Men's Underwear - The New Calvin Klein X Collection
Importance of Underwear Introduction

It has been a while since we last featured underwear on the site, as a lot of readers do not consider it “fashion”. Unfortunately these days you cannot overlook ANY part of your wardrobe if you want to be a truly stylish and well put together male. Becoming a stylish modern man is more than just the clothes you throw on that day, and how well your outfits are put together… it is a lifestyle choice. You need to be prepared to improve every area of your life, and become the best you can possibly be. This is one reason we have started to really round out our grooming section over the past few months, as your physical appearance can make a huge difference to your look and how people perceive you.

So with this in mind we come to the importance of underwear. If you read this site regularly you will know we have touched on the importance of men’s socks and how they are going to play a major part within our wardrobe this year. Due to the fact the rolled trouser leg has become a massive Spring/Summer trend over the past 2 years, males are now taking more care when picking their socks, and choosing bright/bold colours which compliment their outfits. However, in my mind it shouldn’t of taken this much for any male who wants to look and feel his best each and every day. Your underwear are the items you will get THE MOST wear out of, and are the first things (I hope) you put on each and every morning. Wearing great fitting and high quality underwear can really transform the whole feel of your outfit right at the start.

I also do not need to explain the importance of wearing great underwear if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend or are dating. No-one wants to see your scatty, threadbare boxers from Primark when you take your amazing outfit off in the bedroom. It is incongruent with who you are and the impression you are giving off as a fashionable and stylish man. It is all about the details guys and you should know this by now. So please remember to replace your underwear regularly. Dependant on how many pair of boxers/trunks/briefs you have, I would say 6 months is the limit for underwear you regularly wear. You want to feel clean and hygienic when you put it on every morning, plus after multiple washes the material starts to lose its shape and fit, which looks just as bad as discoloured or thread bare underwear.

So with this in mind, I would like you all to go through your underwear drawer today and be honest with yourself about the state of it. Any pieces that look like they need throwing out should go, and invest in yourself today with some new pairs.

The New Calvin Klein X Collection

With the importance of underwear out of the way, one of this sites great sponsors has just given me details of the new launch from Calvin Klein underwear. Calvin Klein (CK) has been synonymous with producing high quality men’s underwear since I can remember. My first ever pair of designer underwear was Calvin Klein back when I was about 14, and you can always tell the difference as soon as you pull them on. The gap in the market has narrowed a lot since then due to many new independent and designer brands jumping on board, but CK still remain one of the best for design and fit.

The new Calvin Klein X Collection has been launched to a large fanfare and marketing campaign. The actual TV advertisements for the new collection have been rumoured to have been shot in 3-D (yes, this means you will need those unfashionable glasses!) for showing in cinemas and on Sky’s 3-D programs. They also star 4 well known males who are modelling the campaign for CK; Kellan Lutz (ask your girlfriend about Twilight movies!), actor Mechad Brooks (True Blood), tennis player Fernando Verdasco and footballer Hidetoshi Nakata.

The campaign looks amazing, and in my mind is much better than the recent Armani campaigns that have starred Beckham and Ronaldo over the past few seasons. You can see some of the shots above and below:

Campaign Shots - Calvin Klein X Underwear

Campaign Shots - Calvin Klein X Underwear

The TV Ad

You can also see the brilliant new TV advert on the Calvin Klein mini site for the collection. I don’t often get into the specifics of fashion marketing campaigns here on site, but I LOVE the concept of bleeping out the obscenities with the X. A great job all round from the marketing and production teams:

The Underwear

Now all this excellent marketing campaign would be for nothing if the product was “a load of X” (see what I did there?!)… but like I mentioned above, CK have been doing this for a long time now and are not about to let you down. I am lucky enough to have received a couple of pairs of the new trunks and they feel great and have an amazing fit. I love the contemporary waistband which is quite large like the CK Steel collection they produce. Each pair also has the embroidered “X” badge on the front which reinforces the whole ideology behind the collection.

Banglads have the most popular pieces in stock right now at £18 for briefs and £21 for the trunks. My particular favourites are the pink trunks and the black trunks. Both would be an ideal way to freshen up your underwear collection this season:

Calvin Klein X Pink Cotton TrunkCalvin Klein X Black Cotton TrunkCalvin Klein X White Cotton Trunk

Calvin Klein X Blue Cotton BriefCalvin Klein X White Cotton BriefCalvin Klein X Black Cotton Briefs

Check out the full Calvin Klein X Underwear Collection at BangLads