The Spirit Of An Icon Reinvented

There leaves something to be said about heritage – of any kind. Anything that can stand the test of time, like a good bourbon – or an even better woman. Heritage brands own the ideology that true style never dies, it adapts, but rarely changes.

Eau de Lacoste, the trio of new men’s fragrances from Lacoste, takes inspiration from the classic. Leaning on inspiration taken from the very first Lacoste L.12.12 polo shirt designed by René Lacoste himself, first appearing in 1927. We’d say that’s a fair bit of heritage.

Make no mistake about it – and in an upcoming article Matthew Murphy won’t let you – that your scent is as much of an accessory as your Breton stripe socks or your paisley neckerchief. We like to believe we’ve taken a giant leap forward from our former caveman self, when really it’s just a marginal sidestep. Our sense of smell is still a major player in the attraction stakes. Call it primitive, but it’s how we hunt.

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 captures not just the spirit of the brand but transforms fragrance notes into abstract moods and emotions to evoke the very spirit of the iconic shirt – unforgettably cool, crisp, elegant and audaciously stylish.

“With Eau de Lacoste L.12.12, we have distilled the experience of pulling on that petit piqué fabric which gave René Lacoste that all-important feeling of lightness, coolness and freshness. The fragrance comes in a collection of colours representing three different moods, classic and pure; masculine and powerful; or relaxed and natural.”
– Lewis Peacock, P&G Prestige Fragrance Expert.

The three scents are available to buy now – RRP £25.00 (30ml), £42.00 (100ml).

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