Experimentation has defined Gosling. His career and talent has been crafted through his choice of seemingly erratic movie roles. His style on the other hand, was not always so desirable. The thirty year old, former mouseketeer has progressed from awkward suits and juvenile graphic tees to sleek tailoring and cool biker jackets. It’s this progressive style that we look upon today in this article.

Ryan Gosling

It’s almost a miracle Mr Gosling did not go on to dominate Hollywood after starring in the 2004 sleeper hit The Notebook. It’s a flick we have all sat through, once more than we could care to in some cases. Despite this, it would be rude hold a grudge with Gosling as he has more than atoned with his now polished grip on all things style.

Since The Notebook, Gosling has featured in a string of low budget indie films and released a debut album with his band Dead Man’s Bones. Yet even with his lack of mainstream success (more by design than accident), he has escaped the clutches of anonymity and his undoubted ability to act has saved him from tumbling into unjust obscurity.

Gosling’s film portfolio is easily described as a notch above eclectic; starring in films involving drug addiction, neo-Nazis and blow up dolls (thankfully never at the same time), he’s nailed each role with total aplomb. 2011 saw him expand his horizons even further with delves into romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, and a starring role in action thriller Drive. This year is definitely shaping up to the bumper year of Mr Gosling’s career as he is let loose on the commercial world.

Possibly the most high profile of his 2011 release is the rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love starring Steve Carell and Emma Stone. Gosling plays the role of serial womaniser, Jacob, who assumes a makeshift ‘Hitch’ role in an attempt to overturn Cal’s (Carell) hapless attempts at picking up women. We like to think he had a little help from the FashionBeans back-catalogue.

Crazy, Stupid, Love Trailer

In one particular scene Jacob is tasked with overhauling Cal’s wardrobe – to great success may I add – and on the evidence below, and above, Gosling is definitely a man worth taking some style advice from.

Style Breakdown

One distinct feature of Gosling’s [now-honed] sense of style is his silhouette. By favouring a youthful slim to skinny fit, he compliments his slim, athletic build and by keeping the accessories to a minimum, he creates a selection of refined, simplistic and truly stylish looks.

Ryan Gosling Look Book

Ryan Gosling Style Look Book

Formal Wear

Tuxedo print tees have not been part of Gosling’s formal attire for the best part of half a decade. These dark spots thankfully did not translate over at the start of Gosling’s style reinvention. In fact, Mr Gosling has come to master almost all suited and booted looks and, with three film releases this year, the red carpet is becoming familiar territory.

Look One: The Tuxedo

With so many premières and events in such a short space of time, Gosling has made use of a number of styles of suiting. The blue shawl collar tux in Cannes garnered much attention; in fact pretty much everything Gosling wore during the film festival was positively noteworthy.

Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated Gosling also shone at the 2011 Globes with a black, single breasted, one button, velvet tux. I think it’s fair to say that on this evidence the tux is a more than successful part of Gosling’s style repertoire:

Ryan Gosling Style: seen in a Tux 2011

Recreating Mr Gosling’s sterling tuxedo look is no arduous task. He keeps it all very simple and focuses on the vital aspects: the cut and fit. Slim cut and perfectly tailored, the need for accessories is muted as the suits themselves provide ample detailing; in these cases the respective black trim and velvet.

This peaked lapel velvet tux is much in the style of Gosling’s taste. Team with a white dress shirt and plain black bow tie to complete the look. Patent shoes are a no-brainer and if the empty pocket is an issue, a simple white cotton handkerchief will fill the void in a tasteful manner.

  • hardy amies Marcella dress shirt
  • Etro Velvet Tuxedo
  • DUCHAMP Plain bow tie
  • Rolando Sturlini Patent Lace-Up Dress Shoes
Look Two: No Tie

Gosling has shown himself not to be tied to anything but simple sartorialism on more than one occasion in the lookbook. Whether for a première or a night out he once again keeps accessories to a minimum, ensures the fit is spot on and keeps it all very relaxed by using the suit as the focal point; be this through detail or the colour.

A burgundy suit will be standout without being ‘in your face’. Coupled with a simple white shirt and brought together with a subtle pocket square; it makes this a perfect dinner and drinks look. Alternatively, you could utilise the jacket and team it with a pair of black trousers – by breaking up the suit the pocket square becomes optional if your ultimate goal is masculine minimalism.

  • ASOS Slim Fit Shirt
  • Wine Skinny Suit Jacket
  • Grey Texture Pocket Square
  • Paul Smith Shoes Black Shine Drake Laser Cut Brogues
Casual Wear

Casual wear is often where the true style icon excels. Through the years Gosling has certainly had some howlers in this area; the backless tee is my personal favourite. With all the less-than-successful efforts behind him, Gosling has now found and cemented his casual style.

Look Three: Cannes

I’ve already mentioned Mr Gosling’s exploits at the Cannes film festival, but it would be rude not to give a mention to his casual style at the event.

Ryan Gosling at Cannes Film Festival

Gosling’s choice of attire was spot on considering the setting; the French Riviera is the perfect backdrop for a pair of white trousers and brogues. Minimalism is again the mainstay of Gosling’s style but drawbacks to this are hardly prevalent as the shots above confirm.

If you’re set for a late summer holiday in an effort to prolong the sunshine, then Mr Gosling’s certainly not a bad choice to take inspiration from when shopping for your break.

A tailored beach shirt may not be the easiest thing to get a hold of but a well-fitted navy shirt is a solid replacement. Tuck the shirt into a pair of slim-fit, white trousers and finish off with some two-tone brogues. All in all, the look is perfect for both a morning stroll across the front or a spot of light lunch.

  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Navy Poplin Contrast Button Slim Shirt
  • Dr.Denim Donk Chino
  • Mens Loake Sloan Brogue Shoes
Look Four: The Biker Jacket

The Brando inspired leather jacket has become somewhat of a staple for Mr Gosling, being pictured in it on both nights out and arriving at the airport. He demonstrates its versatility time and time again, one example being it’s pairing alongside a set of penny loafers and a timeless Breton tee.

  • McQ Worn Leather Biker Jacket
  • Farah Vintage Prince Of Wales Check Trouser

Having these three pieces as a starting point opens up a realm of possibilities. A paisley scarf could be added for a ‘boho’ undertone, or the trousers could be turned up/cropped to give a glimpse of mankle or coloured sock. A shirt or henley could be layered under the jacket depending on the setting.

  • Etro Paisley Print Scarf
  • Ecru Stripe Grandad T-Shirt
  • GITMAN VINTAGE 6F400 Button Down White Shirt
Ryan Gosling Inspired Clothing
  • Navy Tape Shawl Skinny Suit
  • Black Label Tailored Grey Double Breasted Suit
  • gucci New shape shirt
  • Babychino Skinny Suit Trousers
  • Canali Wool Flannel Trousers
  • Replica Biker Jacket
  • Raid Leather Biker Jacket
  • Burberry Black Leather Contrast Sleeve Biker Jacket
  • dolce & gabbana Short checked jacket
  • Nudie Kalle Reversible Jacket
  • ASOS Striped Crew Neck T-Shirt With Pocket
  • Black Rib Mini Grandad Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Code Merino Cardigan
  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
  • Mr. Hare Lucky Leather Penny Loafers
  • ASOS Oxford Derby Shoes
  • Mens Loake Sloan Brogue Shoes
  • DRIES VAN NOTEN Printed silk scarf
  • ETRO Paisley Scarf
  • Filson<br /> Large Messenger Bag

Ryan Gosling has taken the scenic route to both style and Hollywood stardom. His journey, as with most, has played a massive part in shaping his personal style. His constant reinvention has often seen him adopt some rather outlandish roles (and clothes), but he is beginning to embrace mainstream success and with it his dress sense has matured dramatically.

Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski labels him as one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood at the moment, a title that pays testament to just how far he has come.

His style is hardly breaking boundaries but it is a perfect example of how a minimalistic approach can look just as refinedor even better than – a well accessorised outfit.

  • Are you in Crazy, Stupid, Love with Ryan Gosling’s style?
  • Does the lack of accessories Drive you crazy?
  • Or have you still not forgiven him for the hours you sat watching The Notebook?

Let us know in the comments below.