The standard bow tie Like everything else in existence, the bow tie has its origins. Though it may not be considered a major, monumental discovery celebrated yearly by its adoring fans, the bow tie is interesting enough for you to read the rest of this article. We will discuss the history of the bow tie and how it is used today in the men’s fashion world.

The bow tie can be dated back to the 17th century. Croatian mercenaries travelled to France in support of King Louis. The Croatian solders used ties around their necks to keep their shirts closed since buttoned shirts were not invented or available at the time. So the early form of the bow tie served to keep Croatian uniforms closed at the neck and to act as a scarf to protect the Croatians from the cold winds and rain of France. Some historians argue that even though these two purposes of the bow tie are probably legitimate, they believe that the bow tie was a fashion item.

King Louis was impressed by the fighting skills and bravery of the Croatians, but he was even more impressed by their uniforms, especially their neck ties. He liked their ties so much that he adopted the ties and made them mandatory fashion wear for his upper class subjects to wear during formal functions at the palace. He honoured his fellow Croatians further by naming their tie, “La Cravat”, the name it still holds in France today.

As time went by the tie fabric changed from plain white cotton to the best and most expensive silk fabric. The first ties were all white. The tie was used to indicate class and social status. The tie became fashionable and symbolic for sophistication and affluence.

No one knows if the present day necktie evolved from the bow tie or if the bow tie was just an inspiration for the necktie. Both types of ties are used all over the world. However, the bow tie seems to be favoured by certain men of occupational distinction. You can see the bow tie worn every day by attorneys, professors and a few politicians.

Bow ties are commonly seen as attire at black tie affairs. These ties are generally tied the way it was originally tied. The tie comes in one piece that must be knotted. The bow tie’s most common form is the pre-tied bow tie. This tie comes with two clips that attaches easily to the collar. This tie is liked for its convenience, but the bow tie that you tie yourself is much more sophisticated and elegant. You should learn to tie your bow tie. Learning to tie your tie allows you to fit the tie around your neck comfortably and to adjust the spread of the bow to perfectly fit the collar’s size and shape.

How to tie a bow tie…

The standard bow tie