Men's Bow Ties - New Collections

A bow tie can summon up a wealth of images and characters: suave heroes from a bygone era, vintage celluloid stars and old school gents. Bow ties have slowly but surely been filtering their way back into fashion consciousness and now forward thinking guys are wearing bow ties to boost their style kudos. Instead of rifling through fashion editorials to look for inspiration, the younger fashion crowd are instead casting a nostalgic glance back to a time when a bow tie was a staple of every mans’ wardrobe and they are incorporating this look into 21st century wardrobes.

Wearing a bow tie is a great way to stand out against the monotonous sea of guys in shirts and ties, particularly around the festive part season, and investing in a bow tie is a great way to achieve the preppy, smart look in your own individual way. Bow ties need not be boring or predictable as they come in as many different colours, fabrics and materials as you can imagine so you can find one to compliment your outfit and your personality. From tartan, to vintage Paisley print or luxurious silk a bow tie can finish off your outfit or it can be just the beginning and you can construct the rest of your look around it.

Bow ties are now stocked at places like Topman and ASOS for your high street impulses but perhaps the best place to get yours is from your local charity shop, a vintage shop or Brick Lane market on a Sunday morning where you can browse all different styles and pay for them out of the change in your pocket. Furthermore, you can raid your granddads wardrobe to uncover some genuine vintage treasures and that would cost you nothing.

Bow ties are just as versatile as any other garment or accessory and they can be style to either end of the preppy scale. Team your bow tie with brogues and a blazer to look like you’ve just sauntered straight out of a 50’s Hollywood film. Conversely, pair your bow tie with a checked shirt, jeans and a pair of high-tops for a slick spin on this old-fashioned attire.

Wearing a bow tie can add a new and interesting dimension to your wardrobe. It will speak volumes about your ability to put together an outfit and set yourself apart as a fearless individual. It is the perfect stand out item for this party season and fits right in with the whole geek chic trend we are going through right now. You may want to try pairing a beautiful velvet bow tie with a velvet blazer, and really push the whole new textured clothing technique to a new level.

Men’s Bow Ties

For those of you who do not want to risk the high street right now (I cannot blame you!) and go searching for that perfect bow tie, take a look at some of the amazing new varieties available online. From high street to designer, plain to patterned and textured to traditional – they are all here and available at a budget to suit all. The bow tie is a great and inexpensive way to totally change the feel of an outfit in an instant.


Grey Tweed Bow Tie Black Self Tie Bow Tie Burgundy Velvet Bow Tie

Black and White Check Bow Tie White Striped Bow Tie White Oversized Bow Tie


ASOS Checked Bow Tie ASOS Chambray Bow Tie ASOS Cord Bow Tie

ASOS Pattern Bow Tie ASOS Velvet Bow Tie Energie Frutes Shiny Bow Tie

Drakes Of London Tartan Bow Tie Drakes Of London Best Of British Printed Bow Tie ASOS Pow Check Bow Tie

Matches Fashion – Designer

commonwealth utilities commonwealth utilities Prada

Others – All Saints and Urban Outfitters

 Elder Bow Tie Junk De Luxe Polka Dot Bow Tie Junk De Luxe Polka Dot Bow Tie