AllSaints Vista Scarf

There comes a time in every man’s life when a new scarf is needed; when that tatty old knitted thing in your wardrobe no longer cuts it there’s no room for sentimental value.

If you want something a little neater (and a lot chicer) the AllSaints vista scarf, recently released as part of their autumn/winter collection, is a wrap around in the right direction.

The scarf combines aesthetic elegance with practicality of purpose. Oversized in its cut, being knitted using a yak blend yarn, it is chunky and comfortable to wear on the harshest of days.

Tassels at each end are a new addition for autumn 2012 as are the three colour block panelling (consisting of carb, slate and bitchoc). The all over ribbed stitching provides on-point accentuation of style. Three-block colouring allows the scarf to suit a variety of looks, but will work particularly with the more casual ensemble; one-block colours tend to look better on winter formalwear.

AllSaints recommends the vista beanie as a natural companion to the scarf, along with the bloomsbury denim jacket, tonic crew t-shirt and print cigarette jeans; all of which are available online and in store.

The AllSaints vista scarf is priced at £65 and is available now over on the AllSaints website.

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AllSaints Vista Scarf:

AllSaints Vista Scarf

AllSaints Vista Scarf