Here at FashionBeans we have a very good relationship with the guys at All Saints. They let us know about all their latest products in advance so that we can in turn let all you guys know about them. After all, our readers are the people who are interested in fashion and clothing, so it makes sense that you should be treated preferably and able to get things in advanced too.

They have a massive SALE on at the moment in which they are clearing out a load of their summer stock. Whilst this is happening they are preparing all of their new high summer collection and autumn/winter 09 pieces. Some of these are actually listed on their website but are HIDDEN right now, so that they can go live after the sale. If you check out our All Saints Clothing category on site, you will be able to find these items usually before they are released to the general public! Make sure you check each week as we update it regularly.

All Saints have also just added a LOAD of items to their Vintage range on site. Vintage at All Saints includes previous items that were TOP sellers and sold out quicker than any other items they produced. They go back to these pieces and reproduce them in LIMITED QUANTITIES so that you have a second chance to buy. In our last update (this weekend) to our All Saints clothing category we noticed some amazing blasts from the past which would be great for this Summer or to stash in your wardrobe until Autumn/Winter (as there are a lot of sweats/knitwear available). Some picks from the new Vintage range are below.

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Vintage All Saints Collection

Some of these items I have owned before. Sometimes your favourite t-shirt will become worn or you will grow out of it – this is a great way of getting your hands on your favourite items all over again.

Check out the vintage category here!

All Saints Meloncholy T-shirt All Saints New World Order New

All Saints Beauty In The Street All Saints Beautiful Vices

All Saints The Lyceum tee All Saints Lazarus Cardigan

All Saints New York City All Saints Heartbreak Long Sleeve

All Saints Trench Pants All Saints Scribble Stripe

All Saints Heartbreak Sweatersh All Saints Wilfred Long Sleeve