New Fashion Essential - Men's Cords

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about how chino’s have become a true essential item for any fashionable males wardrobe no matter what your age. Everyone these days are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd and one way to do this is to ditch the jeans within some of your outfits. Today we are going to be showcasing some of the new cords that are on the market and explain why you should have a pair of these within reach every morning.

Cords are a lot like chino’s. They have a stigma associated with old people or in extreme cases… old school boring stuffy science/maths teachers! But with items like chino’s, cardigans, brogues, and even fabrics such as tweed becoming more and more popular these days within the younger fashion crowd, it was only a matter of time before the cords were being picked up as well.

Cords give your casual outfits a completely different look. They have clean lines and a smarter appearance than jeans, which means that instantly they bring your outfit up a notch. Due to this, it means they are so versatile when creating outfits. You can tone down your top half using casual items like t-shirts and polo’s OR go completely the opposite way and use shirts, loafers and statement jackets to dress it up. With the country trend being so popular right now – think brogues and quilting – these trousers are the perfect item to mix into your outfits as they have roots firmly within country club fashion.

The other benefit to cords is that they give your outfits TEXTURE. I know I have been going on about this new form of layering over the last few weeks but it is time for us all to experiment with our personal style and see where it takes us. The idea of texture and making my looks become more three dimensional is something that runs around inside my head all the time at the moment and I am trying out different outfits regularly. The look book and articles I did on Velvet and the like last week were just the start and now we have a great way to texturize your lower half.

Cords are not just for the older males these days, younger readers can get involved with some amazing new skinny fit cords that are available or mix in the bright bold colours (think deep reds, blues and greens) in order to create a statement look similar to the coloured jeans approach. There are also some great traditional varieties available right now and if I could recommend some I would go for a navy or black colour in a slim fit for this Winter period and stone, beige or coloured cords for the early Spring/Summer periods.

So take a look below and see if any of these take your fancy. A great alternative to jeans through the Winter period, expand your style and try a pair today.

Men’s Cords

Carolyn Massey Cord Trousers Blue Stretch Skinny Cords Monkee Genes Cord Supa-Skinny

Grey Stretch Skinny Cords Van Dale Casual Fit Corduroys Van Dale Casual Fit Corduroys

Lee Powell Black Shiny Cords April 77 Joey Skinny Cords Acne Jeans Guy Slim Bungy Cord

G-Star Frontier Original G-Star Frontier Original Wrangler Miles Bootcut Cord

1971 Reiss Plymouth Washed Carrot Cord G-Star 3301 Cord Bootcut Jeans Gant Jason Stretch Stone Cord Jean

ASOS Overdyed Cord Slim Jeans Acne Pal Cord Green Skinny Chinos Acne Guy Bungy Cord Slim Chinos

Cheap Monday Straight Cords ASOS Limited 1 Of 100 Cords Slim Jeans ASOS Limited 1 Of 100 Cords Slim Jeans