First things first: The many man’s wardrobe, in recent years, has failed to avoid developing chromatophobia (an aversion to bright colours and not the Penélope Cruz film). We ask nicely (first time at least) please do not run away screaming before locking yourself in a dark room in an effort to return to any normality. Instead, embrace what may be the most enlightening article you could well read this upcoming season.

Where to start

Chinos and trousers are nothing new and the exclusivity of jeans as men’s staple casual legwear finished many seasons ago.

I’m not endorsing a full throttle leap into the effort. If you’re a bit of a ‘colour novice’ most definitely do not attempt to fish out a pair of old luminous chartreuse trousers reminiscent of the disco era.

If you’re a bit apprehensive of donning a colour a bit more ‘out there’ so to speak, but would like to be a bit more adventurous with your wardrobe choices this summer, start out by changing a familiar colour through shades. Alternate hues of red and purple are becoming more and more common on the high street. Once confident with your berry or plum legwear, electric blue or even pink chinos will seem far from intimidating.

Celebrity Coloured Trousers Look Book

Male Celebrities Rocking Coloured Trousers

How to Wear

There are 3 key tips to pulling off these more vibrant and adventurous of garments:

  1. Compliment the colour – Pair the chinos with a shirt, polo or tee that compliments the colour of the trousers. That does not limit you to picking a shirt of a different tone, try paring greens with blues and violet/purple with yellow – it’s all about experimenting with unique palettes. Just as camel married navy in the winter months, look out for colour combinations to take you in to spring & summer. To tone down a colour-fronted look, pair your coloured chinos with a simple white or grey tee.
  2. Confidence – Let yourself and your outfit do the talking. Standing out is not an arrogant trait; in fact many people warm to those with the confidence to be at the centre of it all. Confidence is key to any outfit but when using bright colours don’t let your mannerisms contrast the image your outfit is purveying.
  3. Choose Wisely – This covers both buying the trousers and wearing them. When buying a pair of coloured chinos, ensure they are transferable with the rest of your wardrobe. Investment is essential – especially if you’re working on a budget. For example buying a set of candy pink chinos may not be too wise if your wardrobe is built on earthy tones – instead, move to a lighter palette gradually. When it comes to actually wearing the trousers, situation is hugely significant. If you’re going to be wearing them in a more formal atmosphere, bright yellow trousers may not go down too well. On the other hand, you may very well be able to pull off a red pair if coupled appropriately, allow your look to tie in with the modern interpretation of breaking the suit.
The ‘Colour Pop’ Trend

The prestigious tag of ‘essential’ can effortlessly be applied to these garments without garnering too much resistance due to their sheer versatility.

Coloured trousers will lend themselves to all occasions and are easily incorporated when getting on par for almost all the spring/summer trends we anticipate. The most obvious trend that these trousers will be associated with this season is the colour pop trend.

Extravagantly bright colours are set to soon be a staple of many-a-outfit (like the colour blocking trend women are going through) and wardrobes are on their way to resembling a packet of skittles. In a nutshell it’s not just trousers that will be getting a makeover but socks, tees, jumpers and even underwear is going to get a taste of this rainbow.

Don’t be misled, yes colour will be vital but pairing complimenting colours is still very much the number one priority. Toning down with monochrome anchor pieces can also help shake off that ‘try hard’ label that may rear its ugly head.

Use bright coloured accessories to own this look and break up a sea of bore.

The ‘Colour Pop’ Look:

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  • ASOS Merino Cardigan
  • Ray-Ban Black Wayfarer Sunglasses
Spring/Summer Essentials:

It’s time to rewrite the rulebook for the spring and summer months and add some much-needed colour to the mix. Now that the weather is getting that little bit brighter (don’t hyperventilate) why not let your wardrobe reflect?

Whether or not this article has enticed all chromophobics to purchase a new pair of uncharacteristically vibrant trousers, or whether you just stared in horror and waited for the end; I do hope that it’s broadened a few horizons and wardrobes at that.

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