Ben Sherman, the British heritage brand most likely associated with mods, have brought news of a new EC1 chino they are launching for this spring/summer. Continuing the brand’s rise in quality (and popularity) we have seen over the past few seasons, the EC1 chino is bang on trend and perfect for the modern young men’s fashion market. They are designed to be the perfect match for your quintessential Ben Sherman shirts and will form the basis of many of your looks come the summer seasons.

The Ben Sherman EC1 chino is available in 3 different styles, with each offering a different take and spin on traditional chinos:

  1. Worn in ’63: Is a worn in, vintage feeling chino which uses soft cotton to provide a lived in effect. The idea behind this line is that they would feel this way if you had worn them since 1963. Kind of adds weight to the chino’s rise as a timeless style for me.
  2. Keep ’em Pressed: Is a much smarter option with crisp pleats and creases in order to give them a more formal effect. Perfect for pairing with button down shirts in the office, or polo shirts at the weekend.
  3. Stretched: Is a much more modern style which the more fashion forward will appreciate. A modern cut, with a little bit of give, these are the fashionista’s everyday chino that will anchor every single one of your outfits for spring/summer 2011.

Each chino is also available in 12 colours (see gallery below for options). They are catering for all tastes and personal styles by producing 6 colours that are true staples – think navy, beige and grey – whilst also catering for the more adventurous males around by producing eye-catching colours such as Coral, Cherry Brandy and Pacific Ocean.

All the EC1 chinos are offered in 2 fits; traditional straight leg and the slim contemporary fit we have come to expect from modern men’s fashion.

The EC1 chinos will be available to buy at Ben Sherman stores from July 2011.

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