London Clothes Show Street Style

So last weekend I packed my Man-Bag (well, shopper bag actually) and headed over to London for the day to attend The Clothes Show at Earls Court. Having never actually previously attended this event I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but from what I had read I got the impression that it was a show massively aimed at women. Now in one sense, I was all smiles, but with my dreams of writing a complete Menswear fashion round-up of the event as well as my hopes of taking some snaps of unsuspecting passer’s by to mark the start of a regular Street Style section, scepticism was high.

Upon entry into Earls Court, my research was very quickly proven accurate. Hundreds upon hundreds of women * big smile * EVERYWHERE. However, after seeing the main show (fear not, my round-up article is on the way) and an hour or so of pondering around, having just one Street Style worthy picture may I add, that big smile was vastly deteriorating. Where the hell were all the blokes? No sooner had I asked myself the question did I realise the ever so obvious answer. Not only was there a huge open bar giving away bottles of Corona, it had a real life beach display with Bikini clad models skipping around purely for everybody’s entertainment… JACKPOT!

Street Style

Editor: Images will be grouped to keep this article looking tidy and comments on the outfits will be from left to right. Enjoy…

Dennis and Chris

The first look that caught my eye belonged to a guy called Dennis. He was actually working at the event doing some sort form of promotions (hence the t-shirt) so unfortunately his outfit was limited to the uniform he is wearing. However, fortunately for Dennis, with just a few carefully placed tattoo’s, pristine grooming and possibly one of the most amazing hairstyles I have ever seen, he could have literally been wearing a black bin liner and still held more natural style and presence than the majority of us could ever hope to own. [Plus it is a good way of showing individuality just by rolling t-shirt sleeves. A little touch and attention to detail – Ed]

In the look above Chris has pulled together a range of key pieces and trends of the moment. Carrot fit joggers, Military boots, Braces, Men’s clutch (or Mlutch as some are calling it), shopper bag, beaded bracelets and a buttoned up Shirt. Now on paper, this look really shouldn’t work. However, instead of appearing too fussy (as I thought it would have) it actually looks very relaxed and practical, all the while still looking pretty damn trendy.

Jason, Kyle and Shane

Firstly I would just like to clear up any confusion on Jason’s top/scarf. It is all one piece. The scarf is actually attached to the neck of the t-shirt and buttons up on the shoulder. He has simply added a waistcoat and buttoned the scarf part over the top. Personally I think Jason has got this look spot on. When wearing such a ‘statement’ top, it is usually a good idea to tone down the rest of the outfit so you don’t run the risk of looking clown-like. Jason has demonstrated this perfectly here by the use of plain (but bang on trend) espadrilles and carrot fit Jeans.

Kyle demonstrates a perfect, but simple summer look. Rolled up chinos and loafers are huge this summer and as I own exactly the same pairs of both, I gave Kyle an instant thumbs up. If I was styling this look I would maybe add a neckerchief, tuck the t-shirt in and add a printed/colour clashing belt, replace the cardigan with an interesting jacket/blazer, just generally add a bit more colour or print to the outfit. But given the temperatures we were sweltering in on Saturday, this outfit was a very wise choice.

There’s not a great deal I need to say about Shane’s outfit. The all black look was due to the fact that he was also working at the event, but I do love the way the silver mirrored Aviators look against all the black. Also, if you ever find yourself invited to a fashion event and are completely unsure of what to wear, you can’t go wrong with a look similar to this (or just black in general).

Sam, Ross and Sam

Sam is demonstrating a look that has really come into mainstream recently. Mixing sportswear/relaxed-fitting clothing with tailoring, which was shown a lot in the Clothes Show’s main show. The Hareem Pants and Gladiators keep this look casual and the neutral brown tones really help to bring out the beautiful colour of the shirt. A very cool outfit indeed.

Another perfect example of casual tailoring. By simply rolling the sleeves up on the Blazer and teaming with a t-shirt, Ross makes this look casual enough to add and pull off the gladiators (with the chino trousers rolled up showing them off, just as it should be done). I also love Ross’s necklace. I have been seeing more and more of feathered accessories incorporated into men’s outfits and editorials recently and can really add that little bit of edge to an outfit.

Brown Boots, rolled up Chinos, cut-off Denim Jacket, Ray-Bans, there isn’t a single piece to Sam’s outfit that isn’t right on trend. Throw in some tattoos and 50’s style quiff hairstyle, Sam’s look had a real summertime Rockabilly air to it. I am also loving the fact that he managed to achieve this without wearing any black whatsoever. Again such a simple yet affective outfit that requires no more accessories than what is shown. One of my favourites of the day.

So, that concludes my first Street Style article. I apologise for the fact that my images aren’t of the highest quality, a new camera is on the wish list.

Also, only constructive comments welcomed please guys. None of these men asked to be snapped it was I who chose them, so a big thank you to all of them for their co-operation in helping me to compile this article.