Lacoste, the French high end lifestyle brand with the crocodile trademark, is attempting to carve out a new, snappy (pun intended) reputation for itself by reworking its classic designs in a new and exciting campaign.

Lacoste L!ve is the rebellious arm of the Lacoste brand that targets the excitable, party-going young man. So I figured that most of us at FashionBeans – including its loyal readers – could appreciate those values. Taking influence from pop art, vintage 1970s menswear, comic books and electro pop trends, Lacoste L!ve is an explosion of bright colours, graphic stripes and fitted designs for both day and night.

The design team, inspired by artists such as Victor Vasarely and Daniel Buren; both obsessed with stripes in their work, have attempted to create a new identity for the tennis-loving French fashion house. And with 50 stand-alone stores due this year; including openings in London, Berlin and Zurich – who would bet against it being a success?

Lacoste L!ve Advertising Campaign

Launching this summer, the advertising campaign brings fun to fashion, inspired by a group of Parisian kids getting together and starting a party. Cast through the famous Paris nightclub ‘The Social Club’, these French kids, keeping with what we already know about Parisian style (from one of my previous articles), bring their own sense of youthful elegance to the classic Lacoste brand. For me, it promotes a sense of youthful exuberance, freedom and being brave enough to wear bold colours and to be bold with it. Take a look at the campaign video for Lacoste L!ve and see if you get a little bit excited like I did:

The Lacoste L!ve Collection

The collection itself is a mix of fitted polo shirts in bold, vibrant colours, strong stripes and checks teamed with turned up slim fit jeans in black, white or indigo. For me, the stand out pieces from the Lacoste L!ve collection include; a green and white polo shirt with right-angle stripe detail and a plain white v-neck jumper.

So, as a heads up for anyone afraid of a bit of colour in their wardrobe, this look may be one you should steer clear of. However, if colour is your friend then you can build outfits with complimentary tones and stunning signature pieces that will definitely make you stand out this summer.

Lacoste L!ve Look Book

I have put together a little look book of some of my favourite pieces from the Lacoste L!ve collection. If you have a hangover look away now:

The Lacoste Live Collection

  • Optical effect Lacoste L!VE ultraslim fit short sleeved polo
  • Striped Lacoste L!VE ultraslim fit short sleeved polo
  • Two toned Lacoste L!VE ultraslim fit short sleeved polo with chest pocket
  • Pastel striped Lacoste L!VE ultraslim fit short sleeved polo
  • V-neck cotton sweater
  • Slim fit 5 pocket jeans
  • Lacoste Live contrast pocket polo
  • Lacoste Live contrast polo
  • Lacoste Live contrast polo
  • Lacoste Live Polka Dot Polo Shirt
  • Lacoste Live Mixed Check Skinny Fit Shirt
  • Lacoste Live Tipped Knitted Bomber Jacket
  • Lacoste L!VE Ultraslim Fit Polo Shirt
  • Lacoste L!VE Ultraslim Fit Polo Shirt
  • Lacoste L!VE Ultraslim Fit Polo Shirt
What Do You Think?

So what do you make of the new Lacoste collection? There has been a certain stigma associated with the brand for the last decade or so, where they even flirted with the dreaded “chavvy” tag. However, this new collection is fun, bold and vibrant – much more suited to the present day fashionable male than their traditional range. But what do you think?

  • Do you like the new Lacoste L!ve collection?
  • Would you consider purchasing Lacoste now they have reinvented themselves?
  • Have any of you already purchased from the new releases? What did you think of the styling and quality?
  • Or do the high street now make comparable clothes for a fraction of the price?

Let us know in the comments below…

The Alternatives

Remember though guys, this look isn’t about who can wear the most different colours at once wins, it’s about finding colour partnerships that work, look at what colours and graphics compliment one another. A previous FashionBeans article on The Use of Colour is a good place to start if you are struggling; there are also articles on which colours in particular have made their way into the hearts of high street designers.

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