driver jacket - click to buySorensen Hooded zip cotton-jersey sweatshirt - click to buySorensen Two-tone cotton sweatshirt - click to buy


You can be wearing a tailor-made suit cut from the finest Italian cloth, but if residing beneath it is a pair of grubby white Y-fronts, then you’re still not really ‘well-dressed’, are you? Luckily, Swedish premium underwear company CDLP has the solution. The label’s luxury smalls are pants the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. We’re talking silky-soft cotton, carefully considered design and high-end European craftsmanship.

The Best CDLP Menswear

CDLP BOXER SHORTS - click to buyCDLP BOXER BRIEF - click to buyCDLP Y-BRIEF - click to buyCDLP BOXER TRUNK - click to buy


Set up by skate- and sneaker-industry veterans, Greats was founded in 2013, which is hardly ‘new’. However, the brand has always remained largely under the radar, especially in the UK. It’s one well worth having on your map though, because, in addition to making some very good looking shoes, Greats’s products are far more affordable than some of its key competitors.

The Best Greats Footwear

Greats The Pronto - click to buyGreats The Rosen - click to buyGreats The Royale - click to buyThe Katama x GREATS Windward - click to buy

Aimé Leon Dore

There aren’t many brands that manage to achieve cult status within the notoriously picky menswear scene after just four short years. But Aimé Leon Dore is one of the few. Helmed by Teddy Santis – a man with no fashion background, but a unique eye for design – the Queens-based brand has swiftly risen through the ranks to become one of the preferred names among streetwear-leaning men’s fashion aficionados.

The Best Aime Leon Dore Menswear

Aime Leon Dore HOME CREST HOODIE-GREY - click to buyAime Leon Dore LOGO SWEAT PANT-GREY - click to buyAime Leon Dore Q27 MAROON - click to buyAime Leon Dore VELVETEEN HAT GREEN - click to buy


Londoners might already be familiar with Trunk Clothiers – a premium menswear boutique nestled away in the heart of Marylebone. However, what’s lesser known, is that the company recently branched out to launch its own in-house tailoring line. The collection consists of fine Italian-made suiting that embodies the Trunk aesthetic, and now there’s even a made-to-measure service to go with it.

The Best Trunk Menswear


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