Drop Crotch Jeans and Trousers

Guys, it’s about time we all started dropping that ridiculously tight (and lets admit not exactly comfortable) crotch we have all been donning this 2009. Let the skinny legged acid washed denims take a well earned break. I am still feeling the bare ankle look that I’ve seen so many of you brave lot still donning (even in these sub-zero temperatures), none-the-less your freezing ankles will look great sporting a pair of tailored, drop crotch trousers!

There has been a lot of fashion debate and deliberation into whether the drop crotch look should pass over to men from women. As summer ’09 has seen the female of the species flourish into outrageously cool vixens with some of the most popular garments flying of the shelves being the endless varieties of harem pants (dropped crotch) and playsuits.

Spring 2010 menswear fashion shows has seen designers such as Givenchy, Kris Van Assche, Rick Owns and many others bringing swinging pelvic girdle’s over to men’s high fashion (see image above), so I for one say “HELL YES”! After all, drop crotches started with men back in the 19th century with French infantry troops wearing Zouave pants and Indian men wearing light airy cotton Harem pants. Yul Brynner brought them to the silver screen in the “The King and I” in 1956, but they didn’t appear in fashion for decades, until Yves Saint Laurent resurrected them in the 1970’s.

In the late 1980’s Billowing Knee length crotches were thrown into hip hop fashion world by the one hit wonder legend M C Hammer. However not even the most daring of fashionista should attempt teaming Drop Crotches with a backward flat peak and oversized hoodie! I am thinking more along the line of a pair of Black Dropped Crotched Trousers (All saints stock a gorgeous tailored pair), Brown Vintage Shoes and a checked shirt, and if you’re really daring chuck a Bow Tie, and a Brown Leather Holdall into the equation and (BOOM) you’re left with a confident fashion forward look!

Also Boots, Boots, Boots! Military boots were already featured yesterday as a trend that is going nowhere this year… but cowboy, army, lace-up, zip-up and even velcro boots all look great with a low hanging denim crotch, and for the fashionable professional 9 – 5’er try a less exaggerated wool or Tailored dropped crotch to liven up the ever so tired Office suite. I foresee a cut off / shorts version hanging loosely round every cool guy’s knees this coming 2010 summer, so get on board early and be there at the start instead of playing catch up this year.

They’re still pretty hard to find for men due to the cold winter season but here are a couple of great examples I’ve hunted down just for you…

Drop Crotch Jeans and Trousers

All Saints

 Claremont Stein Trousers  Mercer Trousers  Claxon Trousers


Humor Jeans Humor Jeans Humor Pants

Damir Doma Cotton Low Crotch Trousers Humor Santiago Pant


Hope Define Drop Crotch Slim Crinkle Trousers G-Star Scuba 5620 Extreme Tapered Jeans Crafted Drop Crotch Jeans