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Style Shrink Introduction

“So tell me when you first developed your fear of socks and sandals…”

Over the next few months you will see the FashionBeans site grow even bigger and sexier. And the writers… well they’ll just grow sexier and sexier.

I’d love to be able to tell you all the exciting upcoming features that are going to be added to the site but if I told you I’d have to kill you; and steal your shoes. –Mainly because Ben would kill me… and steal my shoes.

And I like my shoes!

But because I love you (and Ben is yet to find out where I live) I will let you in on one little secret. Dedicated to the sartorial stylings of you dapper chaps, I will preview what will soon become a regular on-site feature: Ask the expert.

There is usually an article on FashionBeans for everyone, for every style, for every occasion. But sometimes there is just one pressing question, one fashion conundrum, one potential lawsuit that troubles you. Thankfully, we can help with two out of those three!

When the feature (along with many others) goes live on site, every writer will contribute to answering your questions.

But for now, you’re stuck with me! So my first tip is to grab your (or the nearest persons) underwear and wear it on your head, go on, do it. Done? Good.

Now can all those who are not currently sporting underwear on their head: stand to the right. And those of you who are: you need to see a real shrink, not a style shrink.

Basic abuse of power over I will answer the questions posted on the FashionBeans twitter over the past few weeks. As judge Luke I will give you the best possible fix to your question or conundrum. My ruling is final, and if I find out you have gone against my judgment I will hunt you down and, well… steal your shoes.

Question 1

Hey I would really appreciate some advice on white jeans…how about a look book on how to wear white jeans this spring :)
Jackd1990 via Twitter

A: When it comes to white jeans Jack, many take their inspiration for the style magnet of Steve McQueen when in fact he didn’t even wear white jeans! I mean obviously he wore trousers, that would have made watching ‘le mans’ a wee bit awkward wouldn’t you say?

McQueen did fashion trousers of the white sort but they were chinos. The cloth of chinos makes them have a lot more relaxed and less overpowering look.

It goes without saying that the majority that is white on the lower half of one’s person (check me out speaking like the Queen) is an advent for the spring & summer months. A big look for chinos this year is the sock-lacking look (I don’t think someone has actually coined a term for it yet so I’m going with that). Yet some are questioning how to rock this during the hot & humid months of the English Summer. You know those days; they’re scattered between the days of torrential down pour and excessive floods!

Make sure you check my response (couple of questions below) to this question which was bought up by MrBump123 on twitter.

For now, here is my mini white chino look book:

Hackett Berlington Chinos Red and White Striped Shirt Verona 84741 TNT

Natural Trilby Stone Nylon Rucksack Linda Farrow X Raf Simons Aviator Sunglasses

The chinos are understated and simple so when worn you can afford to go a bit eccentric with your shirt choice. Prints are very big in collections for the upcoming seasons. Hawaiian and colourful striped prints aren’t just for the beaches of foreign; they tie in well with the global traveller style trends and make a big statement about your personality.

Question 2

Why does my moisturiser smell of jizz? :(
Phil_Lougher via twitter

A: I had to include this one for the pure hilarity and open honesty of this fine young man. However I will skip over it briskly. All I want to say is that I can assure you we had nothing to do with it. Check the date, as all skin & body products have a use by date. After which, consult a room mate or sibling!

Question 3

I can understand how you can do it now but in the summer how are you supposed to wear shoes with no socks?
MrBump123 via twitter

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Mesh Sock LinerA: Firstly, is it weird that I’m overly excited about potentially speaking to a real-life Mr Man? Perhaps it’s weirder that I expect them to be real in the first place?

Anyway Bump makes an excellent point! At some point in our lives, be it an overdue washing day or the dreaded walk home the morning after the night before; we have all gone without socks. It is to say the least, unpleasant for extended periods of time. The sockless look has been huge in the bygone months revelling with the chinos and boat shoes alike. Don’t be fooled by the trainer sock however, this will not suffice. Instead you must take inspiration from the ballet. No really, I mean it!

Ballet dancers wear what is called lining socks. These are very low cut, even more so than the American trainer sock and are perfect so solve this sweaty problem.

I found a set of three on ASOS by Calvin Klein which are a great example for just £14.00:

Question 4

I have about $50 to spend on some new clothes/shoes…what should I get?
TheZipCity via Twitter

A: I am going to translate that $50 into sterling for my sake. So that’s £30 and in a post-recession retail world, not a lot to play with. My best advice for spending with a small amount would be to buy a unique staple piece. A basic that the majority of people’s wardrobes lack is fun jewellery. Topman has just realised a range by Toy Me and as Topman is now available throughout the USA it is a perfect fit!

Toy Me was born in 2006 by three friends in the heart of Italy. They are unique and iconic and what is great is that every piece is handmade (something rarely seen on the high street chain). They range from £13-£35 and will be a big iconography for the summer wardrobe.


Question 5

Do you have to live in somewhere like London to be able to dress well without prejudice?

A: I’ve just been told Mr Men are not real, but now I argue, how comes he has asked me another question then? The best way to respond to this question would be to ask another question.

If my answer was yes. You are strictly banned from showing effort in yourself, dignity in how you show yourself and pride in how other perceive you. How would you go about solving this? Would you wander the streets and local bus shelters taking inspiration from the youths who inhabit them? Those whose idea of fun is to throw empty cans of cheap larger at passersby (and by the way, it still hurts!).

If this was the case we’d have an out-of-London population of thousands wearing nothing but shell suits and knock-off YSL. Nevertheless, being homed in the centre of cocaine abuse, teenage pregnancies and a resounding illiteracy [or what according to the atlas is known as South Berkshire] I understand why you ask this. Fashion is the medium you take to express yourself and should not be stifled by anyone by any means. I have a real problem with closed-minded people, so don’t become one of them and be who you be!


I hope this article has given some of you the inspiration to ask the sartorial shrink (yours truly) some of your own questions. Remember, the epitome of arrogance is when you stop thinking you can learn from others. I still read the comments left by readers and learn new things, and it is a great feeling. I can’t say I know everything but I will answer all the best questions to the best of my ability with a little bit of humour thrown it.

Until the ‘ask the expert’ feature goes live on site you can tweet your questions to us by adding @fashionbeans to your tweet.

Have a good week!