London Fashion Week Street Style

Fashion week around the world is a place where fashionistas can spread their avant-garde, fashion wings. London Fashion Week AW10 was no exception.

LFW saw men take on skirts, fur, even heels, in fact this year the male of the species was definitely not fading into the background. Imagine a beautiful, country manor house surrounded by peacocks; that would be the best way to describe Somerset House on Menswear day.

There were times when I just sat, drank coffee, (*ahem*, Champagne) and watched people strut around in their killer heels, plumage and all.

I know not all of you guys want to look like a bird that’s so full of itself it hurts. And practicality prevents us from strutting down the street in a pair of architectural laser cut heels.

So I have carefully selected some great, slightly less avant-garde street style looks from this year, which you can adapt and interpret into your own style. Enjoy…

Editor Note: We are going to be grouping the pictures together in order to keep it in line with the site layout, so if there is a comment to go with the image, it will clearly describe which photo it relates to. Ben

Ryan, Nathalie and Devon

LFW Street Style 1

First up we have Ryan who wore:

  • Jeans: Uniqlo
  • Coat: Reiss
  • Trainers: Nike
  • Man Clutch: Reiss
  • Scarf: Paul Smith

Next we have Devon and Nathalie (I know their Mini Celebs):


  • Jeans: Topshop
  • Boots: Topshop


  • Jeans: G-Star
  • Boots: Kurt Geiger
Chon, Headwear and Gloves

LFW Street Style 2

[Left Image] This picture of Chon doesn’t really do his drop crotch trousers much justice. They were AMAAAAZING!
Chon wore:

  • Trousers: Comme Des Garcons
  • Scarf: Topshop
  • Bracelet: Topman

Unfortunately I didn’t get the time to stop every incredible looking person and note down each item of their daily get up (maybe if I’d spent less time drinking bubbly), but I still managed to get some great snaps of the fashion Divos.

[Middle Image] There were a lot of trilbies and bowler hats even the occasional top hat, but this teeny weenie little piece of headwear (that he clearly stole from a tiny lepricorn) was definitely one of a kind.

[Right Image] “Oh my days” check out those blue leather driving gloves. I am actually having my hair dyed this colour after seeing this guy.

Orange Knits, Great Bags and Best Dressed

LFW Street Style 3

[Left Image] I couldn’t decide if this was Henry Holland in disguise or not, and I am still none the wiser. Well he looked good anyway. This guy oozed cool: drop crotch trousers, bright chunky knit jumper and a cute little vintage watch. This is definitely a future wardrobe choice. I might replace the jumper and scarf with a stud embellished T for a summers evening outfit.

[Middle Image] “Hello bag, where have you been all my life?”

[Right Image] For me this guy took the award for best dressed male. He was so on it, in terms of being fashion forward. Rolled up, drop crotch pants worn with thick knit socks and big boots, black professor cape (the non super hero type) finished with black leather gloves and a bowler hat. Love it.

Great Mac, Sherlock Holmes and Great Eyewear

LFW Street Style 4

[Middle Image] Love this outfit. His coat is gorgeous, In-fact I was tempted to mug him. I love the red corduroy blazer with the red piping of the coat. Sherlock Holmes in the 70’s maybe? And the bag, I was using exactly the same bag as him this day…

Blazer With Hoodie, Cool Model and No Socks

LFW Street Style 5

[Left Image] I am not a huge fan of hoodies with blazers, but this guy pulled it off really well. And look at his funny Sasquatch hands.

[Middle Image] What can I say, he’s a model it’s his job to look cool.

[Right Image] Rolled pant legs and either no socks or statement socks is going to be a BIG look again this year. Here we have a great example from one of the brave men risking English weather with no socks!


I hope you’ve spotted something here that inspires an outfit idea, or you’ve just enjoyed looking at pictures of the CFB’s, (Crazy Fashion Boys).

I love street style articles, partly because I like looking at the pictures, but mainly because it’s a nice way to find outfit inspiration. You get to see clothes on real people, and in bad cases see others make the mistakes you can now AVOID.

I have to give a big shout out to my photography friends who took the snaps for me, as I’m completely inept when it comes to modern technology. Lauren French at and Riad Hawa at

Is street style something you would like to see more of? If so, I’d better start getting some camera practice.

Big Love,
Jacob Kamara

Editor Take: Jacob and Street Style

Jacob Kamara at London Fashion WeekI hope you enjoyed these street style photographs. Fashion weeks are truly inspiring if you love fashion as the outfits are always extravagant, but look amazing. A lot of this might be not your style, but you can take inspiration from everywhere in life, and there will be bits in each outfit you might like to add to your look… whether it be a “fit”, colour combination or just that key accessory.

When the site redesign is finished we are hopefully going to have a regularly updated street style section which will definitely server to inspire and provide outfits for you throughout the year. What I love most is that street style normally proves you do not have to spend the earth to look good. When we have taken photos before you will find a LOT of the clothes come from River Island, Topman, H&M and the like, but then mixed in with great statement pieces from the high fashion designers. This is how to think whilst you are shopping… sometimes you need to spend good money on timeless investment pieces, but you also need to look for those bargains that will complement your personal LOOK and style. It can be done and it is a skill, but we will help you every step of the way as much as we can.

One final word on Jacob… As you can see on the right, the guy has a flair for fashion AND style. I am really pleased to have him on board and he is a big part of the site’s future. He is going to be concentrating more on the high fashion side from now, as we both feel it will round out the site nicely. He will also have a regular column along with Luke and some of the other main writers once we relaunch, so look out for this!

For now keep in touch with Luke and Jacob on our Twitter Page.