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This autumn the experts behind the Sassoon for Men grooming range have created tips for their customers on how to tame your facial hair and also create new styles that allow you to stand out from the crowd. Today we preview the range of electronic grooming devices they have in their line-up for 2011, and give you some tips on how to sculpt your facial hair for the upcoming month of ‘Movember’.

Sassoon for Men Rechargeable Beard Trimmer T4000

The main benefit of the Sassoon for Men Rechargeable Beard Trimmer T4000 is that it is versatile enough for a close shave or to keep longer styles in check. It is also ergonomically designed & shaped for comfort, comes complete with 6 comb attachments (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm), a thinning comb for reducing hair thickness as well as featuring reinforced stainless steel blades which are designed to stay sharp and not corrode.

To recreate the ‘Chin Curtain’ style: Keep the beard full and thick around the jaw line using the adjustable comb to tidy up the style. Starting from the side burns leave around 1 – 2 inches of hair growth and follow the line around the chin and leave a smooth clean shave above the beard.

If a Dali-esque moustache is what your after: Adjust the Trimmer for a clean shave around the face, leaving just the moustache. Use a little wax to twist the hair into two points as homage to the moustache that has been voted the world’s best.

Sassoon for Men Rechargeable Clipper

The key benefit of the Sassoon for Men Rechargeable Clipper is ease of use. It has just 1 comb attachment (adjustable 3-7mm), making it perfect for creating multiple lengths without having to fuss around changing different attachments. This Resulting in an effortless shave – which lets face it is what all men want!

For retro mutton chops: Allow your hair to grow out around the side burns and keep it tamed with the clipper. Choose your length by selecting the appropriate comb and allow the blades to glide through the hair keeping it neat and tidy.

For the Hulk Hogan handlebar: Repeat the process, leaving the style longer from the moustache down to the chin.

Sassoon for Men Hygiene Trimmer T3000

Unlike other personal hygiene trimmers on the market, the Sassoon for Men Hygiene Trimmer T3000 has powerful rotary blades that remove unwanted hairs without pulling. This results in a smooth, painless cut that is perfect for tidying up eyebrows, nasal hairs and the like. Not only that, the Nano Silver Technology blade has an anti-bacterial action, which ensures that it stays hygienic and germ free when in use. The addition of a high beam light is also a nice touch that allows for a more accurate cut.

The Sassoon for Men Titan Series products are easy to use and come it at very reasonable prices – Making them perfect for gifts this Christmas. To shop the collection head over to Amazon or Very.

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