Brad Pitt always looks great in his suitsIf you want to learn how to buy a suit that suits you then you will want to read this article. Specifically we will discuss two common suits and who should wear them. After reading this article, you should be able to walk into any men’s suit store and buy a suit just for you.

Any man who is into men’s fashion needs at least one suit in his wardrobe, preferably more. However, a man may put off buying a suit because he is not sure of what type of suit to buy. He may not trust a store advisor to tell him the truth because store advisors are normally just young students earning minimum wage! He may not have a friend, a wife, or a sister that can advise him on what to buy. Suits are expensive and he wants to get the right suit for the right price. In general, he is afraid of making a mistake.

You can find a suit to fit not only your frame and body type, but your personality as well. You can choose to have your suit tailored to you specifically, or buy an off-the-shelf suit if your budget won’t allow for the expense of a tailored suit.

First of all, have your measurements taken. Do not try to guess what size suit you wear. You may be surprised that the suit size you wore at uni no longer fits. A complete and accurate measurement will also go far in determining what kind of suit to buy.

You can always buy an off-the-shelf suit and have it tailored to your measurements to save money. These suits can offer you a wide palette of colours and designs.

It would also be good to know what colours look good on you. Have a colour analysis done before you head off to the men’s store or shop online. This a basic mens fashion tip and it will be stressed in most articles we write. You may be able to find a colour expert at the men’s store. Although you may be shopping for a basic black suit, you will still need to know your correct colours in deciding your shirt and tie. A basic white shirt may not be an option for you unless a white shirt is mandatory for the occasion.

There are two basic suit styles: the single-breasted suit and the double-breasted suit. The single-breasted men’s suit has a single row of two or three buttons down the front. There is usually a single vent in the back of the coat. The pants may be cuffed, flared or straight-legged. This suit is suitable for all sizes and builds.

The double-breasted suit has a double row of buttons down the front. It may have one or two vents in the back. The pants again can be flared, cuffed, or straight-legged. The double-breasted suit is not always in style, but you can find a splattering of them most of the time if you look real hard. The double-breasted suit should be avoided by the larger man because the double buttons ad visual width to the body.

Go and buy a suit. It is not as hard as it seems.

Where to Buy a High Quality Suit Online

The great thing about buying suits online is that because you already have you measurements (you went and got measured right?!) you can guarantee that it will fit. It’s only a matter of finding the right quality of fabric and picking the right colours.

Here are a list of quality suit makers online. They are of the highest quality, have a range of colours and vary from tailor made to high quality off the shelf items:

  • Saville Row – One of the most recognised and fashionable tailors worldwide.
  • FORZIERI – High quality Italian tailors producing beautiful suits, shirts and ties for men.
  • Moss Bros – Well renowned London Tailor who provide a first class service and high quality products in the middle budget range.
  • NEXT – More budget suits and shirts, but large selection of colours, designs and ties and decent quality for price.