George Lamb

The son of the great British actor Larry Lamb, the tv-presenter, DJ, and general all round stylish male, George Lamb is somewhat of a fashion inspiration for the man of today. His variety of style is quirky and unique, and this look as a whole is definitely one of my favourites.

His style ranges from rolled up chinos and espadrilles, to a three-piece suit and bow tie. He is an all round fashionista and creates an individual look which defines him as a person. He is clever with his style, in that he will follow a trend up to a certain point, but then add an accessory or a twist which gives him this quirkiness and individuality. Although he has gone grey relatively early in his life, this doesn’t mean it’s a setback, it’s more of an advantage, in that he can use that to help create his individual style. He may be controversial on his radio show, but is quite the opposite with his style. Confident and individual, George Lamb is definitely someone to seek style inspiration from. Here’s the George Lamb lookbook and style guide…

Editor Opinion

It has been a while since we have done a “style icon” or celebrity inspiration post and this couldn’t have come at a better time now Matt Allinson has rounded up his suits section in the men’s basics series. I for one was really excited about this article when it landed in my inbox because George Lamb is definitely someone who I admire within men’s fashion.

George is very similar to Tom Ford (Fashionbeans very own number 1 style icon of 2009) in that he ALWAYS looks well put together and sharp. I was looking through Google images just trying to get an image of him on a more relaxed day but could not find ANYTHING.. not even a simple t-shirt and jeans combination! His suits are cut well, they fit like they were custom made, and he cares about the little details like pocket squares which can be seen in nearly all his outfits below and have become a bit of a signature piece for him.

Where he differs to Tom Ford though is that he loves colour and has a real stereotypical English gentleman style to his dressing. This can be seen below in the outfits that make use of the real English “countryside” earth tones such as greens, olive, beige and browns. He also uses splashes of bold colour against traditional dark suits and also is not afraid to use prints like plaid and even tartan within his looks. His style has true individuality and personality which is important when you use items that everyone else owns such as suits and tailoring as a whole. This is why he is a prime example of HOW to rock a suit or formalwear for all of us who want to stand out whilst still looking refined and stylish.

One last note that Matthew touched on is the fact that you can see that George has gone grey quite early in his life (he is 30 now) but he totally embraces it. There is no hiding behind the “just for men” or other grey covering products and he is completely comfortable with it. In fact I think it just makes his look even stronger and gives him yet another stand out quality. Everyone reading this site should take note because once you have confidence in yourself and are comfortable with who you really are, you cannot fail to look good. It oozes out of you sub-consciously and we should all be trying to take our hang-ups or disadvantages and spin them into a positive quality about us.

I for one think George is a true style icon for the modern male and those that have been following our basics series should particularly be taking note.

George Lamb Outfit Inspiration

George Lamb Looks

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  • Kolor Cotton Jacket
  • ASOS Slim Fit Charcoal Pindot Jacket
  • Future Collectables Wool Suit
  • prada black suit
  • Gibson Marriott Notch Label Check Suit
  • Ben Sherman Camden Check Suit
  • Drakes Of London 1920s Leopard Print Pocket Square Scarf
  • Purple Silk Knit Tie, Nick Bronson
  • Purple Skull Print Pocket Square, Alexander McQueen
  • Simon Carter Silk Dot Pocket Square
  • ASOS Overdyed Slim Trousers
  • Camel Cotton Skinny Trousers
  • Folk Slim Trousers
  • Lilac Contrast Buttons Shirt
  • Maine H/s Shirt
  • ASOS Curved Collar Slim Fit Shirt
  • ASOS Tailoring Tweed Check Peak Lapel Waistcoat
  • Pyrus Waistcoat
  • Navy and Burgundy Knit Bow Tie
  • Black Slim Plain Braces
  • J.Lindeberg Morgan Vintage Slub Jersey Scoop Neck T-Shirt
  • Navy Coated Chinos
  • ASOS Merino Shawl Collar Cardigan
  • Red Pacino Saddle Shoes, Rolando Sturlini
  • Black Greer Square Toe Apron Derby, Paul Smith
  • Denson Faded Cotton Beige Jacket
  • Viyella Green country check jacket
  • Micro cord trouser

I hope you enjoyed this article and can use this ‘get the look’ feature to achieve the classic but modern look of George Lamb. He really is a vision of style, and certainly a big inspiration amongst many males of all ages.

Matthew Burt