Men's Skinny Jeans

Every year I see reports about how the skinny jeans “phase” is over and we are all going back to looser fits. Personally I know this is all a load of crap because all the big designers still keep releasing new versions and evolving the style further with different takes on the originals. In addition, some of the most fashionable males within the music and film industry still wear these jeans on a regular basis and they are continuously in the public eye.

It really is one of the biggest fashion trends we have seen in men’s fashion, and was kind of the beginning of the constant developing and evolving men’s fashion has gone through over the last few years. Having true seasonal trends for men and designers really pushing the boundaries within the men’s market is what has led to where we are today – and men’s fashion HAS NEVER been better. Look for this to strongly continue and I think we will catch up with women’s fashion within the next decade.

Personally I do not like super skinny jeans just because I do not feel comfortable when I have squeezed my legs into a pair and can hardly walk properly, never mind sit down. The thing that made jeans so popular in the first place is the fact they got better with age and denim even more comfortable the more you wore them. I can see the appeal of skinny jeans from a male and female point of view though – we spent so long buying jeans that were too large and did not fit us properly, meaning they looked sloppy and in the end unstylish. From a female point of view, they want to be able to look at us and see the outline of our body shape, just like we do with them – because it is SEXY.

Skinny Jeans go really well with the whole grunge or rocker vibe – they add an edge to a man’s look and also a subtle confidence that you have the balls (not literally!) to pull them off. They are a really fashion forward item that can be worn with literally anything: plain/graphic tees, a polo shirt, casual or formal shirt and even blazers and long overcoats. Just like any other jean style or cut they are round to stay whether you like them or not – so don’t listen to the naysayers. I actually buy skinny jean cuts but I tend to upsize them one waist size just so I have the effect but a little more comfort… there is nothing better for tucking into a great pair of converse or leather boots.

Anyway today you probably have guessed by now that I am going to showcase some great new skinny jeans you can get for your wardrobes this season.

Men’s Skinny Jeans

These guys have always been behind this trend from the start so it’s only right we show them first. These obviously all come in at a great price and means you can grab a couple of pairs without guilt. Look for dark washes in Autumn but also do not be afraid to get behind the brighter coloured variations available. I showed you how to rock the coloured jeans a few weeks back: click here. I particularly like the grey varieties at the moment along with the destroyed/ripped effect – it has been a big trend for women recently and think maybe we are going to go through it too if the big designers get behind it.



All Saints
More will be coming I am sure, but for now these are some great skinny versions in perfect Autumn/Winter colourways. These definitely know how to do rocker, so you will be in safe hands.

Resin Split Skinny Fit - Pipe Pipe Skinny

Here we go with the major designer offerings. When these big designers really get behind a trend and continue to release new versions, it means it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Below we have examples from Nudie, APC, Helmut Lang and Marc Jacobs so you will be in good company rocking these. Go for an investment pair in a navy or indigo which is a wash that will always be strong come rain or shine. Love the black washed versions this year and can’t wait to rock a pair with a bold red check shirt and boots.

Washed Black Slim Jean Dirt Hard Wash Treated Skinny Jean Grim Tim LAB 4 Skinny Jean

Dark Vintage Wash Treated Skinny Jean Thin Finn Dry Stretch Skinny Jeans Black Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans

Best of the Rest
Here are a few more great skinny jeans examples from around the web.

Peoples Market Skinny Jeans Thin Finn Dry Stretch Thin Finn Organic Dry Ecru

Martin Margiela Cotton Jeans Nom De Guerre Narrow Fit Jean Levis Red Stilts Jean