London Fashion Week Roundup
Editor Introduction

Quite a few of our beloved writing team attended London Fashion Week and all of them came back with different interpretations of the runway shows, what they think was going to be big for the year and what they liked/disliked. Over the coming weeks you will find some of the team writing about key pieces and trends that are going to be big this year and in more detail. Jacob happens to be our lovely high fashion expert so he has kindly wrote a quick round-up as to the key trends he spotted at the event, which he will undoubtedly expand on in the coming weeks. He also got some great street style shots to look out for, a couple of which are featured in the article below.

I must make you aware that at the moment we are not a site where you will find collections of runway images/videos etc. as we like to focus on helping men expand their fashion and style by picking out the key information you need to develop YOUR fashion sense and be right on trend throughout the year. You can find all the latest news, as well as some amazing runway video/photos on the London Fashion Week website.

So take it away Jacob…
Hello loyal “beaners”, (as our lovely Luke Todd has branded you.)
I have been busy, busy, and busy.

Just returned from London Fashion Week and slept for a day, and I am happy to say Menswear for AW10 is AMAZING!

So I am going to spill the (Fashion) beans (nothing like starting an article with a bit of cheese) and give you a brief run-down on what’s going to be filtering through to the high street for autumn / winter 2010.


It looks like Grunge is fading, however not completely dying out. Instead the fabulous world that is fashion has introduced a hybrid (Punkotry). Bringing together two great British eccentric looks. Punk and Country.

London Fashion Week Street Style

Embellished Formalwear

Creating 19th century silhouetted suits, using a mix of Tweeds and Tartan in fall colours, with maybe a shocking red or blue running through the muted plaids. This sharply steers the look away from vintage and firmly places it into its own category.

Suits have then been injected with punk and embellished with studs, chains and leather harnesses, worn with bow ties and neckerchiefs.

John Rocha Preview Runway

Drop Crotch

Jacob Kamara in his Drop CrotchAll you guys that have gone out and bought Drop crotch trousers. Do you still have the receipt? I’m kidding! The fashion forward boys are all over the bellowing pant look. So your beloved drop crotched threads should still see you through until at least SS11.

For those that haven’t seen my full article on the drop crotch trend just click here. They definitely have a bit of a Marmite reaction for a lot of males, but there are more and more styles becoming available and it is definitely a silhouette that sets you apart from the rest of the males in your city/town.


Capes are defiantly going to be big for next season. When I got the memo that capes were going to be coming in, I was like “REALLY?!”. I envisioned Superman, Batman and any other caped superhero my mind could think of. Instantly I stamped the cape as a trend I was not jumping on board with. However to my delight, the fashion week Divas, or the ‘it’ boys were not wearing horrid ‘Stag Night’ costume at all, but beautifully tailored, thick wool and tweed, Sherlock Holmes type capes. Pocket watch and all. I’ve now decided I have to have one.

Capes from Previous Collections

Key Current Trends

Rolled up trousers with socks looks like its staying around for a while. Literally every other Guy at LFW menswear day had rolled up trouser legs with granddad socks, finished with a boot or a brogue. Some of the braver men left the socks out completely. I however, was not amongst the sock-less braves.

Kilts are also going to be a strong look for AW10. I know not all of you are fans of the “skirted man” but it’s coming in like it or not. Personally I am not running out and buying one, but certain men look amazing in them.

I also spotted a lot, and when I say a lot I mean masses of digital prints, T’s, jumpers you name it…

Overall the coming look is, very dark Sherlock Holmes meets Bondage with a slight brush of preppy and I love it. Role on autumn!

Topman Design at London Fashion Week

I am going to spend some more time writing about a few key pieces I’ve seen over LFW and bring you some great picks, so keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks.

Big Love,
Jacob Kamara