Yesterday I told you how we were getting more and more queries about men’s shoes and specifically what they have in store for us this year. I will start with the early men’s fashion trends in shoes for 2009 and then go on to show you an amazing new collection of shoes from Alexander McQueen and Puma.

The trend we are seeing especially at the start of this year are perforated designs… courtesy of everyone from Common Projects to Louis Vuitton. Patent materials (think SHINY!) are also very much in and look very cool with more casual outfits this season.

The second trend is what the American’s call Moccasins or maybe “boat shoes”. As you may know, preppy (UK upper class/tennis club type stuff) was well and truely in last year and looks set to make its way over to this year as well. Check out all the examples below…

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Perforated Shoes Patent Material Shoes Moccasins

Puma Alexander McQueen 2009

Having already set the bar for sports fashion collaborations, the latest collection from Puma Alexander McQueen is one of the most exciting yet. The anatomical studies McQueen is renowned for are fused
with tecnologicly advance shoe design to create a range that’s both high fashion and function.

Ribcage, spines and vertabrae are juxtaposed with sophisticated fabric technology to produce stylistically stunning (and highly sought after) trainers of the future…

View the Puma Alexander McQueen collection

Alexander McQueen and Puma Alexander McQueen and Puma

Alexander McQueen and Puma Alexander McQueen and Puma