The Indie Look Book - The New British Mod

Now, I really don’t know how the rest of you are feeling at the moment? But personally, I’m sick to death of winter. I’m sick of having to wear a coat all the time, I’m sick of never being able to feel my toes, I’m sick of the weatherman constantly trying to depress me and I’m sick to DEATH of my winter wardrobe. I’ve never been more eager for Spring to arrive so I can actually start wearing all of these new spring lines I’m seeing all over the place. A trend that I have noticed to be coming through in particular for Spring is the classic British Indie look (or Mod if you like).

With a huge increase of chinos, loafers and blazers coming to market this trend looks to be a massive inspiration for Spring/Summer. I personally love this look and having recently spoken to a number of people within the fashion industry it would seem the love is mutual… by the women in particular may I add! The key pieces within the look are usually best kept quite minimal/neutral colour wise, which I feel is perfect as it gives you more room to experiment with accessories and a chance to add your own personal stamp on the look.

Here is a quick run thorough some of the key pieces that will get you all set for Spring:

Indie Clothing Essentials

The Blazer – A timeless piece that should have a place in every mans wardrobe. Slim fitting and in a colour that works with your existing wardrobe, single breasted with only 1 or 2 low placed buttons tending to be a better choice so it can be worn unbuttoned. You can never go wrong with black, grey or navy blue if you don’t already own one (which should be a criminal offense by the way).

The Mac – Mac’s are a key outerwear piece that have been back on the scene for a good couple of years now. Perfect for spring and great for adding that flattering, masculine silhouette. Some really nice macs out there in the classic stone or light grey colours if you fancy lightening the tone for Spring, but again the obvious navy, black etc are always timeless and can be worn through multiple seasons. If yours has a waist belt, please tie the belt in a knot and not buckle it up like a belt… It gives you a much more effortless style.

The Denim Jacket – Along with the growing popularity of denim shirts, the denim jacket is also making its way back onto the scene. The denim jacket is perfect piece to help create that smart/casual balance, BUT, whether your wearing a washed black high street or a stone wash Levi’s jacket it HAS to have that Vintage look else it just won’t work!

Skinny jeans – I think its safe to say that this controversial style of jean isn’t going anywhere soon… they seem to be getting tighter if anything! If you’ve got the legs to pull them off then get involved, they’ll make your legs look longer, wont cover up those brand new shoes you want everyone to see and really help complete that Indie/mod look. I really couldn’t imagine my wardrobe without a pair of basic black skinny jeans.

Chinos – Finally a fresh alternative to jeans. Again, buy them in a slim fit and stick to colours that are going to work with your existing wardrobe.

Fine knit Cardigans/Jumpers– A key piece that should feature in any mans wardrobe. There’s a fit, style and shape to fit any man so there really are no excuses. They can be worn as the key piece of outerwear when the weather eventually warms up which will give us the freedom to look at more prints and patterned pieces. But until then keep them quite simple and take full advantage of how perfect they are for layering. Oh… and for keeping warm!

The Casual Shirt – Checked shirts are as still as abundant in the market as they have been over the past few seasons and will work with this look also, as will denim shirts. I’d personally favour a slim fitting, semi-formal Oxford style shirt in a crisp white, pastel wash colour or a fine gingham check. I personally prefer to liven up my outfits and add dashes of colour through my accessories as opposed to just wearing a brash checked shirt and having to tone everything else down. Of course you can wear printed shirts but be sure to make sure any outerwear and trousers are plain so not to clash. The look of the moment is to wear your shirt fully buttoned up although some guys do find this uncomfortable so i could just about let you off with having the top button undone! Some really nice styles in both long and short sleeved and with trendy button down collars within the market, but personal preference is usually the decider there.

Polo Shirts – A very versatile piece and have always been in spring/summer lines with a little help from classic brands such as Fred Perry, Lacoste and Ben Sherman. Like the shirt, looks best in a slim fit, buttoned up and are a great piece for layering.

Tees – Keep your tees loose fitting with a turn up on the sleeves for a more relaxed look/mod look. This look is all about minimalism so don’t go mad on prints, a nice soft pastel colour or a striped tee will do just fine.

Leather Accessories – Tan and Dark Brown seem to be looking promising for Spring. They aren’t quite as contrasting as black can be against lighter shades and add a bit more interest to the outfit. If you are looking for a man bag, old school boy style satchels are making their way back and look great when incorporated into the look.

The Bow Tie AKA The New Tie! Obviously the majority of us aren’t going to rock a bow tie when just out shopping on a Saturday afternoon?! But to maybe add something a bit different to your look on a night out its the perfect touch, being made even easier for us with some really interesting patterns and colours out there at the moment.

Braces – The perfect alternative to a belt. Again, some interesting designs/colours out there… just please don’t wear a belt as well, it defeats the whole theory behind Braces and quite frankly you’ll look like you do not know what you are doing!

Footwear – My personal choice of footwear for this Spring is going to be the loafer/deck shoe. Mainly because they are extremely comfortable and I cant stand wearing socks! Also they are the perfect step up in casual shoe to replace my battered plimsolls. Brogues and Oxford shoes also fit the look perfectly, showing them off by rolling your trouser leg up a couple of inches if u wish.

Geek Specs – Perfect for finishing off the look. If you’ve got the balls… PURCHASE!

The Indie Look Book

Here are a few outfits I have put together (bearing in mind it is still pretty cold outside so I’m not busting out the shorts just yet)

Look 1

Charcoal Herringbone Jacket White Wing Collar Oxford Shirt White Oversized Bow Tie

Black Stretch Skinny Jean Black Slim Plain Braces Black Leather Creased Brogues

Look 2

Cooper & Stollbrand For ASOS Tailoring Mac Peter Werth Plain Gangster Collar Shirt Nudie Long John Skinny Jeans

ASOS Deck Shoes ASOS Rope Edged Leather Belt Casio Retro Style Dial & Digital Metal Bracelet Watch

Look 3

Levi's Trucker Standard Denim Jacket Fred Perry Regular Fit Plain Polo ASOS Slim Fit Trousers

Frank Wright Kingsley Leather Deck Shoe ASOS 50's Clear Lens Glasses ASOS Smart Retro Satchel

Look 4

Haversack Jacket Chronicles of Never Cubism Jeans Fred Perry x Raf 100yr Shirt

Mr.Hare Barretto Shoe Hobo Studs Belt Swims Self-Opening Umbrella