So spring is finally knocking on our wardrobe doors and it feels good doesn’t it? Even though the feel of chunky knits and layering in the autumn/winter season is a love shared by many, the weather is dull!

Maybe because it’s a rare occurrence here in the UK, but the recent weather has got us hot under the collar. Getting the combinations right in spring can be a daunting task. Sunshine in the morning – you dress for a nice day and by the afternoon you’re drenched. Rainfall in the morning – you layer up like you’ve exceeded your baggage allowance at Heathrow and by lunch you’ve sweat through all 48.

It’s for this annoyance that we’ve decided to cover this topic. The sunshine seems to make people relax, but your attitude to dress should not follow. The relaxed trend has proved popular for this spring/summer season and was seen all over the runways, with recent collections from designers such as Trussardi 1911 heavily featuring relaxed pieces.

Trussardi 1911 Spring 2011 Collection

The look book below from Trussardi visually sums up the trend beautifully and shows the way you should make it work for you. A mix of relaxed and form fitting pieces is the KEY to pulling off this look this season:

Trussardi 1911 Spring 2011 Collection

The Trend

Following the same principles as the oversized trend, it’s time to look for loose fitting pieces.

Your main focus when buying anything for this trend should be lightweight fabrics. Start by looking at relaxed fitting t-shirts. Something you can carry through to the summer season as well.

Using an oversized/relaxed t-shirt as a focal point is the most affordable and easiest way to implement this trend into your current wardrobe. You can work around an oversized/relaxed t-shirt, using other pieces you currently own to add more dimensions to the relaxed look or tighten it up some places (you don’t want to look like everything was handed down to you by your giant of a brother).

How to Wear: Top Tips
  • Focus on fabrics that are lightweight it’s all about looking relaxed.
  • Go for your typical cotton pieces or polyester. Feel the fabrics beforehand, you want these pieces to feel and look comfortable!
  • If you find a piece you love but it isn’t a relaxed style, simply buy a size bigger.
  • You can always perform some home DIY – just be creative! Turn a large t-shirt into a slashed arm fit to make the fabric hang off your frame.
  • Start with an oversized, relaxed t-shirt. You can always add pieces to highlight a more relaxed feel to particular areas.

Contrast your fittings to draw attention to where you want it: Wear relaxed, lightweight clothing around areas of your outfit you want to highlight and slim fitting clothing in that which you don’t.

Bearing in mind body types and the tips that Tom Bloomfield has set out, you can use this trend to your advantage no matter what your body shape. For example, those concerned about their mid-section (the metabolism will slow down for us all at some point) can use a relaxed fitting tee or cardigan which drapes off your body in order to cover your stomach area, whilst keeping your trousers/jeans slimmer. Keeping the trousers straight and fitted will actually make it look less like you are hiding something you don’t like about yourself and more a creative play on fashion.

For muscular types, you could pick a relaxed fitting tee with shorter ‘cap’ sleeves that will draw attention to your toned arms. This helps to prevent the ‘arrogant’ stereotype that can be associated with such body types when everything seems sprayed on to your pecs and traps!

Get On Trend
Key Piece: Relaxed Fitting T-Shirts
  • AAA White Double Layer T-Shirt
  • ASOS Pleat Shoulder Crew Neck T-Shirt
  • Religion Rayon Scoop Neck Music T-Shirt
  • All Saints Badlands Raw Scoop
  • All Saints Post S/s Crew
  • Won Hundred Raw White Scoop Tee
  • Won Hundred Bert Striped Tee
  • Nonnative Student 3/4 Sleeve Mariner T-Shirt
  • Prim I Am Fighter Forever T-Shirt
  • Levi's Vintage Clothing 1930s Bay Meadows California T-Shirt
Build Your Relaxed Wardrobe:
  • Blue Boat<br /> Neck<br /> Jumper
  • ASOS BLACK Ribbed Belted Cardigan
  • ASOS Pleated Relaxed Fit Trouser
  • Ludlow Shorts
  • Worm Rib Cardigan
  • Renewal Denim Shirt
  • Farhi Beige Linen Relaxed Fit Shorts
  • Humor Santiago Relaxed Coloured Denim Jeans
  • Maison Martin Margiela 10 Men's Waist Tie Shorts
  • Nicole Farhi Khaki Fine Cotton Relaxed Army Pants

So make sure you relax this spring, its a season to enjoy.