Very Important Plectrums

VIP status is one every man riding solo in the style stakes yearns to be adorned with. However, when Ben Sherman teams up with The Streets, Duran Duran, Beardy Man, Keith Richards and just about anyone else you wouldn’t expect to see in a line-up of names; it’s never that straight forward.

Coming back round for a second bout with music heavyweights, Very Important Plectrums (VIP) is an online auction of signed Plectrums donated by music icons and legends (which rarely argue when stood side by side) with all the proceeds going to charity including those supporting young people living with cancer.

Sherman, teaming up with their charitable partners Trekstock and Lifebeat, kicked off the auction countdown with the type of event that makes the likes of Tinie Tempah, Dappy N'dubz, Tynchy Stryder and Princess Jameela Jami to rock up to catch a glimpse.

Held at XOYO in London’s celebrity playground Shoreditch, the crowd were consistently and persistently hyped to within an inch of their lives when MOS DEF hit the stage (admittedly he was fashionably or is it hip hoppedly late). The Charlatan's front man Tim Burgess topped off the night with a DJ set that ended the evening in style.

The night launched the Very Important Plectrums pilgrimage to raise as many donations for the charities as possible. Bidding to get your hands on plectrums signed by the music industries crème de la crème opens on the 29th of May.

You can follow all the latest news as well as keep an eye on the countdown until auction day over at or on twitter @BenSherman1963.

“A plectrum is small in size yet mighty in stature.”