Men's Bright Coloured Jeans

Today we are going to be showing you some pieces that may push the boundaries of a lot of your personal styles. Coloured jeans have become increasingly popular by men in my city, and they are normally worn by those men you can tell are into fashion or are slightly more eccentric. These would definitely be an item that would turn heads in a love it or hate it way. You have to have rock solid confidence wearing something that is such a bright and bold statement to who you are – but pull it off and you will forever be seen as a style icon.

Those who really push the boundaries of their personal style are normally regarded as trend setters and “fashionable”. These are the same people other’s would say “only he could wear that” or “that looks good on him but I could never wear it”. NEWS FLASH: you can easily wear these jeans, but with that pathetic attitude, you could never pull them off. For some people they don’t fit their overall style or they would never feel comfortable in them, and I can empathise with that because obviously fashion is also subjective and completely about personal taste. I am concentrating more on the people here who would love to wear an item like this but are satisfied every day with the same look and same designer brands, and won’t push themselves to be the best they can be and develop further.

I’m here to open your eyes to new styles, looks and brands you would never consider. So what if you try them once and you don’t like it… no one will make you wear them again, and you can ease your way in with a beautiful bold blue colour which would not be far from your existing denim.

This isn’t a rant, I just want to shake some of you up a bit and get you interested in something away from “the norm” – in this case, coloured jeans. These can look AMAZING in the right outfit and on Monday luckily for you I am going to put together 3 of them in different colours so you see just how easy it is! Then you will have no excuse not to try something new and really push your own personal style. I know a lot of you who read this will love these examples anyway because that is just your type of style… I am thinking of Seb right now who broke out the yellow loafers in last weeks reader incentive.

So take a look at these great examples of coloured jeans/trousers today and let me know your personal feelings on them.

Bright Coloured Jeans

For now the best retailer I can find anywhere for these is Topman. The reason behind this post is because I saw some in my local store recently and kind of loved them… I then saw another seriously stylish dude pull them off and I was sold. I’m here to do the same for you guys ;)! You see we all go through stages of self doubt and wondering if you can pull off certain items, the key is if you love something then go for it. Topman do an amazing selection of colours from green, to yellow to red. They also come in different cuts and price bands from £30 to around £60, so they won’t break the bank.

Mens Coloured Jeans Mens Red Coloured Jeans

Mens Coloured Jeans Mens Mint Coloured Jeans

Mens Coloured Jeans Mens Coloured Jeans

Mens Coloured Jeans Mens White Coloured Jeans