Men's HOM Underwear

One of my friends recently accused me of constantly writing about pants on here, and although I told him he was ridiculous (I think?), I do want to share with you a new men’s underwear collection today. HOM underwear have come on really strong within the underwear market over the last couple of year’s and now have a pretty big market share against the bigger brands and designers.

They managed this by concentrating their efforts into the more active men’s market. They create underwear which is fashionable and elegant but has a more active look and feel to it. This was a massive hit with the sporty amongst us, who have an active lifestyle and like to exercise and get a bit sweaty. The cut of their underwear has always been about comfort, and they have a very fitted feel in order to “keep everything in place” whilst on the move.

Other features HOM underwear can include is: Microfibre sensitive fabric, anti-heat, natural lenpur waistband for anti-stress and stretch fabric. As you can see they really go for the comfort and active market but the designs aren’t be sniffed at. Bright active colours are the order of the day, with geometric prints also very much featured.

We have a preview into the latest Spring/Summer designs today, so if I were you, I would check them out and pick up a couple of pairs. They really are amazingly comfortable, a nice break from the designer brands and perfect for those with an active lifestyle, no matter what your age.

HOM Underwear


Product details for: HOM Sport'n Colours Maxi Trunk Black/Green Product details for: HOM Neon Maxi Trunk

Product details for: HOM Organic Respect Maxi Trunk Product details for: HOM Neon Maxi Trunk

Product details for: Colortherapy Hipster Pink by HOM Product details for: Metal Gloss Maxi Trunk by HOM


Product details for: Academic Chevron Mini Brief by HOM Product details for: HOM Neon Mini Brief White

Product details for: Supreme Cotton Stripe Mini Brief by HOM Product details for: Neon Mini Brief Green by HOM

Product details for: Males 1 Mini Brief by HOM Metal Gloss Mini Brief