Nikojaj d’Etoiles

Swedish exports range from the desirable to the not so. From motor vehicles to Ulrika Jonsson (we’ll allow you to decide which one is which). But rarely do such exports come up trumps like Swedish brand Nikojaj d’Etoile.

Established in 2003, NDE is a brand soaked in luxury. Their contemporary designs define sharp silhouettes and minimalistic lines. Everything from structured blazers to tailored shorts is cut without losing essential essence. “This original approach to garment creation allows the wearer to explore new realms of fashion without entering an abstract, uncomfortable or unfamiliar place.”

Nikojaj by Nikojaj d’Etoiles AW11 Collection

Launched in 2009, Nikolaj is the diffusion line of NDE. The collection concentrates on bringing colour and sharp silhouettes into autumnal style; drawing on the modern interpretation of a classic gentleman.

Using the finest materials and cuts, the collection sits sumptuous knitwear next to Prince of Wales checked blazers and multi striped shirts for that extra dapper eccentricity.