Editor note: Darren is hopefully going to be our new grooming expert. Having worked in the industry for a while, he know what works and WHY it works. I have neglected our grooming category in the past due to the fact the main interest of the site is fashion, but grooming is an ESSENTIAL part of any fashionable males life. Whether you get manicures religiously each week or you simply just wash and moisturise each morning, you will find tips and latest news here each fortnight in order to help you improve your routine and help you to look your best. No matter how many clothes and looks you have, if your skin and body are not taken care of then it brings you down in an instant. Enjoy…

Most men, during their twenties, will begin to notice small lines developing on their face. Just the other day I looked in the mirror comparing myself to a photo from last year and noticed that small lines were beginning to develop on my forehead.

Its common knowledge that in future years these lines we have will deepen and spread. You’ve no doubt heard ‘The younger you start looking after your skin the better’, and this is so true! Even if you have the skin of a baby there’s never an excuse not to start a skin regime – it will all pay off in the end believe me.

The not-so-secret secret is… you must cleanse, tone and moisturise, in that order, twice a day, and apply sunscreen every morning. Although you must use suitable products and I’m going to suggest what works based on personal experience.


Use a facial cleanser that contains Glycolic Acid, the same acid they use in glycolic peels. The acid will exfoliate; taking away the layer of dead skin and dirt and it will clean right down into the pores.

Be sure to cleanse twice a day, especially in the evening. The skin picks up dirt and pollution throughout the day and unless it’s washed away it will speed up that ageing process. Three of my personal favourite facial cleansers are show below, and all do an amazing job of keeping your skin looking clean and feeling really fresh. Check the reviews on site and you will see they all come highly recommended:

Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser Aplha H Micro-Cleanse Exfoliant Menscience Facial Wash


Toner prepares your skin for absorbing more moisturiser. If you’re going to pay lots of money for a moisturiser you want to soak up every bit of goodness you’ve paid for. These toners come highly recommended by me and I always use one after I wash my face or have shaved:

DERMALOGICA MULTI ACTIVE TONER (250ML) Anthony Logistics Alcohol Free Toner


The next step is something a lot of you probably do – Moisturise. An important word when it comes to your moisturiser and eye creams is antioxidants. Make sure any moisturisers and eye creams you buy contain these. If you buy a cream that reduces the look of wrinkles, or tightens your skin you are just correcting the visible problems. If you want a cream to prevent the ageing process then antioxidants are the key.

These two contain all the ingredients you would ever need in order to combat the ageing process and still have your skin looking hydrated and smooth. They may cost a bit more but it is better paying for prevention than it is excessively spending once you have terrible wrinkles!

SKINN Daily Moisturiser The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Cream


Sunscreen should be applied after or with your moisturiser daily. Even in winter months the suns rays are strong and they can penetrate the thickest clouds. The suns rays cause wrinkles and brown sun-spots and sunscreen is the best defense against this. Some facial cleansers (the ingredients in them) can also make your skin susceptible to UV rays – this means if you go out without sunscreen on then it can cause discolouration and uneven tone within your skin… again this is something you would have to pay a lot for to fix. Never forget your sunscreen.

Ensure any sunscreen you use protects you from both UVA and UVB rays like those below:


So there we go, your simple 4 step guide to keeping your skin looking it’s best each and every day. Splash out on some quality products and you will not regret it. Clothes and trends may come and go – you can easily replace them.. not so much with your skin though gentlemen, so take care of yourself.