So yesterday we started our review of the fashion that was on show at this years Glastonbury festival. I picked out 6 acts which all had their own distinct style, and gave some tips about what worked and why. Hopefully you will of noticed little details, colour combinations or pieces you would now like to integrate into your own personal style. Today we have another 6 acts, which made up the rest of Saturday and Sunday’s line-ups.

There are some major headliners in today’s feature, with a wide variation of styles to sink our teeth into. So without further ado…

Saturday/Sunday: Glastonbury

Notes: All images are courtesy of the BBC at Glastonbury. Please do not take it personally if I do not know the names of all the members of your favourite band, this really is a break down of the fashion and I am not trying to cause any offence. I will be referring to images by ‘top/bottom/left/right’ image.

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs Glastonbury 2011

So let’s start with everyone’s favourite sing-along band, the Kaiser Chiefs. I have always liked the Leeds bands style, and I think Ricky [above] again looked great in slim fit pieces, which had a very traditional English quality – almost a more modern take on Mod style. Monochrome outfits such as this one can work very well just by switching the ‘standard’ combination. Most would normally wear dark black jeans with a white shirt/polo/tee, but by injecting the brighter hue into the trousers, suddenly you have revitalised an outfit and your bottom half becomes the focal point.

I love the boots he wore in this outfit. They look hard-wearing, have a nice thick sole, and I think he would be the type to opt for a traditional shoe maker like Loakes or Grenson. These particular boots might actually be from Red Wing or Dr Marten based on the sole thickness, styling and cut. Pairing tan with white looks great as the contrast is beautiful, whilst I am also a fan of how he turned up the chinos a couple of folds [see above left] so it shows off the boots fully. This is a much more gentlemanly thing to do when you are wearing a smarter style chino or trouser – rather than tucking them into the boots themselves like you would with your jeans.

Finally, wearing a cropped jacket such as this allows for more layering options. By doing the jacket up to the top, it is a play on the current button to the top shirt trend we are seeing, but it allows his t-shirt to poke out of the bottom near his belt. If he had opted for a bold coloured tee instead, you would see a block colour section breaking up his top and bottom half – on trend and bound to catch the eye when set against the monochrome black and white combination. Something for you all to consider.

In terms of accessories, he has utilised the clubmaster sunglasses and a plaited leather belt (see video here), which nods towards the nautical trend that the trousers give off as well.

  • Lyle & Scott Beige Twill Carrot Fit Chinos
  • BLAAK Denim jacket
  • Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses
  • Grenson Tan Brogued Fred Boots
  • RED WING Beckman 9013 Chestnut Boots
  • Trickers Molton Brogue Boots
Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah Glastonbury 2011

So after all the smarter and more indie looks we have showcased so far, it was nice to see a bit of a break from them with Tinie Tempah. We have featured Tinie before in our style icons series, and he always has a more laid back modernised ‘street’ look going on. Glastonbury was no different, as he opted for comfort in a shorts, tee and wind breaker jacket combination.

Camouflage is not to everyone’s taste, and in fact I have made a case before for having camo shorts banned, but Tinie seems to just ooze that effortless cool – in the same way Pharrell Williams does – which means he can just about get away with it. Definitely not an item I would recommend for the everyday male however. You are better off sticking to your tailored chino shorts, or if you want something a bit more urban then look at the new slimmer cut cargo shorts; they have slimmer and flatter pockets and follow the leg line much closer.

The orange nylon jacket is the key item for me, as the bold colour is right on trend this season, and it adds a real statement to any outfit. These lightweight jackets are perfect for layering in spring/summer, and as we have seen recently, the weather can change in an instant! They also come in a whole plethora of colours – meaning there is something for everyone. Tinie does the right thing here by pairing it with a neutral basic black tee, meaning that there are not too many colours going on in the top half.

  • Penfield Barnstable Jacket - Burnt Orange
  • stone island Mens Lightweight Wind Stopper Yellow Jacket
  • adidas originals Mens Green Tracksuit Top Jacket
Plan B / Noah and the Whale

Plan B / Noah and the Whale at Glastonbury 2011

So two of the best dressed acts this year opted to stick to the male coat of armour… the suit. Noah and the Whale probably took best dressed band [above bottom], with their simple slim cut black suits; the back-bone and ‘go to’ option for many male wardrobes. Love the introduction of a solid burgundy tie [bottom row left] against the striped white shirt – it is definitely one of my favourite colours at the moment, whether talking about chinos, tops, or accessories.

Simple, chic and sharp – you can’t say more than that. Plus that band really does have some great curly hairstyles going on right?

  • UNCONDITIONAL<br /> SH135 Asymmetric Collar Grey & Black Shirt
  • Burberry London Kennet Knitted Cashmere Tie

Plan B probably had my favourite outfit of the whole event [above top]. He looked like he just stepped out of the Mr. Porter online catalogue. I love everything about this look – the grey suit is a style staple but many men shy away from such a light hue, often opting for charcoal or dark grey tones. Look how great a light grey version looks when paired with classic black shoes and a black tie though – the perfect spring/summer work and play suit. The addition of a waistcoat to form a 3 piece adds some sophistication and raises the whole look a notch; just sharpening up the overall aesthetic.

In terms of shirt and tie combination, again he has picked a winner. We mentioned in Matt’s fashion basics article that an easy way of introducing a striped shirt is to pair it with a solid block colour tie which picks out one of the colours. Here Plan B uses a subtle striped white shirt and then picks out the shirt stripe colour with his solid black knit tie. Knitted ties add some texture and playfulness to a shirt and tie combination, whilst it is very popular option within the true fashion circles at the moment.

In terms of finishing accessories, the tie pin and black pocket square are the perfect compliment. They both add some flair to an already very slick outfit, and shows you care about the details. He could of gone the other way with his pocket square if he really wanted to make a statement – choosing a bold burgundy or red coloured version – but I like the refined and subtle nature of the whole outfit, so coordinating it with the tie colour is appropriate.

The cut of the suit could of been slightly slimmer for my personal taste, but this is personal preference, and Plan B is a slightly larger built gentleman so probably went for a straighter/looser finish.

Great set and great outfit from a supremely talented guy.

  • Ralph Lauren Purple Label Bengal Striped Cotton Dress Shirt
  • ASOS Tailored Light Grey Waistcoat
  • ASOS Slim Check Suit
  • Turnbull & Asser Black Silk Pocket Square
  • Charvet Knitted Silk Tie
  • SIMON CARTER Tie slide

Pendulum Glastonbury 2011

I thought I would feature Pendulum as it is something a bit different to everything else we have seen over the past 2 days. Obviously with their high tempo and energetic set, they opted for a collection of outfits which reinforced their music style – namely darker and edgier! With all band members clad head to toe in black and leather, this is not a look for everyone, and certainly doesn’t scream summer.

However, it gives me scope to reinforce that a black leather jacket is a style staple in the modern man’s wardrobe, and everyone reading this site should invest in one. Look for contrast stitching and quilted detailing [above left] which can add some much needed differential to your basic leather jacket. If you are one of those guys that likes to pair black with black, then you can pull off the look by integrating graphic tees to break up the monotony, or simply combining black pieces on your top half and injecting a shot of colour on your bottom in the form of coloured chinos or lighter grey wash jeans.

  • River Island Crew Neck Padlock and Chain T-Shirt
  • Armani Exchange Black Bracelet Watch
  • Replica Biker Jacket
  • Demon Leather Shirt
  • PRPS P55J08 Black Leather Jacket

Coldplay Glastonbury 2011

Coldplay produced a great set and visual experience on the Saturday Pyramid stage, and their outfits were just as colourful. Each member seemed to opt for on trend chinos, with colours taking centre stage. The purple and orange chino trousers were definitely a bold choice but they proved that as long as you tone down the surrounding pieces, you can take any colour imaginable and integrate it into your look. Chris Martin [bottom right] went for varying shades of blue in the make-up of his outfit – navy chinos, light blue tee and mid bluey/grey jacket – and this is a really easy way for beginners to coordinate an outfit together, whilst still making sure each layer contrasts against the other.

The military theme was (as standard for Coldplay) prominent throughout the bands outfits, with the military surplus type jackets worn by 2 of the band members [bottom row]. Patches, hard wearing cotton construction and epaulettes emphasise this trend but pairing them with coloured trousers just gives a subtle nod instead of being all out solider.

It was hard to find military or vintage style jackets online but there is another way – create one yourself! eBay is a great place for getting hold of iron on patches and sew on badges, and you can pick them up relatively cheap. You then simply sew or iron onto old jackets to give them a new lease of life. It has the added benefit of individualising your pieces, making them one of a kind to you.

You could pick military style badges to hit the trend that is big every year (or just show your support to the troops), or opt for something less political and integrate your favourite bands logo, quirky/retro TV show logos, or anything else that expresses YOUR personality. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back.

If you are going to try this, please, please, PLEASE, do not try to iron a badge onto something like a nylon jacket. Always make sure your clothing is suitable (whether stitching or ironing) before modifying – I don’t want you ruining your clothes or having an accident.

  • Royal Air Force Airborne Army Military Patch Badge
  • POLO JEANS CO. Baxter Jacket
  • Dr Denim Donk Chinos
  • Burgundy Cotton Skinny Chinos
  • acne Chino trousers