The most difficult aspect of this article was, well, the whole thing. Giving Jonny Depp enough credit for his daily outfits and pure nonchalant style is nay impossible. As I gathered and admired every available portrait and insight into his character and style, the thing that was constantly irritating me was whilst I’m trying as hard as I can to make the ultimate style guide for Mr Jonny Depp, he doesn’t break sweat in assembling his attire of choice. Indeed, I don’t think we should respect him any less for his characteristic style; instead I think we should admire his individual zest for life and clothes.

In this instance, Johnny Depp is certainly not the dictionary definition of style. However, we must remember that part of being stylish is also having personal taste in fashion. Just as Johnny Depp creates his own manipulations on traditional sartorial dress, I have an opinion which deduces that Depp is someone outside conventional boundaries of style. He characterises individuality, and boy does he characterise with charisma.

I feel it is pertinent to remind you the idea of this series: to share the style of people who meet our personal opinion of style – whether that is perceived timeless or pushing boundaries – and to breakdown the distinctive elements of their outfits so you, the reader, can take away as much of his dress sense as you wish.

It should be noted that Johnny Depp is not my personal style icon (no one individual thing inspires me in fashion) but he certainly is for many of his fans, and for those who strive to attain a truly personal and original style. However, I certainly do respect how Mr Depp’s quirky personality consistently permeates his looks, and felt an article dedicated to outfits and looks he ‘owns’ was long overdue.

Mr Johnny Depp

Unless you’ve been testing Richard Branson’s SpaceShipOne before it was even invented, no introduction is necessary for Depp’s professional career as an actor, screenwriter and producer. Like all eminent actors, Depp has been nominated for more prestigious awards than the years I’ve been alive, though he remains an actor unlike any other.

Although he is not alone in claiming he would never make bad films for money, the most obvious and honourable difference is that Depp has stuck to his promise. In a recent interview with GQ, Johnny Depp declared:

“most of the things I want to be involved in, aren’t big-budg¬et productions. We’ve all read formula stuff over and over again. I can’t help responding when I read something that really makes me cackle; stays in my memory… makes me feel.”

Unsurprisingly, he leaves the reader hanging and you can imagine him revelling in the mystery like an innocent kid thinking his cheek has conned the world. Though he does not enjoy the daily tracking and presence of the media and his fans, his raffish charm and genuine humility enables him to forget their pestering – as he does conventional style – and remember (most) of their good intentions.

Johnny Depp Lookbook

The Johnny Depp Lookbook

Inspired By Clothing & Accessories
  • UNIFORMS FOR THE DEDICATED The Usual Brown Melange T-Shirt
  • American Apparel Fine Jersey T-Shirt
  • Acne Straight Check Cotton Shirt
  • Hartford Plaid-Lined Suede Jacket
  • D&G Vintage Distressed Wash Power Slim Jeans
  • White premium dress shirt
  • Black Label Black Knightsbridge Shirt
  • SCOTCH AND SODA 30009 Grey Waistcoat
  • ASOS Pull On Buckle Boots
  • Vivienne Westwood Orb Chain Wallet
  • Mesh Wallet Chain
  • Jean Pierre hunter fob watch and chain with leatherette case
  • Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses
  • Denim & Supply By Ralph Lauren Nathan Bandana Scarf
  • Pinstripe Scarf
  • Etro Lightweight Patterned Scarf
  • ASOS Leather Multi Wrap Around Cuff Bracelet
  • Maison Martin Margiela 11 Leather Cuff
  • M.Cohen Wrap With Anchor
  • Seven London Shadow Ring
  • CAMO Beige Braces H0245
  • Lock & Co Hatters Rambler Wool Fedora Hat
Johnny Depp Style Commentary

Note: The looks interspersed throughout the style commentary below are simply visual examples of how you could integrate some of the ideals adhered to by Mr Depp. They are not exact replicas or trying to copy ‘him’. Your charisma and having a rock solid confidence in who you are as a person is the key to producing an effortless statement look. Use them for inspiration and put your own personal stamp on any outfit you are inspired to create.

There is no doubt that attitude is key to his look; so if you are to replicate his vivacious persona, you must actually feel you are who you are trying to be! Of course, Johnny Depp doesn’t need to feel like the bad boy, bohemian image he portrays. That’s just him. He exudes effortless style from every pore on his body; and flying in the face of sleek, tailored lines, Johnny Depp’s typical attire is a statement but ironically still on trend.

Whilst many high-end fashion houses reverted to slimmer silhouettes in their latest collections for autumn/winter 2011, less refined and softer shapes were prominent at Adam Kimmel, Christophe Lemaire and Comme des Garcons. However, Johnny Depp’s style is not one typically associated with high-end fashion. It is certainly more likely to be seen on the streets of Soho, and that arguably makes it easier for us to relate to.

Look One:
  • White Deep V-Neck T-Shirt
  • PRETTY GREEN Burgundy & Cream Woven Scarf
  • Nudie Jeans Slim Jim Black Twill Slim Jeans
  • BAILEY HATS Yates trilby hat
  • Dr Martens Original 8 Boots

His clothes can sometimes be ill fitting, and at times a purist would argue ill judged – yet for once I cannot agree with the purist’s perception. Depp’s character allows him to make every piece of clothing he wears look as if it was made for him. His casual attire communicates a relaxed nonchalance, and though this is easy when you have no monetary problems, a genial expression has never been amiss on the face of Depp – even when he was making his name in small-time Indie films.

Johnny Depp is a man who has enough confidence and panache to break conventional ‘style rules’, and thus can be seen clashing crosses and spots without his cheeks flushing redder than a the proverbial red cox. Furthermore, those fantastic explanations of working with colour we have created for you at FashionBeans are rendered almost useless by Depp – he prefers to tear apart the colour wheel to make space for his larger than life character. This is because he knows he can break the rules of standard sartorial codes, and we know that too.

Look Two:
  • Ralph Lauren Purple Label Drake Wool Three Piece Pinstripe Suit
  • PENROSE Raphael bow tie
  • Ivory Handkerchief
  • Sekonda Pocket Watch
  • Matte Black Retro Sunglasses
  • Converse All Star Specialty Buffalo Plaid Mid Plimsolls

Our female counterparts know the importance of accessories; consequently, they can draw out every last drop of style to enhance and compliment their outfit, as well as reflect some of their own character through these points of interest. Accessories can contrast in colour with the outfit, or dominate one arm and not the other. Accessories can be in the same texture as the clothes, or they can even conflict with them, such as leather and silk. However you choose to wear your outfit, it is because you have chosen to wear it in that way.

So as not to make this sound too philosophical, the impression I get from Depp is that you don’t even have to have a reason for your outfit if you don’t feel like one. He is not very impressionable, and understands himself to such a degree that he doesn’t make a mistake picking out his clothes in the irrational early morning. To an extent, this is why we see such novel accessories from Mr Depp. Though the coloured lenses are particularly rare, sunglasses certainly are a suitable replacement – even in winter – that will set you apart from the crowd in a more conventionally stylish manner than normal.

From perusing many photos of Johnny Depp, despite the plethora of accessories he is seen wearing, he does not often conform to more modern accessories such as an electronic watch, or any neon coloured bracelet; and in this way, an honest respect for timeless style is evident.

Look Three:
  • Paul Smith London Deepest Blue Velvet Westbourne Blazer
  • ASOS Wrap-Around Leather Watch
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Plait Cuff

So much can be said about Johnny Depp’s unmistakable style, and I welcome your opinions on how stylish you think he is, and whether you think anyone except him can wear the clothes as well as he does.