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The hot weather really kicked in last weekend and I am sure that you all enjoyed it as much as I did. However, as I took a walk around the city and saw every male and female showing off their pasty white legs for the first time this year, it suddenly dawned on me that we hadn’t featured the latest shorts collections here on Fashionbeans. A lot of readers have sent me emails and left notes in the comments asking for a shorts look book, and so in preparation for our next edition in the series, I have decided to feature the style of shorts I am going to be revolving it around… tailored shorts.

Tailored shorts were the natural progression for short styles this year with menswear on a whole becoming sharper and more refined. We have already had the widespread backing of chinos and deck shoes, which a lot of fashion conscious males have substituted into their casual outfits instead of using the standard jeans and canvas trainers. Tailored shorts are exactly what they say on the tin; slimmer and more fitted through the thigh like a great pair of trousers would be. They are generally constructed out of 100% cotton and have the same texture and feel that chino’s do. Of course if you have invested in a couple of pairs of chinos already this year, you will find creating outfits with the shorts effortless as they can be straight substitution.

We are also seeing a large move away from the popular short trends of recent Spring/Summer seasons. Gone are the large bulging pockets on the massively popular cargo shorts, and in come flat fronted slim line shorts for a more classy look. Short lengths now don’t just lie just below the knee, but sit comfortably around mid-thigh length and some of the more high fashion collections have gone even shorter. Short shorts are now not for the “geeks” amongst us, but produce a fashion forward look that will separate you from the crowd. Let’s face it you have to have confidence in your personal style and body in order to pull off the shorter styles and people will pick up on this sub-consciously. Short shorts can also be used in your outfits to really hit the whole geek chic trend and when paired with a smart polo shirt, geek specs and bright digital watch, will produce a preppy look that is fashion forward and ironic. You are trying to be geeky, but you just have too much style to actually be one… right?

One trend I hope we have seen the back of is the camouflage print shorts. I cannot tell you how many males I saw last weekend still wearing these, and they all looked exactly the same as each other… and probably exactly the same as they did last year! No personal style progression what so ever. This year we are going to be using bolder colours within our outfits; we can go subtle but refined using the beige and navy tones or really push ourselves and use the beautiful new pastel and white colours that have really developed this year. I would personally stay away from the bold geometric/patterned prints unless they are being used for swimming shorts and you know how to counter balance the other items in your outfit around such a statement piece. Small checks and gingham prints seem to be a big trend within tailored shorts this year and I really love the look of a lot of these styles. They are not as in your face as a floral or geometric print and seem to still retain an air of elegance around them.

I will obviously be creating outfits in our look book revolved around shorts and colour matching etc. but for now remember these key points with regards to body type:

  • Short to Average height males should look to use short shorts within their outfits this year. Not only are they fashion forward but they will give the appearance of length to your legs. If you like a pair which sit around knee length, do not be afraid to give the bottom of the leg hem a couple of folds up to shorten them. I think this is a great technique to use this year and gives the same effect a lot of guys are already doing with chinos.
  • For those with skinny legs, make sure you do not over compensate by going a size up and trying to make your shorts baggy. It actually just looks worse with match sticks poking out the bottom of the wide leg hem. Patterns can offer the skinny legged male the illusion of bulk so look to use the check and gingham styles that are widely available at the moment. White is also a colour that is widely known to add girth so maybe try to experiement with the nautical or all white looks that are being pushed this year.
  • I find that bold colours such as white and the pastel tones can draw attention to your bottom half and legs. If you are not confident in your body type (and you are not alone, this is a problem for a lot of males these days) then try to go for the more muted colours such as navy or black. These are both timeless colours which is a benefit when building a versatile wardrobe and also mix beautifully well with pretty much any other colour you can imagine. You can draw the eye line up to your top half by pairing them with a bold statement shirt or T-shirt, hopefully easing your mind and making you appear more confident throughout the whole summer.
  • Those with muscular legs are very lucky in that they can wear pretty much any length and get away with them. Knee length, just above the knee, mid thigh or shorter are all possible so experiment with your look this year. Try not to be bulging out of your shorts like the Incredible Hulk though please fellas… make sure there is room to manoeuvre!
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A few pictures I have found on featuring shorts:

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