We have A LOT of requests for hip hop clothing and where people in the UK can buy it. It must be how gangster I come across! Anyway, I have managed to find a decent online supplier of hip hop clothing now and thought I would help you all out. Their namke is Yukka and have been online now for a few years. They offer great service and I had a quick chat with one of their site owners yesterday to get an idea for the company.

Here is what you can expect from Yukka:
Welcome to Yukka, where you find the latest in urban and hip hop clothing brands from around the globe. Founded in 2003 we have rapidly expanded the range of clothing and accessories on offer and are official stockists of the following brands:

  • Akademiks
  • ECKO
  • G-Unit
  • JB Classics
  • King Underapparel
  • RocaWear
  • Phat Farm
  • Projekts NYC
  • UNK
  • Vokal
  • Southpole
  • Sir Benni Miles
  • Yes No Maybe
  • Zoo York
  • Five Four
  • Meezan Couture
  • Don Ed Hardy
  • Baby Phat
  • Run Atheltics
  • Ballerr
  • Majestic Athletic

In addition to many other officially sourced brands arriving continously throughout the year. So rest assured what you see on Yukka is of the highest quality and latest style.

As you can see, they are officially THE place to go to source your hip hop gear and street brands. What I am most excited about, and our regular readers will probably be too is the introduction of Yukka Duluxe. These are basically high end street fashion brands such as William Rast (featured today), Adidas Originals and Marshall Artist. These type of higher end clothing brands tend to still have the street influence but also the quality you would normally expect from fashion brands such as Rick Owens, Alex McQueen or Jil Sander.

The world of fashion crosses over different genres, continents and ages. You can always introduce new styles and clothes to your wardrobe and try out different looks. In fact I actively encourage this and I have many pieces that a few years back I wouldn’t of even considered. You don’t have to start walking around with baggy clothes around your bum or wearing massive “bling” etc. and I think this is where a lot of people get confused with street style. You might just want to use patterns such as camo or bright solids in your outfits, wear a small chain off your jeans or just add a fitted cap to your outfit. All these things can work within your style and not make you look like a gang banger!

William Rast Clothing

I thought I would showcase one of my favourite street brands: William Rast. This is the clothing brain child of the one and only Justin Timberlake who is know for his fashion sense and always looking very smart and contemporary these days. I feel Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala have succeeded in capturing the soul of authentic Southern heritage and married it with the edge of contemporary Hollywood to launch a full luxury men’s and women’s wear fashion collection.

A couple of pieces I own and I really like at the moment are:

William Rast T Shirt William Rast T Shirt
William Rast T Shirt

William Rast Jeans William Rast Jeans