Men's Fashion News and Round-up

Hello to you who I now collectively refer to as ‘fashion beaners’.

Welcome to the men's fashion round-up of the past weeks. This edition contains everything from news & shoes from your fashion gurus and jeans for the man of means, here on FashionBeans!

That was either incredibly cheesy or equally genius!

The opening months of the year are huge in the fashion calendar. Ignorant of the fact you have broken potentially all of your new year’s resolutions (which I hope didn’t end up in arrests), you can indulge yourself for weeks in style.

With New York & London fashion weeks opening just weeks apart there is plenty of room for inspiration for your SS10 wardrobe. Over the next few weeks the FashionBeans team will be working hard to bring you up to speed with all the latest collections and putting together look books that will hopefully act as a guide for you to build your own style on.

Men's Fashion News

Introduction over it is time to put on a pair of ridiculously dedicated specky nerd glasses and give you a quick rundown of my top picks from the most recent fashion news:

“I’ma let you finish, but John Galliano made one of the best fur coats of all time!”

Surprisingly Kanye West didn't say that. But he did rant about why he wears fur after PETA criticised the rapper, 32, for wearing fur during Men's Fashion Week in Paris earlier last month, West – who also made the animal-rights organisation's list of worst-dressed celebrities of 2009 – defended of course by the Fashion Beans best dressed of 2009 compilation.

PETA didn’t stop there, oh no. They went on to state “Kanye can't help making himself look like an idiot, whether at an awards show or a fashion show,” PETA Vice President Dan Matthews said in a statement. “He and his girlfriend look like pathetic creatures from a shabby roadside zoo.”


There’s an app for that… that we actually want!
You can now take a virtual tour of the busiest shopping mile in Europe, our eclectic Oxford Street, from your iPhone.

Navigating this fashion wonderland can be daunting at the best of times so give yourself the edge with a “yeah I’ll have that, and that, and that” attitude; before you even go! ‘Enter Shop’ from the App Store not only gives you the detailed viewing in 3D but also provides links to the shops website and twitter feeds. You can even retweet (RT) your favourite tweets to us @fashionbeans.

Ever heard of a male dominated society? Pah! “Give me some female-inspired clothes please shop keep”.
Variations on women's leggings have cropped up at many of Paris’ 42 Men’s autumn/winter catwalk shows which finished last week. Known variously as jeggings (jean leggings, skinnier than skinny jeans), meggings (men and leggings) or treggings (thick leggings).

I’m not sure how these are going to catch on because if I feel the need to show that much bulge, I’ll just wear a Borat inspired mankini!


There would be no avoiding the issue in this news feed. Nevertheless, I believe now is the time to celebrate Lee McQueen and the legacy he has left us. Robert Polet, the president and chief executive of the Gucci Group announced that the Alexander McQueen business would be continuing without its founder and creative director. He also added that a McQueen collection would be presented during Paris Fashion Week in the summer. Check out Jacob Kamara’s tribute article for dedications and a look at the latest collections of this amazing talent.

Don’t forget to keep checking Fashion Beans articles for the need-to-know in the world of fashion. And also to leave your comments discussing the latest trending topics!

ASOS Check Shirts Look Book

ASOS are currently featuring a four part check shirt look book with some great examples. Everything from Mark Ronson’s dapper dress-up approach to the old school geography teacher look by Vampire Weekend. Sounds interesting huh? Unfortunately I had one of those really cliché, annoying geography teachers. The kind that wore disgusting shirt & tie combinations and attempted to project themselves as the ‘cool, approachable’ teacher. Frankly, he just came across as a perv.

ASOS Check Shirts Look Book

ASOS have recently redesigned their site and are featuring a lot more of these articles. They offer a great foundation of ideas but only circulate around ASOS products. For some more diversity check out Matt Alison’s fashion basics for the casual patterned shirt and other FashionBeans Look Books!

All Saints New Arrivals

All Saints is always featured on FashionBeans for their originality and rustic look. There is always something for everyone, for every trend. Could they be a contender for the labels we love leader board?

Here are a few top picks from the new arrivals of the past few weeks:

Alias Cropped Sweatpant Throttle Leather Biker Jacket Venice Boot

Oslo Funnel Cardigan Venom Sleeveless Leather Biker Double Ring Belt

Lo Folk Chino Ahab Vest Vent Hat

TOPMAN Cardholder Offer & Half Price Standard Delivery

A while ago I featured these little bad-boys in a article comment. I cannot stress how great they are. Originally sold as gift-card holders, they have slowly grown into a lightweight about-town wallet.

Topman have recognised the modern mans dislike for jangly-pocket syndrome (a serious medical condition a man appears to have when his pockets are full of loose change). Using a cardholder eliminates this carrying temptation. Money in one side, credit cards, ID, employee discount card etc in the other. The slip fittingly into your inner jacket pocket and are slowly becoming more fashionable than the glorified paper clip that is the money clip.

All you need to do is spend £45 on topman to earn yourselves a freebie so here are my suggestions for totting up the forty-fiver smackers:

Black Eagles Crew Neck Jumper Grey Marl Piped Polo T-Shirt NANNY STATE CANVAS BROGUES

Green rib crew T-shirt White Horizontal Stripe Shorts FASHION BOAT BOOTS

Acid Wash Sweat Bomber Jacket 23:23 HOOP JOX RED WHITE PATENT RETRO BOOTS

Have you got your own fashion news story? Put your underwear on the wrong way last week? Hmmmm it’ll do! Share your stories in the comment section beloooooow. And if you feel the need to use more letters than necessary for a word… that's cooooool.

Happy FashionBeaning!