You ask any student and they’ll tell you they love university; real love, not moustached nan or twice removed cousin love, but cheese on toast, titty-bar love!

My life and my bank account often err along the side of a student; usually the overdrawn [and overhung] side. I’m regularly up to my knees in emails, up to my elbows in wine, shoulders in work and up to my eyes in beans on toast. They don't call me high life Luke for nothing. In fact they don't call me that at all. But if they were to, please see above for reasons.

With any student, or those tottering alongside the status: appreciation is in the eye of the transferable, wardrobe’idly speaking of course. It is of public duty and service that I am called upon by her majesty (Editor-in-Chief; Ben Herbert) to compile a recreational philosophy that encapsulates the modern, empty wallet of institutionalised . Call my word choice pretentious if you will, I call it transferable; transferable between making sense and the other one.

The creation of any wardrobe, be it by season or scratched from the basics of man’s marble, should not be disregarded as a watercolourist and feeble doing. Somewhere along the line the science is to be understood and the FashionBeans textbook is to be referred and duly studied. This is where I lose my temper with misconceived (and often ill-dressed) mannerisms of populace.

Men have a pragmatically utilitarian, hedonistic, egocentric vision of their appearance and it is all down to the fact that as we have developed, we have learned to trust our binary senses and endorse the aesthetic.

Let’s pose a dramatically obvious example. A plain tee can be garbed in the day as can it equally in the night (where formality is not called upon). A waistcoat, the sort reserved for high brow bankers edging towards the Savile Row award, is not to see the light of any seminar, lecture room or the inside of Morrisons – that is not to disregard the waistcoat by any charm. Building a wardrobe from the up down will result in the off-piste Pisa rather than the formed tower of Eiffel.

Basic looks achievable with transferable wardrobe pieces:

The Transferable Wardrobe Lookbook

A transferable basic is that which transfers. And who delegates us as non-academics?
It moves seamlessly from day to night, preferably not from all day attiring. The act does not go unmanaged or unaided. The key to transferability is its pairing. Any piece can move from day to night, it is simply a matter of the clock. The transferable pieces are your starting XI, the rest are your [better, slightly more expensive] wags.

The Transferable Guide:

Lead by example someone probably says, so I will. I will be using the premium and basic tee. These should more than likely tuck away somewhere further down the page to avoid an obvious or cliché; nevertheless it screams for attention in this category.

Fashioning basic tees with the uprise and overhaul of ‘old man’ has become an avoidance to most. When competing in the herd (and they are by the herd-full) to be ‘that guy’, the well dressed, fine mannerisms sort, the basic tee can appear a bit detrimental. However, did you assume the abundance of possibilities when skirting around (sorry, kilting around) a premium basic tee?

Transferable look 1; casual:
  • Washed Black Raw Scoop T-Shirt
  • ASOS Light Wash Denim Joggers
Transferable look 2; wrapped up:
  • Washed Black Raw Scoop T-Shirt
  • Crafted Cobweb Snood
  • J.W.Anderson Hand Knitted Cardigan
Transferable look 3; night:
  • Washed Black Raw Scoop T-Shirt
  • Mimone Waistcoat
  • Ksubi Raven Lace-Up Boots

Three completely indispensable looks for the modern man and whatever modern situation modern life throws at him. Where ever his duty is called upon he has the key tools to building a look. It is buying the key transferable pieces that are often so basic that in the long rung build a better wardrobe that an individual spending the excessive dime.

With basics bought you then purchase accordingly.

Premium basic examples
  • Sunday S/s Scoop
  • Purple Pocket Scoop T-Shirt
  • ASOS Chest Pocket Short Sleeve Jersey Hoodie
  • ASOS Peached Wide Neck Scoop T-Shirt
  • Thanatos Grey T-Shirt
  • Grey Raw Edge Notch T-Shirt
The Beginners Transferable Purchases:

Transferable with:

  • Detailing (snoods & scarves, broaches)
  • Multiple-knit layering
  • Button-up, button-down
  • Shirt/tie, cardigan (smart casual) OR tee/necklace, cardigan (casual)

Transferable with:

  • Roll up, roll down
  • Plimsolls, desert boots
  • Belted fit (waist level as suit trousers should be), or slouched (not to much that we can see your Kleins.
Denim Shirts.

Transferable with:

  • Layering (basic tee underneath, cardigan on top)
  • Detailing (snoods, scarfs, jewellery)
  • Button-up, button-down
  • Tailoring (as GQ displayed perfectly earlier in the year, the denim shirt is overlooked as a commodity to basic sartorialism)
  • Sleeves (Uniform? How they fall? Rolled up, rolled down)
  • After season consider altering physically – bleaching, staining, tearing.
We are men… we must be transferable

We men deserve the credit we call for. We have been, as a species, transferable for many decades. We have been the epitome of ‘social chameleon’ for as long as it has necessitated. That said, we have perhaps over utilised the ‘grin and bare’ technique; but why dabble in that which works?

I hope can now transfer this knowledge into action. Delving into your AW10 wardrobe snoods first should now be a sore thought to bare. Leave your suggestions for transferable pieces below in the comments section!

Luke x