Kanye West Definately Has Swagger - International Best Dressed Male 2007What is men’s style? This could be answered in a multitude of ways, but there is one fact – every man has his own style. Knowing this, many fashion designers bring out new lines frequently with new styles and colors to attract new loyal customers. If you look at the different styles that are already available on the market, you will see all of the men’s styles that are available. Some are more into a hip hop flavor, which involves loose fitting baggy jeans and shirts, hats and jewelery. Now, the style of the man doesn’t only have to do with clothing, but it also has to do with other fashion items like shoes, jewelery and “swagger”.

Swagger is what defines men’s style. There are some men who have a rock n’ roll type swagger while others have a hip hop swagger. This also determines what type of fashion he will be into. A man’s style can change rapidly on the seasons as well and on different occasions. Some moments require more of a casual look, while others call for a more professional or formal look. The way one man dresses between those two events will show his individual style and even though the two styles are very different, you will see similarities in color and fabric choices. Like a man who has a more punk rock flavor, wearing fitted jeans and small shirts, his formal wear will likely consist of dress pants with a tight fitting tee that tucks into the pants, along with a belt.

If the men’s style is a hip hop flavor, the formal wear may consist of wearing a flashy suit with jewellery and gator shoes or something of that sort. But still, just because a man dresses one way in casual, doesn’t mean he will have a specific style in other events calling for different dress codes. Everyone has a different style, so some may have a mixture of a punk rock and hip hop swagger.

If you are looking to buy some clothes for your guy, it is important that you know his men’s style. What does he usually wear? Where does he usually shop? These will help you to find the answers to what you should buy. This could be shirts, trousers, shorts, jeans, shoes, jewelery or hats. Shop around to find something you can see him wearing. It wouldn’t hurt to ask as well.