The Men's Fashion Picks

Right everyone should have been paid by now, so I am going to throw a load of items at you this week that are new or perfect for the season. However I really want this to work with a twist this week. My logic is you are probably all going to spend money on some items of clothing, grooming or style over the next few weeks and I want to know exactly what your buying or have your eye on!

This isn’t so I can over analyse your choices, make a fool of you or tell you that you’re wrong to boost my ego – I am REALLY INTERESTED in all of your personal styles and what you like to see on site. Fashion is purely subjective and each person likes and dislikes different things. I try to be completely unbiased when I feature items and provide a mix of styles for everyone.

So PLEASE leave your comments below… Just leave a good selection of products (paste in the links to them) you really like, are going to buy or would love to get your hands on. Please try not to think about it too much, and don’t just pick items you think everyone else will like. I will moderate it so no-one can slate each others choices.

PLUS as an added incentive – their will be a prize for one lucky reader either picked at random or based on who makes an interesting contribution to the story. I will also try and update the post at the end of the week to show some of your selections for everyone else to see.

The prize is going to be kept secret until I pick the winner – this is because I am going to base it around their product selections and/or style.

So let’s go with mine first!

My Men’s Fashion Picks

All Saints
Sometimes I think I could go to this site and literally pick anything and I would find a way to love it. They produce so much great edgy fashion stuff at a great price. I really hope they keep it going over the next few years and don’t try and go too commercial. Anyway the winter stuff filtering through is nice and dark and has a military feel with multiple pockets and epaulettes (shoulder fold detailing). Also love that bag I featured yesterday and it was the whole inspiration behind the post itself. Half length sleeves on shirts have become a MASSIVE trend for me over summer and I’ll continue it right into winter. They just fit so perfectly and make me feel really comfortable.

Pennslyvania H/s Shirt Echo Jacket

Brogue Holdall Merchant Polo

GG Runner Infantry Trousers

Urban Outfitters
These are another retailer I really like or have grown to like. They always seem to pick up some of the best/unusual pieces from the more commercial brands. For instance I love the G-Star jacket below but that is probably because I am a massive fan of the nylon jacket and this has some amazing retro styling and colour combination. Have also included a great basic hoody in a beautiful blue colour which as you can see in the picture is layered up with the check shirt also featured. Great look for Autumn/Winter.

BDG Ashe Tennis Cardigan BDG Basic FZ Hoodie

G-Star Caine Jacket Levi's Smiley Check Shirt

As normal this is the premium designer stuff but it’s all good because we all have some money (hopefully) for at least a week! These are some of the new collection drops that caught my eye as I was taking a browse. Love the boots – got a nautical feel but in a more relaxed modified Converse way.

Grey and Navy Sailing Boot Straight Studded Aged Rinse Jeans

Black Multi Colour Detail Polo Black Cotton Twill Drunk Trench

Milan Clothing
These also stock premium menswear but all the items featured below are still on sale at knockdown prices! I love the Bolongaro Trevor cardigans and knitwear, and if you have never seen some in the flesh let me tell you the quality will out stand you. I have not found any of this stuff on the Internet before so this is a great surprise. That grey and yellow cardigan looks amazing in the flesh – that picture does it absolutely no justice. Also threw in some PRPS jeans because at a reduced price it is some of the best denim you can get your hands on.

Bolongaro Trevor grey cardigan Bolongaro Trevor grey cardigan

PRPS Jeans PRPS Jeans

I have picked out some great True Religion jeans from the new season which always have great detailing, washes and fit. I will definitely picking up a pair over the next week or so to add to my ever expanding denim collection. I have also have thrown in two G-Star shirt type jackets which are great for layering. Must say I am impressed with some of the more limited edition G-star range this year.

I have also thrown in some Christion Audigier t-shirts because this is one of the only place to buy it over here in the UK and it is a brand you may never of heard of. Very popular in L.A. it is designed by the guy who brought us Ed Hardy. You may get that vibe just by looking at them – it is a bit “busy” for some tastes and to be honest I don’t think I ever really got on board totally with the Ed Hardy stuff a few years back. I would like to hear your thoughts though.

Christian Audigier T-Shirt Christian Audigier T-Shirt

G-Star Jacket G-Star Jacket

True Religion Jeans True Religion Jeans

True Religion Jeans True Religion Jeans