After receiving what can only be described as some of the world’s most disgusting pyjamas for Christmas (I won’t label from whom), I decided I wasn’t prepared to go through a nightwear nightmare any longer.

The desire to look good in bed shouldn’t only apply to sex. The majority of men couldn’t care less about how they look when they are asleep, but here’s an idea, your partner might. Sleeping naked is great, and also very comfortable. It’s one of the few times men should be allowed to take a nod from cavemen. However, realising long cold nights and my desire to purchase a fur coat to ensure a good nights sleep, it’s time we address.

Nightwear Guide

Nightwear does not necessarily (and certainly not indefinitely) mean unattractive pyjamas, accompanied by hideous thermal socks. As unlikely as it is to see a collection of nightwear at London Fashion Week, there is a myriad of options out there to choose from.

Chequered lounge pants

Every shop I look in is always fronting chequered bottoms in the pyjama parade. Unlike my usual, innate drive to steer clear of the norm, I find myself wanting a pair more and more.

Wearing a bold pattern only requires a plain counterpart in your outfit, or alternatively, other garments in the same pattern. Trying to find two different patterns to work together is hard, even for the most fashion forward among us.

  • Woven Check Pyjamas
  • Grey Buffalo Check Pyjamas
  • Tommy Hilfiger Woven Lounge Pants
Modal Lounge pant – Best find

On the way to the land of nod, how about stopping off at ASOS and picking up a pair of these Ralph Lauren, modal lounge bottoms? Modal – in layman’s terms – means they are soft and smooth, adding that extra comfort requirement when trying to knock out some z’s.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Lounge Pants
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Modal Lounge Pant
  • BOSS Black Modal Lounge Pants
The Dressing Gown

There are really only two types of dressing gown a man could need.

The thicker, fleecy sort for the winter, and then a lighter alternative for cooler nights. Not all men may be comfortable wearing a silky, oriental inspired robe, but I know what my fence-jumping sheep will be wearing in my dreams tonight.

  • Ted Baker Velour Bath Robe
  • Emporio Armani Sponge Bathrobe
  • PAUL SMITH - ACCESSORIES 148A-V10 White Bathrobe
Leather Slippers

After wearing this season’s weighty military attire, there is nothing I long for more than a chance to relax and maybe have a foot spa at the end of the day. So why not give your feet a treat, and still look stylish in a pair of luxurious leather slippers?

FashionBeans insider tip: Coating the inside of your slippers with talcum powder can help skirt around any danger of kicking up a smell and also keep your well groomed feet smooth to the touch.

  • ASOS Patent Dress Slipper
  • Trickers William Slippers
  • Chocolate leather moccasin slippers

Guys of all ages should be looking to wrap their manhood up in the best possible packaging.

The appearance of your underwear is vital. Imagine the embarrassment of going out dressed to the nines, pulling some really hot guy/girl then revealing the tatty [not so] pulling pants you’ve had for eight years.

The thong/tanga is risky if you don’t have the body (and bum) to pull it off – metaphorically speaking of course. It works well for young, athletic/slim guys – they can afford to be a bit risky with their clothing.

Boxers work well for men of all ages, depending on what type you purchase. They can work as silhouette sculptors. Body-shaping boxers are a useful tool for men who are carrying more weight on their thighs and hips. New ranges of boxers are being pushed out every year to enhance the size of your package, make your bum look good and do everything just short of cleaning the car.

Briefs again are a tricky one. Because they are quite loose fitting in the crotch area, getting the perfect fit is essential. Wearing them too big will just reduce the appearance of your bulge and leave you feel like you’re walking a tight rope without a safety net. Equally if worn too tight, it’s a known fact that ‘it’ will fall off. Okay we kid. Overly tight underwear will just highlight the exact shape and size of your manhood, which for some guys is not the desired look – maybe you wish it had just fallen off?

Emporio Armani & UnderU

Fashion house Armani has announced that Rafael Nadal is to be the new face (and body) for their Emporio Armani Underwear & Jeans line:

“UnderU being the largest online purveyor of Emporio Armani underwear (both basic and fashion ranges), we will have the new season fashion images of Nadal before anyone else and we will give the UnderU customer sneak peaks of the King of Clay and his rippling torso as soon as we have them – New Balls Please”
Emporio Armani At UnderU

  • Emporio Armani Sports Stretch Cotton Trunks
  • Emporio Armani Striped Stretch Cotton Boxer Trunk
  • Emporio Armani Essential Deep Brief White
  • Emporio Armani Fluo Logo Yellow Trunk
  • Emporio Armani Logo Stretch Cotton Trunk Red Waistband
  • Emporio Armani Woven Cotton Tartan Boxers