I requested a bio’ of all contributors. Anyone not intimidated by the pretence of lexically indulgent and frankly, overwhelming words dwelling in my articles obliged accordingly. I suppose, in avoidance of being shunned for pedalling hypocrisy, it calls upon me to follow suit.

Prepare to have any façade of preconceptions about me longingly established:

Luke Todd; ‘Seasonal’ biography

I'm a clothes storage system embezzled, in a more often than not case of the [not so] essentials of any given sartorial requiem. Self-diagnosed bi-polar towards the seasons also occasionally blunders my CV. The world and his sister advise me to shop for “staples”; I come back with post-it notes! I'm more concise in providing outlandish remarks and nonsensical metaphors than I am in acting in philanthropic fashion towards my wardrobe assembly.

My birthright claims me little English nationality, aesthetically speaking. Tailored in the Italians, walking in the Americans and clutching the occasional au francais. My disgruntled belligerence is what dons Jack to my shoulders. After a few weeks of children branded in ice cream, the exercise-illiterate of society slapping on cream with a paste brush and a hosepipe ban leaving your neighbours cat unscathed for days on end; I’m ready to bring into play a knit or eight.

We follow that up by forgetting we have limbs (for a lack of sensation), “if you throw one more snowball at me your Mother will be glad she kept your Christmas present receipt” and a hosepipe made redundant by the ice, leaving your neighbours cat unscathed for days on end.

Last week I fed you from my trough of autumn essentiality. This week you can spoon-feed yourselves! Since the former, I have received more emails about autumn essentials than I have fans knickers, which frankly I receive a lot of; usually they are mine and are being sent back to me.

This is the week we offer over the gauntlet of sartorial styling to the ‘beaners. All to of whom we entrust all our knowledge and secrets; we release you as a Bambi of the fashion-literary world. Oh wait, as Bambi’s mother… that didn’t end well for us!

The ‘Beaners Guide to Autumn Essentiality:
The Trench Coat

[Editor: In order to keep the layout consistent and easy to read, we will be making a few small changes from the previous article detailing how we will set these suggestions out. Content will be kept the same.]

Our Trench Coat Contributors

Name: Kwame Afriyie
Job Title: Architecture Student

A 21-year-old Architecture student, studying in Canterbury and living with parents in London. “I have a great fondness for Art/Architecture/Design/Fashion; these allow you to express who you are.” Recently, Kwame started writing for Art & Hustle (US) and in the future hopes to be writing for a British blog. He describes his style as “vintage military pieces, but I wear all types of clothing I am quite eclectic.”

Autumn essential: The Trench Coat


“An essential for this fall is definitely the trench, due to its heavy-duty quality and reasonable length it should protect you from a reasonable amount of un-desirable weather. It is one of the most versatile coats in the market, allowing you to wear it casually or smartly whatever you desire. Many different brand companies offer the trench coat giving you flexibility for different kinds of styles and quality.

For the coming months ahead and looking at the latest trends, I say the best way to wear the trench is to layer different kinds of pieces either singling out the trench coat or toning it down depending on what colour trench you have. The most common colour is black, but there is nothing wrong with going wild and experimenting.”

East Yorkshireman, James Christmas, (don’t look disappointed if you expected some yuletide related pun from me – I’m grown up now!) shows us his inspirations for choosing the trench as his autumn essential:

Trenchcoat Inspiration from James Christmas

Elliot Hollingsworth, a Leicester based student chooses the product picks to put the Trench essentiality into shiny, illustrated perspective:

  • Navy Cotton Trench Coat
  • Three Over One Gerald Trench Coat
  • Classic Khaki Trench Coat, Burberry London
  • Villain Felix Washed Denim Trench Coat
  • Black Piped Cotton Trench Coat
  • Burberry Double breasted trench coat
The Neckerchief

Marcos FonsecaName: Marcos Fonseca
Job Title: Textiles agency Executive

A graduate of Management who has since then, lived in Paris, in Erasmus, for six of the twelve months the calendar slumps us with. (Arguably the most envious of biography’s thus-far.).

While living in Paris, Portuguese born Marcos realised his love for fashion, “I thought about trying to gather both things: the business and fashion.” Marcos has high drive and expectations for the future, one route leading him to emerge with a Masters in Fashion Business!

Marcos offers solid words of wisdom in his bio: “I truly believe that most of the trends come from our inspiration every morning in front of the mirror.”

Autumn essential: The Neckerchief


“I can still remember last time I’ve wore a neckerchief it was in the mid 90’s and I have used alongside with a checked shirt and a t-shirt under it – I was around 15’. Well…since then, things haven’t really changed that much.

A stylish way of protecting your neck from the autumn wind. The neckerchief gives the outfit a unique touch of style in less time than as required to tie a necktie.

The way of wearing a neckerchief will depend on two things: first is a matter of style or attitude and then a matter of lifestyle or job type.These variations are as simple as wearing the piece in two ways: with the knot turned towards the front or towards the back.

Versatile and stylish, the neckerchief is definitely one of the autumn essentials. Get on board!”

The reasoning behind Marco’s pick is impeccable, clearly a bit of Pari’-suave has rubbed off on you. We consistently push the need for dapper eccentricity and individuality on FashionBeans (I’m just here to pedal a few words along with it). The first-cousin of the neckerchief is the pocket square/scarf. It has served well in all formal junctures and will continue to do so. Just remember to allow for a piece to do the same for your less-formal ensembles; it will make the world of sartorial difference! Here are my top necker-picks:

<img src="" alt="Neckerchief Examples from” class=”white” />

Brown Brogues

James J.WattsName: James J.Watts
Job Title: Retail

James offered little biography. Should we trust the opinion of such a shady enigmatic character?
Age: 21
Currently dwelling: Bristol, UK
Profession: Monotonous retail position.
Splendid fellow and occasional snappy dresser.

Nevertheless, not one to go down without a fight some dirt, I found this gem sitting pretty in his email to me:
“Please note – I scoured my Facebook and this was literally the only image I could find where I wasn't charmingly inebriated and/or hugging the nearest unsuspecting female. Rest assured if you choose to use my article I can actually take a 'more professional' photo”

Autumn essential: Brown brogues


With the sun inevitably setting on our ever-dwindling summer, it would be easy to simply give up and succumb to the impending bleakness of winter. However it’s imperative we don’t confuse our autumn with the set of a 1950’s film noir, as this is no time to become yet another nondescript silhouette lurking amongst the smoky streets of city centres.

Contrary to greying, autumn plays host to an inspiring array of earthy colours sure to bestow warmth on even the most teeth-chattering of mornings… and what better way to tackle the crunchiest of leaves underfoot than in your favourite pair of brown brogues!? Versatile and perfect for this sometimes unpredictable time of year, brogues add a touch of elegance to almost any outfit. Whether paired with a grey suit for work, or combined with dark skinny jeans, a basic tee and your choice of cardigan and/or blazer for the more casual occasions.

So I implore you to fully embrace the entire spectrum of autumnal tones, and really become ‘at one with nature’… obviously without hugging any actual trees and risking getting pesky sap on your shiny new outfits.

The brown brogue is without a doubt an autumn essential. But it is not to go unnoticed that many men have been picking this up over the former months. Many have come to realise what they add to an outfit, it’s that little something extra, that we can’t speak of, it’s just there. The first rule of brown brogues is we do not speak about brown brogues. The key to unassuming hedonism.

The Tiny Beanie

Joseph KennedyName: Joseph Kennedy
Job Title: Journalism Student

For fear of him throwing some form of fashioned brogue at me, I shan’t tamper with Joseph’s biography. He’s a journalist; you can trust what we say!

“I am eighteen years old and I love writing and I love fashion. It's quite hard to explain whom you are, or to write a biography about yourself, it's much easier for someone else to write about to, or write about yourself in third person. Joseph is obscure, poetry flows through his mind constantly, he thinks everything should rhyme, but he hasn't got the time, to make a rhyme for every line.”

Autumn essential: The Tiny Beanie


“The tiny beanie is something almost out of this world in terms of freshness, it's like a hat, only smaller. I guess you too are mind blown at the prospect, and when you first heard about the tiny beanie your ears may have exploded with enthusiasm. If not, then you may still appreciate what the tiny beanie does for your look. First of all, it keeps your head warm, plain and simple, it may look like a tea cosy, but if it keeps a pot of water warm, it can keep your bonce warm. Second of all, those of you whose hairlines haven't receded to your neck will be able to show off your hairstyle as this little treasure keeps the front of your hair visible. Thirdly, and most amazingly, it's an accessory, use it how you like, with a coat, with a jumper, with a gillet, with a naval uniform or even stark naked, this hat will improve your look no end. And finally, the price, really not very much, if you do find one somewhere, it wouldn't cost more than £10, mine was £2, and I feel like I have robbed someone. Use the force of the tiny beanie well.”

  • Blue Mini Cable Beanie
  • Grey Mini Cable Beanie
  • ASOS Tiny Beanie
  • ASOS Tiny Bobble Beanie
Heritage Jackets

Oliver PearsonName: Oliver Pearson
Job Title: Student

Since starting college, Oliver really started taking notice of how big of a part fashion plays in the 17-25-age bracket particularly.

I’m pretty sure FashionBeans had a hand in it too.

“I wouldn't say I am obsessed with changing my wardrobe every 6 months, but I believe purchasing high quality timeless products- even for a greater price than an average monthly spend at Primark- is the way to go.”

We definitely got through to him!

Autumn essential: Heritage Waxed Cotton Jackets


There has been a lot of emphasis on heritage brands in the last six months, with chambray and denim shirting coming to the fore in a big way. So far apart from a few weeks of undisrupted sunshine the summer has failed to deliver in a big way: so that means it is approaching the time to invest in some serious outerwear for the fall.

In classic designs such as the Barbour International Trials Jacket and Belstaff Trailmaster or Roadmaster, you get the best of both worlds- waterproof jackets that offer the same protection as leather without the risk of overheating on those occasions where the Sun shows its face. It also carries on nicely along the heritage theme and any of the listed pieces would look classy with the aforementioned weekender bags.

I realise that at over £200 at the very least this is not a cheap investments – but resale prices are high (check eBay – 1980's originals going for £100+) and this trend is here to stay. There has been a lot of concentration on style icons such as Steve McQueen amongst the luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and along with the neutral shades; Steve's Trialmaster was an integral part of his day-to-day attire. For me this is a timeless atom that will really stand out and be a good alternative to a typical trench coat. Invest!

It’s really refreshing to see a young fellow such as Oliver taking an outright approach to key pieces ahead of his “Primarni” dealings. Heritage brands are going to excessively predominant this AW as has already become apparent in the country abundance of the Topman LTD range. There’s nothing wrong with tasting the wardrobe of the aristocracy, but don’t be late for elevenses.

Babour is an institution of British manufacturing and we could not be more excited it’s a paramount force behind AW10. Shop the full brand here:

Shop Barbour A/W10

Wrap it up:

I have been amazed/astounded/flabbergasted and the rest at the input I’ve received from the ‘beaners. I hope you are all proud of any hand you had in this article because I am.

I am not in any anticipation of being called up to reference textbooks for the knowledge of the next generation. However, this article is the defining example of what you can learn from others, if you just listen.

Now my mountain of protégées, go forth and dabble in my work: show disgruntlement towards string bags and suits, advise in the avoidance of socks and Birkenstocks and most importantly; polish your gentlemanly accord.

L x