Men's Checked Shirts

For the second year in a row we are noticing that check shirts are causing a storm within men’s fashion and I couldn’t be happier if I am honest! I loved this trend last year, and think they have only gotten better since then. I love the roots from western films and the overall “worker” feel they have to them. Doesn’t get more manly than a check shirt and worker boots right?! :)

As previously mentioned I think these do give off a very rugged and manly aura when you throw them on, especially the thicker versions and lumberjack over shirts you can get your hands on these days. I particularly like oversizing them and throwing them on over vests, t-shirts, and even lightweight knitwear to give your outfits some unusual and creative layering options. One of my favourite looks right now is to button it up to the top but leave the bottom half open with a graphic tee on underneath. Something slightly unusual when it comes to layering, but also an idea that will set you apart from the crowd.

When picking a checked shirt don’t be afraid to go bold – I mean strong reds, blues and greens that really catch the eye. You can pull these colours off easily by just toning down the bottom half of your outfit and keeping it really simple. Think nice dark slim jeans and a simple pair of high tops. For those that want to go all out I would recommend a great thick pair of leather military boots in order to really nail down that strong “worker” vibe. A military jacket or a nice thick piece of chunky knitwear (plain colours) layered on top of the check shirt would also look great and really play on a couple of the biggest trends present this year.

So here are some great bold print check shirts below to sink your teeth into. All you need to know is that you need a couple of these in your wardrobe this year.

Men’s Checked Shirts

All Saints
All Saints are doing some great hooded checked over shirts at the moment (out of stock I think right now), as well as some really bold prints in thick material which feel quality. Also some great destroyed looking check shirts which really offer a great unique spin on the trend for all the rockers out there.

Delaware L/s Shirt Deadwood Sawtooth Shirt Quilted Shirt

Quilted Shirt Pennslyvania Shirt Louisiana Shirt

The big guns are getting in on the act as well with designs by Ralph Lauren, Burberry, APC, Acne and the like releasing some great colourways and styles. I particularly like the Nudie versions this ear which have some over sized check patterns and great colourways for us.

Red and Black Check Shirt Blue Check Cotton Shirt Blue Washed Cotton Check Shirt

Grey Check Fitted Shirt Navy Oversized Check Shirt Red Embroidered Western Check Shirt

The high street were some of the first to get on board this great trend so Topman are definitely worth checking out. They have SO MANY colours and styles to choose from, so if you want to pick up a couple of examples at a great price then look no further. I have put some of the most bold statement shirts below.



High Fashion is also on the band wagon and Oki-Ni have some great limited edition colourways and designs. I particularly love the whole brown and grey look this autumn/winter as it is sophisticated but can be dressed down easily as well.

Over The Stripes Tartan Shirt Nom De Guerre Decon Shirt Levi's® Vintage 1950's Western Wear Heavy Smoke Shirt

Arn Mercantile Pullover Shirt Nom De Guerre Field Shirt Nom De Guerre Decon Shirt

This only just brushes the surface of some of the great designs this year. There are 100’s of styles and colours out there and it just goes to show how MASSIVE this is going to be this year. I think you should get involved early before the new season even kicks in.