Men's Chinos Look Book

It is time once again for another look book to add to your collection for this season. I went into depth this week about how men’s chinos are an amazingly versatile item that every man should have in his wardrobe, and now I am going to show you a few different looks that you can use to create your own individual style and hopefully add to your repertoire.

Again this week we will be focusing on different styles with each chino, and I will use a mix of varieties so you can pick yourself which type of chino will work best for your style and situation. We have produced 4 looks this week; one which is bang on trend, one that has more of a relaxed formal vibe to it that you could wear to some work situations and still look great once you head to the bar after, another that uses coloured chino’s in order to give you a slightly more eccentric look, and the final look concentrates on the military and worker wear trends that are so big right now.

Hopefully you will find something that appeals to you and you can tailor it to your current needs. Remember that chino’s come in multiple styles and colours, so even if you are not quite convinced yet, you could try a dark pair or the jeans varieties and work your way from there.

On Trend
This is a great introduction into the world of chino’s for the younger crowd or those who are not quite ready to lose the jeans. These great new chino/pants from Humor come in an amazing beige colour and are fitted more like the gun fit All Saints jeans. Dropped crotch and slim leg lines make these really stand out and give your look a much more fashion forward approach. This time we mix it with the graphic t-shirt which is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. I have picked an amazing new version by All Saints in a dark colour because it contrasts brilliantly with the lighter bottom half.

I have then kept it really simple and gone for the geek chic vibe by adding the clear 50’s specs, as well as a great grey felt trilby. We pointed out yesterday that textured fabrics and layering is going to be bang on trend for Winter, so this is a great way of getting in on the trend. I picked black specs because it matches the t-shirt and a grey trilby because we are about to throw on a great new grey Mac by Penguin which really reinforces the geek theme but gives your outfit some really sharp lines and sophisticated styling.

Next I wanted to add some dark hi-tops as they are right on trend for this season and they always look great in any outfit. Again I picked black to contrast with the chinos, and now you can see that the 2 focal points of this outfit are the light trousers and also the geek accessories. Exactly what we were going for here. The Converse hi-tops I picked because they are leather and just have that extra quality that the standard Converse do not have. Plus the leather adds to the chic styling within the outfit and again adds some more texture to your fabrics.

Redux Tee Humor Pant Original Penguin Mac

Converse All Star Leather Hi-Top Multi Eyelet Trainers ASOS 50's Clear Lens Glasses Grey Flannel Trilby Hat

Relaxed Formal
This is really easy to pull off with chino’s so I stayed away from true formal outfits. Due to the chino’s essentially being relaxed trousers, you can mix them with shirts, shoes and ties really easily. This time I went for a navy chino because it has just that little bit extra in a formal outfit compared to black and then mixed in the tan brogues by All Saints and tan premium leather belt by Topman. Mixing navy and brown is one of my favourite colour combinations and this just works. A nice slim belt will give you a fashion forward approach, and the brogues are really flying within the world of footwear right now. The distressed All Saints versions seemed like a good idea in order to keep this outfit relaxed and offer up something a bit edgier within your look.

The shirt and tie combination is really easy to do… I mixed a white tie with a white shirt because it is formal but really subtle. The light blue edging on the bottom of the tie is perfect because it will then hang right near the navy chino’s and create a great colour contrast within the blue palette. I then added another Mac which is one of my favourites from last week. This is a moleskin variety that will add some class, texture (that word again) and depth to your layering. The grey colour will mix well with the navy and is formal enough to wear to work, whilst still relaxed and fashion forward for drinks after.

White Wing Collar Shirt Navy Coated Chinos Holland Esquire Double Breasted Moleskin Mac

White and Blue Slim Silk Tie Ludlow Brogue Tan Premium Leather Belt

Of course, do not be afraid to add knitwear over the top of shirts and ties. As long as the knit contrasts to the colour of the shirt it will look great and it really brings the outfit down a notch into the relaxed formal style. You can always remove it for meetings/drinks etc. but it will keep you warm in winter and look great as well. In this outfit I would recommend either a nice grey tone to contrast against the white shirt without clashing with the navy. Bold injections of colour can also be used here as a striking blue would really set your layers off and contrast well against the dark shading of the chino’s.

Grey Cable Knit Shawl Collar Cardigan Blue Merino Wool Cardigan

Coloured Chinos
Like we mentioned in the coloured jeans article, there are a few easy rules to stick to when using bright or unusual colours for your bottom half. If you keep the rest of your outfit slightly muted and let the coloured pieces do the talking, you will create a great look. Here I have picked a beautiful burgundy chino available at Urban Outfitters. Straight away we will tone the rest of the outfit down with some simple canvas mid-cut Superga’s in a white colour way. This adds some relaxed style but also provides a great colour contrast with the chino.

Next we add the subtle white graphic tee which is not too in your face, but again a fashion forward essential. Throw on a plain light weight hoody in a grey colour and you have started to create a great layered look which can be changed by zipping the hoody up or leaving open. The greys and whites we just used really bring the in your face aspect of this outfit right down and allows the chino’s to be the focal point. Add a beautiful wool mix pea coat from Topman in a black colour to bring the whole outfit together and add another layer over the hoody. The top half now has really been toned down and all the colours contrast beautifully.

This is where we really plough through and make this outfit special. We mix in the burgundy trilby from Topman to create our second focal point to the outfit. Now you have this beautiful colour as the focal point to the bottom of your outfit which is then broken up by the subtle top half layering and the colour comes back to life right at the top of your look. Perfect.

Twilight S/s Tee Burgundy Wool Trilby Black Wool Mix Peacoat

Dr.Denim Donk Chino Superga Cotu Cut Boot Gap 1969 California Zip-Through Hooded Sweat

Military/Worker Wear Trends
These two trends along with Geek Chic are the hottest around right now. So this time we use the black chinos for our bottom half and mix them together with some great new boots from All Saints. I was going to go with the Hunter Black boots but this colour mix of brown and black just does it for me and it provides a much better contrast against the dark black chinos. Boots are key to the worker wear and military looks so these are pretty essential.

For the top half I have used this new destroyed check/plaid print over shirt by All Saints. It is a great example and comes in a really thick material that is perfect for winter and really ramming this trend home. The stockwell jacket makes another welcome appearance in our look book but this time in a charcoal that would contrast better against the bottom half. The wool fabric is a great choice here as I have added a beautiful velvet scarf which can be wrapped around your neck as shown. Two really good textured items here which again will add depth to your look. The scarf also brings this outfit up a notch and makes it look slightly more formal/military whilst the jacket is on as well. The great thing is if you take off the jacket and scarf you have more of a casual outfit that hits the worker wear trend more. So 2 looks in one – great versatility.

We finished the outfit off with some great black cut off gloves from All Saints that will add a bit of an edge to our look whilst still keeping us warm and contrasting against the grey/charcoal sleeves of the jacket. I really like this whole look and think it hits the major trends perfectly for this season. The chino’ are a definite alternative to jeans in these trends!

NYC L/s Wesson Shirt Cheap Monday Black Slim Chino Stockwell Lazarus Jacket

BLACK VELVET SCARF Roam Boot Exmore Gloves