Lotus Originals Début Clothing Line

One of our favourite launches brought to our attention this season is that of Lotus Originals. The new luxury lifestyle brand is inspired by the stylish Lotus car ethos of authenticity, innovation and design excellence. And unlike the ostentatious and vulgar clothing efforts of Porsche or Ferrari, the Lotus collection is actually rather good. More than that it’s desirable, classic and wearable. The brand has been shouting about the clothes craftsmanship and heritage; which is all very well, but we know it really boils down to how does it look? You’ll see from our picks highlighting the best the collection has to offer [gallery below], that the collection looks pretty fine.

Lightweight cotton/cashmere jumpers in bold block colour designs are certainly a must have and the designers constantly refer back the inspiration behind the collection through an admirable attention to detail; the Lotus cardigans and V-neck knits, for example, are textured in wide stripes to create a tyre-track effect while the garment’s white armband detail hints at race track road markings.

The real lust have item from the collection is a hand-treated leather jacket, inspired by classic 1970s driving suits. The outerwear piece uses authentic design details like protective quilted padding on the shoulders and a two-button side-fasten collar; all in all it epitomises the aesthetic of the ‘Gentleman Driver’ and we want one!

The Lotus Originals collection is available now from the Lotus website www.lotusoriginals.com and for those who prefer a more tactile shopping experience, a London flagship store for the label is in the pipelines for the end of 2011.