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We are hoping to develop a regular style icon series here on Fashionbeans after the first article featuring George Lamb went down so well. A lot of women’s site feature regular “style steals” and “get the look” articles where they look to celebrities for inspiration in their everyday looks and there doesn’t seem to be too much information like that out there for men. So I am hoping you are going to enjoy this regular feature and I think we will all gain a lot from it, as it helps to see pictures of how other stylish men dress in order to inspire our own outfits. Even if you just take a colour combination or key piece from a couple of outfits, you will have developed your own personal style just that little bit further.


So this week’s male chosen by Matthew is Ed Westwick. I think this is a very good choice (and again another Brit!) who has managed to become a style icon to a lot of younger males here in the UK and in the USA. For someone who is just 23 he seems to have style and elegance way beyond his years. Maybe it has helped that he has played a sharp tailored Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl over the past few years, but I think he manages to find the balance between formal and edgy perfectly, as you will come to see from browsing through his looks below; It might be mixing an icon graphic tee/vest with slim trousers and loafers, or pairing a great biker leather jacket with tailored chinos.

He seems to have a penchant for designer loafers – which is unusual for someone of his age – and often mixes them with slim jeans, or tailored trousers. In fact, I feel like his footwear selection is one of the KEY points to take away from this article. He is not often seen in trainers, and it just brings all his looks (whether they are casual or formal) up a notch to give him that refined, sharp style.

He also has the confidence to try extravagant colours such as berry slim trousers or maroon footwear or (my particular favourite) the orange tailored shirt and pocket square. However they never become over powering within any of his outfits, as he knows how to dress down the rest of the look with neutral tones so they become a focal point, rather than an eye sore.

Finally, I really do like men who embrace who they are. We mentioned this with George Lamb when we pointed out that he had gone grey early but it just defines his look and he doesn’t try to hide it. For me it just oozes confidence. The thing I like about Ed is that in this instance he has his chest hair on show a lot of the time with his love of deep v-necks and scoop neck t-shirts. With a lot of males reaching for the clippers and getting rid these days, it is refreshing to see someone embrace their body hair and it gives him more of a “manly” presence. I am NOT saying go out there and let your hair grow everywhere, just don’t feel pressured into having to have the smoothest chest around just because boys (and I use that term deliberately) such as JLS and the like are rocking it. Be a man no matter what your age.

Ed Westwick – Matthew’s Take

Now for me, looking at the style of a male celebrity is particularly interesting, especially if they are Ed Westwick. Commonly associated with the role of Chuck Bass in the American teen drama Gossip Girl, his character comes with the elegance of the Dolce & Gabbana tailored suits and his signature scarf. When the cameras stop rolling however, Ed Westwick dresses just as well as the elegant Chuck Bass. Now whether you are preparing to ‘seal the deal’ with a certain someone, or you are going to close a big business deal, you need to dress to impress. My advice? Ed Westwick is the man to be inspired by.

There are multiple outfits featured below but the first look I’m going to focus on is his normal day look. His day look has roots within the whole indie scene, sticking to his previous role as the lead singer of British band ‘The Filthy Youth’. This composes of V-neck t-shirts, dark tones, icon graphic tees and slim/skinny jeans. But he also mixes all these items with a sharper side to his day wear, such as blazers, loafers and chinos.

The second look which is featured below is his evening style. On a casual evening his outfit generally consists of dark indigo or black jeans, paired with a shirt or t-shirt, layered underneath a tailored blazer. A look which has recently been championed by Matt Allinson in his basics series. Ed also goes to a lot of events, and his formal style is certainly one to copy. It is so smart and elegant, and he is the real image of the young gentleman. A tailored suit, shirt and tie, paired perfectly with a pocket square, create this dashing look. Remember to use bold colours against your formal suits in order to allow you to stand out whilst not being over the top. Choose a bold pink shirt with a knitted black tie, or use an orange shirt matched with a similar pocket square in order to provide a bold contrast against your black suit.

Ed Westwick Look Book

The Ed Westwick Look Book

Get The Look

Quirky and confident, Ed’s style is something to aim for if you want to look sharp but edgy no matter what time of day. Here are six key items to help you create his look:

  • Tailored Suit/Blazer
  • Leather shoes, loafers or boat shoes
  • Pocket square
  • Graphic or tribute tees
  • Plain v-neck or scoop neck t-shirts
  • Slim tailored trousers or jeans
  • prada black suit
  • Hopper Casanova Light Grey Melange Jacket
  • Leather loafers
  • Kovek Waistcoat
  • Sebago Dockside Shoes
  • Frank Wright Tassel Loafers
  • Simon Carter Silk Dot Pocket Square
  • Mid Blue Washed Skinny Jeans
  • ASOS Light Wash Skinny Jeans
  • ASOS Overdyed Slim Fit Trousers
  • Black Cotton Skinny Chinos
  • ASOS V-Neck T-Shirt
  • AAA Cream Smoke Print T-Shirt
  • House of the Gods STONES VEST
  • Cream Curl Scoop T-Shirt
  • Navy stripe Scoop Neck T-Shirt
  • Marquez Bomber
  • Cusack L/s Shirt
  • Dallas Shirt
  • Post S/s Crew
  • Brady Marlborough Bag
  • Black Silk Knit Tie, Nick Bronson
  • Washed Toecap Boots, Alexander McQueen
  • H By Hudson Alaska Suede Chukka Boots
  • Vivienne Westwood Eagle Double Armour Dog Tag Necklace
  • ASOS Red Rosary Necklace
  • ASOS Chunky Rope and Bead Pack
  • ASOS Leather Wrap Around Cuff Bracelet

Matthew Burt.